Signs Of Person Having Enriched Bones (Asthi Sara Purusha Lakshanas)

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Asthi Sara Purusha Lakshanas means signs of person who has richness and best essence of bone tissue. These people are healthy when they have balanced bone and its best essence in the body. This should be supported with the balance of all the other tissues. 

Asthi – bone tissue
Sara – richness / best quality / essence
Purusha – person
Lakshana – signs
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Signs of Best quality Bone tissue

The below mentioned are signs of high quality asthi dhatu in the body –

Following body parts are robust and big –
Heels, Ankles, Knees, Forearm, Collarbones, Chin, Head, Small joints of hands and feet / digits, Bones, Nails, Teeth

According to Master Sushruta (Sushruta Samhita Sutrasthana 35/16) –

  • Possess big head and shoulders
  • Have big teeth
  • Have big jaws
  • Have big bones and nails

The person having enriched bone tissue is endowed with – (Charaka Samhita Vimana Sthana 8/107)

  • Extreme enthusiasm – mahotsaha
  • Activeness – kriyavanta
  • Endurance – klesha sahatva
  • Well built body – sara sharira
  • Strong and stable body – sthira sharira
  • Longevity – aayushmanta

Vocational guidance for those having richness of fat tissue & health

  • People with richness of bone tissue have a well built body and endurance, are active and enthusiastic. These persons are born athletes. They can become good sportsperson or trainer.
  • They can pursue their career in adventure sports like river rafting, biking, mountaineering etc 
  • They are good motivators or work initiators. Therefore they can be good leaders.
  • These persons have combination of bravery and good physique. They can withstand strenuous activities. Therefore they can work in Special Forces as in military, commandos, black cats etc. They can also be astronauts.

Sanskrit Verses

Clinical perspective

Bird eye view of persons of Asthi Sara from clinical perspective

Asthi sara from health, immunity and disease / pathological perspective

These people have optimum quality and quantity of bone tissue. Therefore they have good health and immunity related to bones. They don’t fall victim to bone related disorders frequently.

Bones are the essential tissues in everyone which form our skeletal framework and also protect the tissues and organs. The quality and quantity of bone differ among individuals.
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Those having richness of bone tissue will have this bone in more proportions in comparison to the people having richness of other tissues. Asthi sara doesn’t mean having too much of bone structure. It is to have good essence of bone tissue along with its proportional dominance in comparison to other tissue in the body. Asthi vruddhi i.e. pathological increase in bones is another condition having more bone tissue. But this bone doesn’t consist of richness of bone tissue. It is collection of unwanted bone tissue.
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The quality of bones in these persons is good and contributes towards smooth locomotion and support of the body and hence physiological.

If there is imbalance in formation and maintenance of bone tissue and if it is contaminated by morbid doshas, these persons will first suffer from diseases related to bones.

These people are also susceptible to get diseases pertaining to tissues other than bones. People having good essence and richness of all tissues are exemption. But for those having richness of bones, it contributes towards majority of health, stability and endurance.

These persons should take care of good essence of their bone tissue and health while taking care that the other tissues too are kept in balance. Or else it will not be called asthi sara.

Bone tissue is formed after fat tissue in the chronology of tissue formation. Proper formation of fat tissue depends on the optimum nature and balance of its precursor tissue i.e. fat tissue. Therefore these people should make sure to have good quality and quantity of fat in their system. The health and balance of precursors of fat i.e. muscles, blood and lymph tissues too should be taken care of. This will enable formation of good essence of bone tissue in these people.
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The tissue fire of the fat tissue too should be intact. If the fat tissue fire is deficit, more immature fat tissue is formed. This leads to formation of immature and weak bones. These bones do not have the qualities of asthi sara nor do they bestow the benefits of the same. Inadequate or improper formation of bone tissue takes place if the channels responsible for carrying fat tissue and bone tissues are clogged by ama or other pathological materials. If the tissue fire of the fat is more, less fat tissue is formed. Subsequently less quantity of bone is formed. This leads to lower essence and poor quality of bone tissue. The imbalances and contamination of bone tissue will lead to manifestation of diseases related to bones i.e. asthi pradoshaja vikara. This will lead to formation of low essence bone tissue in the body.

Bone imbalances in the form of pathological increase, decrease, or association of ama and contamination of channels carrying fat & bones may deplete the essence of bone tissue and make it susceptible to many disorders.

