Increase And Vitiation Of Tissues – Dhatu Vruddhi

When a body tissue (Dhatu) gets over-nourished, it gets increased in volume and quantity. If this happens within the healthier limits, like – exercise leading to good muscles, there will not be any disease symptoms. But if tissues get increased to a large extent, it leads to diseases. 

What are body tissues? – Dhatu

Symptoms of Depletion of Tissues – Dhatu Kshaya Lakshana

Rasa Dhatu Vruddhi Lakshana

Symptoms of increase in Rasa (essence of digested food, blood plasma) leads to symptoms similar to that of Kapha Dosha increase. They are –
Agnisadana – weak digestive activity – Increase in Rasa dhatu leads to increase in water content in stomach and intestines, leading to decreased digestion strength.
Praseka – excess salivation,
Alasya – lassitude, laziness
Gaurava – feeling of heaviness,
Shvaithya – white discoloration,
Shaithya – coldness,
Shlathangatva – looseness of the body parts,
Shwasa – dyspnoea, asthma, COPD
Kasa – cough, cold
Atinidrata –  excess of sleep.

Rasa Pradoshaja Vikara

Rasa Dhatu, when afflicted with vitiated (imbalanced Doshas, leads to following symptoms –
Following diseases are caused by the vitiation of Rasadhatu.
Ashraddha – Disinclination for food – when Rasa is vitiated, there will be lack of digestions strength, which is indicated with anorexia and lack of interest in food.
Aruchi – anorexia
Asya Vairasya – foul taste in mouth.
Arasanjnata – lack of taste sensing capacity
Hrullasa – nausea,
Gaurava – heaviness
Tandra – drowsiness, fatigue
Angamarda – Malaise, bodyache
Jwara – fever
Tama – darkness in front of eyes
Pandutva – anemia, pale discoloration of skin
Srotasam rodha – obstruction of body channels
Klaibya – impotency
Saada – heaviness of body, as if the body is struck and cannot function.
Krushangata – emaciation, shrunken body parts
Nasho Agnehe – loss of digestion strength
Ayatha Kala Vali Palita – premature winkling of skin and graying of hairs.


For diseases caused by bad foods, affecting Rasa Dhatu, Langhana treatment should be adopted. (such as fasting, exercise etc.. which brings about lightness to the body). Read more about Langhana treatment

Rakta Dhatu Vruddhi Lakshana

Blood tissue when increased leads to diseases related to skin, liver and spleen. Such as –
Visarpa – Herpes, spreading skin disease,
Pleeha – diseases of the spleen,
Vidradhi – abscesses,
Kushta – skin diseases
Vatasra – gout
Pittasra  – bleeding disease,
Gulma – abdominal tumors,
Upakusa – a disease of the teeth,
Kamala – jaundice,
Vyanga – discolored patch on the face,
Agninasha – loss of digestion strength
Sammoha – Coma, unconsciousness,
Red discoloration of the skin, eyes, and urine.

Rakta Pradoshaja Vikara

Rakta Pradoshaja Vyadhis – Diseases due to vitiated Blood tissue:
Kushta – Skin diseases
Visarpa ( acute spreading diseases of the skin)
Pidaka – carbuncle, Pimples,
Raktapitta (a diseases characterized by bleeding from different parts of the body),
Asrugdhara – menorrhagia, heavy periods
Guda Medhra Paka – inflammation and suppuration in rectum and penis
Asya Paka – mouth ulcers,
Pleeha – Disease of the spleen, Splenomegaly
Gulma – Tumors of the abdomen
Vidradhi – Abscess
Neelika – blue moles,
Kaamala – Jaundice,
Vyanga (freckles),
Piplava (portwine mark),
Tilakaalaka (black mole),
Dadru – ringworm ,
Charmadala- dermatitis, skin tags
Shvitra – leucoderma,
Pama – papules,
Kotha (urticaria) and
Asra Mandala – red circular patches.


