Bhrajaka Pitta – Location, Functions, Imbalance, Disorders, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Bhrajaka means ‘that which makes things bright’ or ‘that which brings about brightness’
The subtype of pitta which is responsible to bring about brightness in skin is called Bhrajaka Pitta.


Bhrajaka Pitta is one of the five subtypes of pitta.
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Bhrajaka Agni – Since the fire or agni is represented in the body in the form of pitta, all subtypes of pitta are called agni and will carry the suffix of fire. Thus, bhrajaka fire which gives brightness to skin is used synonymous with bhrajak pitt. Both these terms may be used interchangeably.


Seat of Bhrajaka Pitta
Skin is said to be the seat of bhrajaka pitta. Hence it is responsible for imparting color, texture, complexion to the skin. Balance of bhrajaga pittam contributes towards the health of skin and its appendages.

Sanskrit sloka

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Functions of normal Bhrajaka Pittham
Conversion of medicaments applied over skin so as to be suitable for the body

Ayurveda has advised application of medicaments on skin as a part of external therapies. This will be done in many forms. The medicaments may be administered in the form of massage with herbal oils etc, fomentation and sudation, immersion or tub bath (with the whole body or afflicted part of the body submerged in tub filled with warm water or medicated liquids ), anointment of medicinal pastes and poultices and sprinkling (medicinal liquids and powders) of medicaments.
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The action of these medicaments is not limited to skin. The active ingredient are absorbed through pores of skin, enter the rasa dhatu i.e. nutritional fluid and blood, enters the circulation and reaches all tissues and organs of body.

Thus, the skin is one of the important and effective routes of administration of medicines according to Ayurveda. The practical application and benefits too have been experienced by physicians in clinical practice since time immemorial.
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In the entire process of medicaments being carried from periphery to interior of body, the brajak pitta is involved. This brightness causing pitta processes the medicaments and transforms them in such a way that they are compatible for body tissues. Later it helps in transporting these medicaments into circulation. Without the presence of bhrajaka pitta, these medicines applied over body would never impart their therapeutic benefits.
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Reflects different types of chayas
Bhrajaka pitta helps in exposing the chaya or reflection of an individual.
Chaya also means different blend of colors, shade or luster of an individual.

Provides shine to the skin
Bhrajaka pitta is responsible for providing shine to the skin making it attractive. Since it is in the form of fire and predominant in fire element, this function is obvious.
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Regulates the temperature
Bhrajak pitha not only regulates heat of skin and its temperature, it also regulates and balances heat of body. This pitta, by expelling excessive heat from skin protects the body from bad effects of heat and consequent inflammation.

Imparts different colors to the skin
Skin colors vary from person to person and there are many types of manifestation. Normal and abnormal colors and varied manifestation of skin colors are the functions of bhrajaka pitta (Chakrapani, Cha.Su.12/11)
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Other functions of Bhrajaka Pitta –

  • Regulates functions of sebaceous glands in skin, keeps skin healthy and lubricated
  • Regulates functions of sweat glands in skin, enables proper sweating, which is also responsible for temperature regulation
  • Helps in maintenance of optimum health of skin and its appendages

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Pathology related to Bhrajaka Pitta imbalance
Imbalance in form of increase or decrease of bhrajaka pitta would be responsible for many skin disorders, diseases related to sebaceous glands, body hair, temperature regulation and sweat glands.

Decrease in bhrajaka pitta gives a pathetic look to skin depleting its glow and natural shine. Medicines applied on skin would not be used properly by the body since it will not be absorbed and delivered into body. This would make the treatments futile. The skin health and immunity would be compromised.
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Modern correlation

Probable Modern Correlation
Pigment which imparts color to skin i.e. melanin can be correlated closely with bhrajaka pitta explained in Ayurveda.


Treatment for Brajak Pitta related disorders:
Treatment involves
Deepana, Pachana – improving digestion strength
Vamana – Vomiting treatment
Virechana – Purgation treatment
Pitta balancing herbs and medicines with raisins, pomegranate, Shatavari, Manjishta, Kutki etc are advised.
Skin health promoting herbs such as Khadira – Acacia catechu, neem, turmeric are also used.
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