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10 Features Of A Person With Enriched Bone Health

Precautions, Maintenance

Precautions, maintenance and interventions in relation to asthi sara

People who have richness of bone tissue should take nutritious foods with good quantity of minerals and micro-nutrients, especially calcium balancing and optimum exercise to keep the essence of bone tissue intact.

These people should not undertake excessive exercise. This causes vata aggravation. This vata in turn will meddle with formation and balance of bone tissue and also will cause bone destruction. This will also deplete the bone marrow, cause weakness of joints and soft tissues and make the bones weak and brittle. Bones and vata have residence-resident relationship. Their balance is dependent on each other’s health status. But because of strong bone tissue, if the Asthi Sara purusha can take good amount of oils and fats, these people can be good athletes.

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They need to avoid taking vata aggravating foods, foods which are too cold, dry, stale and rich in astringent, bitter and pungent tastes.

Regular and periodic abhyanga i.e. massage with herbal oils, moderate amount of swedana i.e. sudation, oral consumption and matra / anuvasana vasti i.e. enemas with tikta ghrita i.e. ghee processed with bitter tasting herbs or with tikta ksheera basti i.e. enema with milk processed with bitter herbs will not only calm and balance vata. They are also supportive to bone health. Oral consumption and enema with bitter ghee and enema with medicated bitter milk will enable enhancing and restoring best essence bone tissue. The other treatments i.e. massage and sudation will relax the bones, joints and soft tissues improve their strength and flexibility and enable them to be healthy, fit and supportive.

Need to know about bone sara

  • To analyze the strength, richness and health of bone tissue
  • To diagnose the root of diseases related to bones and errors of bone metabolism
  • To diagnose the balances and imbalances in bone tissue
  • To provide timely remedies to enhance the quality, essence and health of bone tissue, who present with depletion of essence of bone tissues, who were otherwise healthy in that perspective
  • To promote health and immunity in people who have richness of bone tissue

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Tolerance to stress, anxiety

Why people with bone tissue dominance are told to have high tolerance to grief and life-challenges? 
Answer by Dr JV Hebbar: 

First, let us understand what bone tissue domination is.
You might have heard that certain people have domination of certain Doshas, called Dosha body type? Like some are Vata type, some are Pitta-Kapha type etc.?
Similarly, in all of us, one or the other tissue can be dominant.
In a blood tissue dominant person, the palm and feet look very red.  
A muscle tissue dominant person will be natural muscular. Some minimal gym workout is sufficient for them to bulk up their muscles. 
Similarly, the bone tissue dominant person will have prominence of bone in joints, chin, knees, elbows, etc. When you see them, bones stand out. 
Probably, Mahatma Gandhi can be an example for such a person. 

It is told that bone tissue dominant persons are “Klesha Saha”. 
They do not get depressed very easily. They can withstand challenges, opponents, trials and tribulations of life without getting stressed. 

They probably produce good amounts of serotonin in the brains. Serotonin – a nerve signal transmitter chemical, produced in the brain is directly related with relieving stress, depression, improved mood and it is also related with healthy bone formation. This is the reason they hardly get depressed and have strong bones. 

Another reason could be, their skin and body absorbs good amount of vitamin D easily. 
Low levels of vitamin D is linked to high levels of stress and anxiety. 
Vitamin D is also required to maintain good bone health. 

Another reason could be – they have strong calcium deposits in their bones. Ayurvedic calcium medicines such as Pravala Bhasma (Coral calx), Shankha Bhasma – Conch calx etc. are very effective in keeping the Pitta and Vata under balance. Aggravated Pitta leads to short temper and aggravated Vata leads to indecisions, anxiety and depression. So, these are used both to increase calcium in the bones (as in osteoporosis) and also in treating stress, depression and anxiety. 

So, strong calcium deposits in the bones, naturally leads to strong mind to tackle depression, stress and anxiety.

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  1. Respected Sir , in the Asthisara purusha article , if the person is prone for athletic profession , how can he be restrained from the exercise factor?

    • Dear Dr Remya, thanks for pointing out.
      I have added below line into that paragraph. Hope it makes sense.
      But because of strong bone tissue, if the Asthi Sara purusha can take good amount of oils and fats, these people can be good athletes.


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