Aloe vera Pulp Exudate Remedy For Improving Skin Glow

Article by Dr Ms Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu) PhD.
Simple techniques will yield significant benefits, many a time. Good example for this is exudates of Aloe vera or aloe vera pulp.
Most of the people know and accordingly use Aloe vera pulp as a fresh moisturizer and skin softener. Also few believe regarding its glow enhancing effect. 

Drops of water on leaf of aloe

Collection of exudate

How to get the exudates?
You can use aloevera pulp directly for this remedy. But if you have only one or two plants of aloe vera at home, then you cannot use the pulp on daily basis, as it will last for only a few days.
Hence, it is ideal to get the pulp exudate from aloe vera leaves. This way, the plant is preserved for longer period of time.
Here is a simple technique to obtain the exudates –
Utensils required – a sharp blade/knife
Spoon or sharp edged steel plate\Ingredients-Triphala powder (2-3 gram)

Preferably early in the morning (any time it can be carried) a gentle incision is made over the leaf, when the live plant is intact with soil (no necessary to separate the leaf from plant or to cut the plant).
Over the incised area one or two pinch of Triphala choorna (fine powder) is sprinkled. After a time duration of 10-15 minutes, yellow colored exudate oozes out of this incised portion of the leaf. This is collected with the help of a spoon or steel plate.
Alternatively, you can directly use aloe vera pulp for this remedy.

How to use ?

This fine exudate is applied over the face  or acne scars, dark spots, black heads, regularly. If the pus is found over the lesions like infected acne, 1 gram of turmeric powder or neem powder can be mixed to the exudate and is applied.
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How often it has to be applied?
Preferably 3 – 5 times in a day.

How long it can be practiced?
Expected results can be observed if this is practiced daily for 15-21 days.
Instead of going for a synthetic (chemical), costly cosmetics the above said kitchen remedy may be more safe, effective and cheaper.
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7 thoughts on “Aloe vera Pulp Exudate Remedy For Improving Skin Glow”

  1. Why is it that Kapha- peopel are alwasys beautiful?
    they never get acne, have strong thick hair, a ful face, thick skin?

    Can other non Kaphapeople get to the same level?

    • Kapha is related with most of the body tissues – like muscles, fat, reproductive system, blood plasma, etc. The body structure maintenance is also a Kapha quality. Hence, kapha guys are handsome and good looking.:)

  2. Hai doctor
    Aloe Vera powder, aloevera 2x, aloe Vera 4x is available in markets. Are they effective like fresh juices ? Does heating or dehydrating destroys any of the useful properties of aloevera ?


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