Herb Charcoal – Masi Kalpana: Preparation Method, Uses

Dry heating the herbs for long period of time to make them therapeutically fit for external use or conversion of the drugs into carbon / soot / charcoal / ash form. Drugs can be of plant, animal or mineral origin.

Classical references

The first classical reference of Black snake shed skin ash (Krisha Sarpa Masi) is found in Sushruta Samhita.

In Sushruta Samhita Shareera Sthana section, 10th chapter, 11th Verse, Master Sushruta explains that, when the child birth does not happen at the expected time, then black snake’s shed skin should be burnt and vagina is exposed to the smoke coming out of its burning.

In Sushruta Samhita Chikitsa Sthana 9/17, Sushruta explains that the paste made out of ash of black snake skin is useful for external application is useful for the treatment of vitiligo.

In Sushruta Samhita Chikitsa Sthana 1/101, Sushruta explains that ivory, skin, body hairs, hoof, horn, bones of four legged animals are burnt into ash, made paste with sesame oil and applied locally on skin to regrow lost hair.
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Ash preparation

Two methods:
Open burning Method – where the contents are burnt in open air. It is burnt on a mud or an iron pan. This is useful in case of softer herbs such as Triphala. It is the most commonly used method.

Closed burning method – where the contents are burnt in a closed and sealed container. For example, burning in a mud pot after closing the mud pot with a plate and after sealing the plate. It is used for harder substances. Less commonly practiced.

Open method of preparation of Masi Kalpana:
The substance of any origin, selected for Masi preparation has to be powdered.
It has to be roasted in a open pan until it turns to be black soot like powder.
The end product is ground to fine homogeneous powder & preserved in air tight container.

Popular masi

Triphala Masi: (Open method)
Triphala powder is taken in a pan. Heated in moderate fire continuously till it turns to black colour. It is taken in mortar and pestle. Ground to get fine powder.
It is made into paste with honey and applied over syphilitic wounds.
It is added with 20 % salt and used for tooth brushing.
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Hastidanta Masi: (Closed method) – It is made into paste with thick decoction of tree turmeric (Daruharidra – Berberis aristata) and goat milk and applied over skin areas where hair growth is desired.

Hair loss, hair fall, graying of hairs, alopecia areata and other hair related problems.
Shelf life: Infinite.
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