Signs Of Person With Enriched Muscle Tissue (Mamsa Sara Purusha Lakshanas)

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Mamsa Sara Purusha Lakshanas means ‘signs of person who has richness and best essence of muscle tissue’. These people are healthy when they have balanced muscle and its best essence in the body. This should be supported with the balance of all the other tissues. 

Mamsa – muscle tissue
Sara – richness / best quality / essence
Purusha – person
Lakshana – signs
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Signs of Best Quality Muscle Tissue

Reference: Charaka Samhita Vimana Sthana 8/105

Following structures of the body are stable, heavy, good looking and well covered with muscles –

Temples, Forehead, Atlanto-occipital joint, Eyes, Cheek / zygomatic bone / upper jaw, Lower jaw, Neck, Shoulder, Axilla, Chest, Joints of the limbs

According to Master Sushruta – Sushruta Sutrasthana 35/16 –
These people possess few depressions / hollows in the body, have well covered and concealed bones and joints and musculature, i.e. the muscles cover and protect these structures.
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The person having enriched muscle tissue is endowed with – (Cha.Vi.8/105)

  • Ability to forgive – kshama
  • Patience – dhruti
  • Non-greediness – aloulya
  • Wealth – vitta
  • Knowledge – vidya
  • Happiness – sukha
  • Kindness – aarjava
  • Strength – bala
  • Health – arogya
  • Longevity – deergha ayu

10 Features of Person with Good Muscle Health

Vocational guidance for those having richness of muscle tissue & health

  • The persons having richness of muscle tissue are robust, stout, bulky and strong. They can pursue jobs in military and defense services.
  • Good muscle strength and stamina also makes them candidates to take up sports career.
  • They can become good gym trainers and wrestlers due to their good quality and quantity muscles, well covered body, good strength and endurance.
  • They can also make careers in modeling since they have strong and healthy body.
  • These people have good life morals and live a long life. They can work as good administrators.
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Sanskrit Verses

Clinical perspective

Bird eye view of persons of Mamsa Sara from clinical perspective

Mamsa sara from health, immunity and disease / pathological perspective

These people have optimum quality and quantity of muscle tissue. Therefore they have good muscle health and immunity. They don’t fall victim to musculoskeletal disorders, soft tissue and muscle damages frequently.

The joints and ligaments are well covered and protected by muscles. Therefore they have strong joints. They are immune to joint injuries and arthritis if they take good care of their muscle health.
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At the same time if there is imbalance in formation and maintenance of muscle tissue, if muscle tissue is contaminated by morbid doshas, when there is frequent muscle damage, wear and tear and when one doesn’t take good care of muscle health, they will first suffer from diseases related to muscles.

These people are also susceptible to get diseases pertaining to tissues other than muscles unless they have good essence and richness of all tissues. But most of their health, including those of other tissues is maintained, when they keep their muscle in good balance.

Sama mamsa pramana i.e. good quantity of muscle tissue in any person and sama samhanana i.e. good compactness of tissues are considered as parameters of accessing optimum health. Therefore those having richness of muscles enjoy good overall health, endurance and immunity. Most of the organs are made up of and covered with muscles apart from the skeletal system.
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Muscle tissue is formed after blood tissue in the chronology of tissue formation. Proper formation of muscle tissue depends on the optimum nature and balance of its precursor tissue i.e. blood tissue. Therefore these people should make sure to have good quality and quantity of blood in their system. The tissue fire of the blood tissue too should be intact. If the blood tissue fire is deficit, more blood in immature form is formed. This leads to formation of immature muscles. These muscles will be weak in nature. If the channels responsible for carrying blood tissue and muscle tissues are clogged by ama or other pathological materials, there will be inadequate or improper formation of muscle tissue. If the tissue fire of the blood is more, less blood is formed. Subsequently less quantity of muscles is formed. This leads to lower essence and poor quality of muscles. Weakness and tiredness, and many other muscle related disorders are manifested. The imbalances and contamination of muscle tissue will cause diseases related to muscles i.e. mamsa pradoshaja vikara.

Mamsa imbalances in the form of pathological increase, decrease, or association of ama and contamination of channels carrying blood may deplete the essence of muscle tissue and make it susceptible to many disorders.

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Precautions, maintenance

Precautions, maintenance and interventions in relation to mamsa sara

To maintain the compactness and strength of the muscles these people should regularly exercise. At the same time they should not overdo or under-do physical exercises and workouts. These will not only damage the muscles on long run but also will reduce their competence. Excessive exercise will also lead to aggravation of vata leading to muscle fatigue and damage.
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They should avoid excessive rest and sedentary life.

They need to avoid taking foods rich in pungent, bitter and astringent foods, in excess. They should have balanced and nutritional foods.

Regular and periodic herbal oil massages and steaming therapies are welcome. Massage has been advised to be taken on daily basis in Ayurveda explanation of daily regimen. It is good for muscles, tones up the muscles, keeps them strong, and removes pain and tiredness / muscle fatigue therein.
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Need to know about muscle sara

  • To analyze the strength, richness and health of muscle tissue
  • To diagnose the root of diseases related to muscles
  • To diagnose the balances and imbalances in muscle tissue
  • To provide timely remedies to enhance the muscle quality, health, tonicity, endurance and health who present with depletion of essence of muscle tissues, who were otherwise healthy in that perspective
  • To promote health and immunity in people who have richness of muscle tissue

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