Coriander Drink For Fever, Burning Sensation, Thirst


Coriander drink is a very easy to make natural cleanser and coolant drink useful in fever, burning sensation, thirst and such other high Pitta conditions.

It is especially beneficial for those, who suffer from excessive body heat, as in summer, or during fever, or in some people, who have Pitta body constitution (who have tendency of complaining of excess heat, all the time irrespective of weather). It is also very good for those who complain of insatiable thirst all the time.
It is one of the best easy to make, natural herbal detox drink.

Method of preparation

How to make this natural coolant drink –
1. Take one part of crushed coriander seeds.(Eg: 10 grams)
2. Add six parts of water (Eg:60 ml)
3. Keep it covered over one night.
4. Next morning, filter it, and mix with a little quantity of sugar, and  drink it in empty stomach.


This recipe for coriander seeds is natural  coolant drink.
It is also a natural detox drink, and the best non alcoholic summer drink.
It also cleanses all the body and tissue channels and energizes the body.
It is actually a classical drink, explained in the ancient Ayurvedic texts.

It is called as Dhanyaka hima –
Reference is as follows –
Praataha saasharkaro peyo himo dhaanyaka sambhavaha |
antardaaham mahaa thrishnam jayet sroto vishodhanam ||
Sharangdhara samhita madhayama khanda – 2nd chapter, 7-8 shloka.

Translation – Dhanyaka hima should be drunk in the morning with a little quantity of sugar to get relief from internal burning sensation, excessive thirst. It also cleanses and detoxifies all the body channels.


40-50 ml to be taken in morning in empty stomach along with half a spoon of sugar.
How long can it be consumed?
It can be taken for a period of 6 – 8 weeks.

Shelf life

It can only be stored for 12 – 15 hours once it is made.
It can be refrigerated and used within 2 days time.

31 thoughts on “Coriander Drink For Fever, Burning Sensation, Thirst”

  1. Thank you for this very nice article.
    Can this recipe be used as a general cleansing tea ? Can we use this tea during ritu sandhi or seasonal change time and how many days to take this tea
    Also is there any diet to follow when this tea is consumed ?

  2. Have you got any information on seasonal ayurvedic regimen in northern Australia – Queensland. I am prodominent Vata with little Pitta

  3. Very helpful to know, thank you.

    How does this compare with soaking fennel seeds in water overnight and drinking with sugar/mishri in the morning?

    Does fennel have the same channel cleansing effect? Is it more or less cooling than coriander?

    Thank you,

      • This coriander soup is the best drink I have had perhaps in my whole life. I was looking for something nourishing and thirst quenching at the same time + preferably something sweet because I prefer sweet to anything with lime juice. I started having this just one week ago after reading this article, and I feel wonderful every morning after having it. It really helps. I am almost tempted to double the quantity, but I will resist the temptation since it is a real gift. I use freshly ground coriander powder although the picture above shows coriander in seed form (since I wasn’t sure what crushed seeds mean). Hope that’s okay. By any chance, is it okay to sip a little of this all day every now and then? I seem to be unable to fully quench my thirst with just plain water (thanks to the lifeless water in the municipal supplies), and this seems like it might help with that.

        Thank you,

  4. I’ve read that it’s useful in varicose veins and for heavy menstrual flow. Please write your opinion!If so, the dosage too

    • This drink in particular is not useful in varicose veins. It might help to some degree in heavy periods.

  5. I would like to know if this coriander drink can be sweetened with gur or honey instead of sugar as I am now trying to cut out white sugar from my diet.

    • honey is slightly hot in potency, hence it might not help in lowering the body heat as effectively as sugar.
      You can have it with jaggery or sugar candy powder in place of sugar.

  6. Hi Doctor,
    My 11 yrs old son has recently developed psoriasis. He always complains of sweaty palms and cannot tolerate even a little bit of spice. He is slightly overweight too. It seems to me that he has excessive Pitta. Will this drink help him with Psoriasis and all these other conditions I have mentioned? Is it advisable to give this drink to a child? Thankyou.


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