Rakta Dhatu treatment:
Treatment of diseases caused by the vitiation of Rakta is described in the 24th chapter of Sutrasthana – Vidhi Shoniteeya Adhyaya

Mamsa Dhatu Vruddhi Lakshana

Muscle tissue, when increased produces
Ganda – cervical lymphadenitis
Granthi – tumor,
Increase in size of the cheeks, thighs, and abdomen,
over growth of muscles of the neck and other places

Mamsa Pradoshaja Vikara

Mamsa Pradoshaja Vikara – Diseases the causes by vitiated Muscle tissue:
Adhimamsa – Granuloma,
Arbuda – Myoma
Keela – Piles,
Gala Shalooka – Uvulitis,
Gala shundika – tonsillitis,
Pootimamsa – Sloughing of flesh,
Alaji – boils,
Ganda –  goiter,
Gandamala – cervical adenitis
Upajihvika – inflammation of epiglottis.


Mamsa Dhatu (muscle tissue) treatment:
For muscle tissue disorders,
Samshuddhi – Panchakarma purification treatment
Shastrakarma – surgery
Ksharakarma – application of Kshara (water insoluble ash of herbs)
Agnikarma – cautery treatment

Medo Dhatu Vruddhi Lakshana

Fat tissue, when produces similar symptoms and in addition, it causes fatigue, difficulty in breathing even after little work,
drooping of the buttocks, breasts and abdomen.

Meda Pradoshaja Vikara

Meda Pradoshaja Vikara – Diseases due to vitiation of fat tissue
Premonitory signs and symptoms of Prameha (Urinary tract disorders, diabetes mellitus).


The fat tissue disorder treatment is explained 21st chapter of Sutrasthana – Ashtau Ninditeeya Adhyaya

Asthi Dhatu Vriddhi Lakshana

Asthi (bone tissues), when increased causes overgrowth of bones and extra teeth. 10½.

Asthi Pradoshaja Vikara

Asthi Pradoshaja Vikara – Diseases caused by vitiated bone tissue:
Adhyasthi – Hypertrophy of the bones
Adhi danta – excess teeth,
Dantabheda – cracking sensation in the teeth
Asthibheda, Shoola – crackling sensation and pain in bone,
Vivarnata – discoloration of hair
Deformity of hair of head, body hairs, nail as well as beard.


Asthi Dhatu (bone tissue) treatment:

For diseases of bone tissue,
Panchakarma treatment
Especially Basti (enema) with milk, ghee and bitter herbs is useful.

Majja Dhatu Vriddhi Lakshana

Majja (marrow),  when increased produces heaviness in the eyes and the body, increase of size of the body joints and causes ulcers which are difficult to cure. 10½ – 11½.

Majja Pradoshaja Vikara

Majja Pradoshaja Vikara – Diseases due to vitiated bone marrow tissue:
Parva Ruk – Pain in small joints
Bhrama – Delusion, Dizziness
Murcha – fainting, loss of consciousness
Tamo Darshana – seeing darkness in front of eyes
Manifestation of deep-seated abscesses in joints [17]

Shukra Dhatu Vriddhi lakshana

Shukra (semen) when increased produces great desire for the woman (sexual desire) and seminal calculi (spermolith).

Shukra Pradoshaja Vikara

Shukra Pradoshaja Vikara – Diseases due to vitiated Semen / reproductory system:
Due to the vitiation of Shukra or semen the individual suffers from
Klaibya – impotent
Aharshana – lack of eructation and enjoyment in sex
His progeny, if any, will be sick, sterile, short lived and disfigured.
Either there is no conception or there will be abortion or miscarriage. Thus the vitiation of Shukra (semen) brings misery to the couple and progeny.


Majja (marrow) and Shukra Dhatu (reproductive system) treatment:
Majja and Shukra Dhatu diseases are treated with diets of sweet and bitter tastes, sexual intercourse, exercise and timely elimination of Doshas (Panchakarma) in proper quantity.


Charaka Samhita Sutrasthana 28
Ashtanga Hrudaya Sutrasthana 11

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