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Ajaswagandhadi Leham Ingredients, Benefits, Dose and Side Effects

Ajaswagandhadi Lehyam is also called as Ashwagandhadi Lehyam or Aswagandhadi Leham. It is a herbal jam. In the market, there are many variants of this lehyam. Few of them are vegetarian and few have non-vegetarian ingredients.

How to know whether the Aswagandhadi lehyam is vegetarian or non-vegetarian?
If the name of the product is ‘Ajaswagandhadi lehyam’ then it definitely contains a non-vegetarian ingredient. In Sanskrit, Aja means goat.
Even if it is labelled as Aswagandhadi lehyam, look for the ingredient list. If any term such as Aja, Chaga, Mamsa, Ajamamsa, Chagamamsa etc is there, then it contains a non-vegetarian ingredient.
There is also a vegetarian version of Ashwagandhadi lehyam.

Is it used only in men or can women also use it?
It is useful for both men and women.

Uses of Ajashwagandhadi lehyam 

Fights fatigue, powerful aphrodisiac, improves muscle strength, suitable to be taken as an Ayurvedic body building supplement. Useful in relieving tiredness, quickens the recovery from tiredness after gym and exercise, restores and keeps optimum energy levels throughout the day.
Useful in improving digestive and respiratory health.
It is used for the treatment of low sperm count (oligospermia), sexual weakness, premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.
It is useful to improve breast growth in women.
Useful in neurological disorders such as hemiplegia, paraplegia, muscle wasting, neuropathy, spondylosis, neck and lower back pain.
It improves digestion strength.
It detoxifies blood and improves skin health and complexion.

Uses in men and women:
For men, – good muscle strength, stress relief, joint strength, ligament strength, good gym supplement, better sleep
For women – good muscle strength, stress relief, joint strength, ligament strength, good gym supplement, better sleep. In some cases, it even helps to correct irregular menstrual cycle.

Usage after delivery:
It is used in post partum care of the mother, 15 days after delivery. Some mothers may find it hard to digest. Hence better to consult a doctor directly. Usual dose is one teaspoon in the morning or evening, 30 minutes before food.

What happens if I take this lehyam for one month?

Assuming you are not diabetic, this lehyam can
Increase strength and energy
Improve skin complexion
Improves muscle power and vigor
Improves sleep, reduces stress and anxiety
May cause constipation or diarrhea in some people

Can it increase height?

If you are below 18 years of age, then it can help in improving height to some extent, by strengthening the bones and promoting bone nourishment and growth.


Withania somnifera (Ashwagandha) – A powerful immuno-modulator and aphrodisiac.
Mucuna pruriens (Atmagupta) – A powerful aphrodisiac and also useful in neurological conditions.
Mesua ferrea (Nagakesara),
Orchis latifolia (Salaimisri),
Lesser cardamom
Cinnamon – useful in improving digestive and respiratory health.
Licorice – Acts as aphrodisiac,
Nutmeg – aphrodisiac,
Ajamamsam – Mutton.


Dose depends on age, digestive capacity, etc. Usually one tablespoon in the morning, after food is advised.

Side effects

A few complaints about a slight increase in sleep and indigestion.
Because it contains sugar, it is not ideal for people with diabetes / high blood sugar levels.
Consult your doctor before taking this during pregnancy.

Frequent questions

How long does it take to start showing results?
Depends on the dosage and other products suggested with this. Usually, it takes around 1 – 2 weeks time. Considerable weight gain can only be expected in 3 – 4 months time.

Can this product be taken along with Allopathic medicines (English medicines)?
It may react with some medicines. Consult your doctor for the right advice. When English and Ayurvedic medicines are advised together, it is best to take English medicine first, give a gap of half an hour and then take Ayurvedic medicines.  

Can it be used in people with diabetes?
Yes. But keep an eye on the blood sugar levels. Your doctor should help you in this regard. This product can reduce blood sugar levels.

It is sold in plastic bottles. Is it fine? 
If the quality of the bottle material is very good, it should not be a problem, if stored for a short period of time.

Can this be taken without consulting a doctor?
No. In many cases, this product alone might not work. More often this is given in combination with a few Ayurvedic medicines. Your Ayurveda practitioner will be the best judge to decide on those things.

Can one take non-vegetarian food while taking this medicine?
Yes, unless your practitioner has asked to avoid it.

Is it halal?
Probably not.

In hypothyroidism

Ashwagandha is highly recommended in Hypothyroidism. Hence, this product can be taken in such a patient. The increase in energy and enthusiasm, freshness of mind are the immediate noticeable effects. It also helps the patient to improve strength and useful to correct immunity. Only negative point is, because this can cause weight gain, avoid higher dose and use the new gained strength to exercise daily.

