Safe, Easy And Effective Home Remedies For Skin Radiance

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Glow and radiance of the skin gives an extra edge to your personality. The formulations mentioned below are time tested, easy to prepare and worth the price and time you are spending. 

Turmeric rhizome and powder

Turmeric Aloe vera benefits

Turmeric and Aloe vera recipe for people with dry skin and black heads
1 teaspoon of fresh turmeric is taken and it is rubbed well with 2 teaspoons of aloe vera pulp and kept for 10 minutes so that the active molecules of these two herbs gel well with each other. This is mixed thoroughly and then applied over the face. After 45-60  minutes it can be gently washed. This is also good to remove blemishes, acne and acne scar.

Berberis Acacia recipe

Berberis and Acacia recipe in Moist skin
Berberis aristata
(Mara manjal in Malayalam, Daru Haldi in Hindi and Maradarasina in Kananada, Daru haridra in Sanskrit) and Acacia catechu (Khadira in Sanskrit, Kattha in Malayalam and Hindi and  Kachu in Kannada –Malayalam) are taken separately and fine powder is made. This is rubbed well with rice washed water and fine paste is made. This is used for application over the face preferably early in the morning or in late evening.
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Banana peel Clove recipe

Banana peel and Clove combination in dark circle/patches
1 or 2 clove is taken and rubbed well with the inner pulp of the Banana peel and fine paste is made. Further this paste is liquefied/ diluted by adding the rose water. This is used for application.

rose flower

Rose Amla Neem recipe

Rose petal-Amla juice and Neem paste in sensitive skin
Equal amount of Rose petal (preferably Catherine rose) and Neem leaves are taken and fine paste is made. This is diluted with Amla juice(even pulp can also be added) and this paste is applied over the facial skin surface.

Raktachandan Lobular red sandalwood prayer beads bracelets

Sandalwood Vetiver recipe

Red sandal wood and Vetiver in excess sweating in facial skin
Red sandal wood (Rakta chandan) is made into fine paste by rubbing with the cold infusion of Vittiver zizinoids I e Usheera(Ramaccha in Malayalam, Lavancha in Kannada).This is used to apply over the skin surface preferably early in the morning to overcome the bad odor of the body or to reduce the excessive sweating.

Coral gypsum recipe

Coral  and Gypsum mixed herbal paste for long lasting radiance
Coral powder or Pravala pishti (available in Ayurvedic shops) is mixed with Gypsum(Godanti bhasma)  and fine powder is made. During night if this is dusted over the face and if retained for 1 to 2 hour it gives good lusture and complexion to the face. Instead of Gypsum, talcum powder also can be used. Regular powdering contributing good effect for prolonged period.
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I request all of you who use chemical glow and radiance creams to go through the contents of those creams and realize the unearthed truths about the harmful effect of each one of the ingredient of those fairness creams.
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