IBS, Veg Vs Non Veg

Veg versus non veg Ashwagandha lehyam – which is better?
Vegetarian version is easy to digest. It is recommended when digestion strength is low. Non version is ideal when the digestion strength is good.
Non veg version promotes energy to a greater extent.

Is there any Pathya (diet rules) to be followed while taking this product?
No product specific diet is mentioned. If the practitioner has advised diet control based on the disease, one has to follow that.
Avoid excess spicy foods, junk foods, aerated drinks, frozen and canned foods

Can this be taken while taking multivitamin tablets?
Yes, generally. Your consulting doctor will be a good judge on this topic.

Does it cause hair loss? No.

Shelf life: 3 years from the date of manufacture.
Manufacturer: Sitaram Ayurveda Pharmacy, Arya Vaidya Sala, Kottakkal.
Presentation: Jar pack of 500 grams.

Store in a cool dry place, away from sunlight.
Keep out of reach and sight of children.

Can this product be taken along with homoeopathic medicines?
Yes, this product is compatible with homeopathic medicine.

Honey, ghee

Question: t is said that honey and ghee are considered as viruddha ahara(bad food combination) as yourself has mentioned in a post.
Also it is said that honey should not be added in anything hot as then it becomes thick and clogs up our energy channels as ama.
Also in many ayurvedic texts they say that the ama created by improper consumption of honey is the toughest to be expelled from the body.
Now ghee and honey both are being used in ajashwagandhadhi lehyam and also you suggest using with milk which most people would be considering hot or warm milk. So both these factors tend to create ama.
So this being a revitalizing rasayana isn’t it’s constituents against some basic rules of ayurveda.

Answer by Dr JV Hebbar:

1. Honey and ghee, equal proportions is contra indicated as per Ayurveda. Honey and ghee in unequal proportion is fine to use. There are many Ayurvedic medicines in which honey and ghee are used (in different proportions). Eg: Chyawanprash, Saptamrita Lauha.

2. In any herbal jam preparation, if honey is to be added, it is usually added at the end of the procedure, when the herbal jam is taken out of fire and is set for self cooling. After it reaches below ~60 degree Celsius temperature, only then honey is added. This is the same procedure followed in Chyawanprash or in any avaleha formula with honey as ingredient.

3. Ajaswgandhadi lehyam contains many spices such as clove, cinnamon etc which make this herbal jam spicy and hot. This nullifies the ama effect, if at all produced by honey, or by using milk as co drink.

Can Aswagandhadi lehyam be taken by persons with candida infection?
Because there are no big anti-fungal herbs in this product, it is not very useful in candida infection. Some doctors opine that, it is not suitable in candida due to sugar content. Hence, it is better to avoid while the client has candida infection.

Can it be taken by a person having kidney stones and hypertension?
It is not directly useful in both the said conditions. But if there is weight loss and the client wants to gain weight, then it can be administered.

When I take Ashwagandha capsule, I get headache. Can I take this product?
Ashwagandha is only one ingredient of this product. Other ingredients such as cinnamon, nutmeg etc. are useful in relieving headache. Hence, it is fine to take this product.

From which age onwards, this product can be taken?
It depends on the doctor’s analysis. Usually it is given to children above 10 years of age.

How is it compared to Narasimha Rasayanam and draksharishta?
All three have similar benefits.
Narasimha Rasayanam is mainly used for the treatment of hair loss. Probably Narasimha rasayanam is a better medicine for weight gain and Ajashwagandhadi lehyam is a better medicine to improve strength, stamina and energy. Read more about Narasimha Rasayanam

Draksharishta is mainly used in high Pitta disorders such as bleeding disorders, acid peptic disorders, respiratory disorders etc. Read more about it here

Is Ajaswagandhadi leham different from rasayanam?
Leham means herbal jam, like Chyawanprash.
Rasayanam means the medicine that is used for rejuvenation and anti-aging purpose.
Most of the lehams are rasayanams. Having said that, there are many churnas which also are called rasayanam, like Pippali rasayanam.
In case of Ajaswagandhadi, lehyam and rasayanam both are same.

In Ajaswagandhadi lehyam, honey and ghee are in equal proportions. Is this a problem?
No. That rule of honey and ghee to be avoided in equal quantities is valid only when these two ingredients are used together, alone.
The rule is not valid, when other ingredients are involved. Hence, it is perfectly fine for this product to have honey and ghee in equal quantities. Even in chyawanprash, we have honey and ghee in equal quantities.

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