Triptighna Gana: Relieving Pseudo Satiation: Review, Benefits, Formulations

This article is written by Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu) PhD.
Ayurveda is very precise about the day to day ill health conditions people face in all geographical conditions, seasons and individuals of different doshic constitutions. 

The word ‘TRIPTI’ even though refers with the positive ideology of satisfaction in most of the occasions, in this context this explains the ‘pseudo satiation’ what an individual often gets especially due to Kapha predominance or due to altered digestion.

Truptighna Gana

Here the satisfaction what an individual feels is not due to saturation or equilibrium of the mind.Even though in most such contexts mind is affected it is due to the ‘heaviness’ what an individual develops because of the ‘unctuousness’(snigdha guna) or ‘slowness’(manda guna) of the body. So the drugs referred in this context are helpful to relieve these complaints quite effectively and instantly.

Let us review the quality and action of these drugs one by one in brief –

1. Nagara – Ginger (Zingiber officinale Rosc.) – Rhizome
Digestive, carminative, anti flatulent, appetizer, severe penetrative, stimulant etc.

2. Chavya (Piper chaba Hunter.) – Stem
Liver stimulant, cholegogue, carminative, appetizer, penetrative etc.

3. Chitraka – Leadword – Plumbago zeylanica – Roots
Digestive, abortificient, absorbant, stimulant, scraping, diaphoretic etc.

4. Vidanga (Embelia ribes Burm f.) – Seeds
Anti helmethic, digestive, anti flatulent, bactericidal etc.

5. Murva (Marsdenia tenacissima (Roxb.) / Clematis triloba Heyne ex Roth.) – Stem
Anti inflammatory, anti pyretic, diaphoretic, anti inflammatory, wormicidal etc.

6. Guduci (Tinspora cordifolia Miers.) – Stem
Anti pyretic, rejuvinative, anti inflammatory, analgesic, blood purifier, scaraping etc.

7. Vacha (Acorus calamus Linn.) – Rhizome
Stimulant, wormicidal, memory boosting, anti spasmodic, diaphoretic etc.

8. Musta (Cyperus rotundus) – Rhizome
Anti diarrhoeal, anti pyretic, absorbant, digestive, appetizer etc.

9. Pippali – Long pepper – Piper longum – Fruit
Liver stimulant, appetizer, adaptogenic, bio enhancer, scraping, anti hyperlipidemic, digestive, carminative etc.

10. Patola – Pointed gourd (Trichosanthes cucumerina Linn.) – Stem/ Moola/ Fruits
Wormicidal, blood purifier, scraping, bitter topnic, viricidal, laxative etc.

Qualities, actions

Qualities in general and actions of Truptighna gana drugs:
 Almost all the drugs of this group are hot in potency and pungent or bitter in taste. They are predominant with Agni and Vayu mahabhoota.Thery undergo pungent kind of metabolic transformation (Katu vipaka).These drugs act as carminatives, digestives and appetizers and liver stimulants. 

Therapeutic uses

Therapeutic uses of Triptigna gana herbs:
B drugs in combination work well in the conditions like mal – digestion, indigestion, diseases of the phlegm, fatigue, mal absorption syndromes, gastro intestinal disorders, worm infestation, fever, oozing skin diseases, heftiness, Type II DM etc.

Ayurvedic formulations

Formulations containing Truptigna drugs:
Panchakola choorna, Panchakolasava, Ksheerashatpala ghrita, Tryooshanadi vati, Navayasa loha, Cyhavikasava, Amritarishtha, Pippalyasava, Vidangarishtha, Chitrakadi vati, Mustakarishtha, Mustadi pramathya etc are few of the formulations containing these herbs in various proportions.


Disadvantages of Triptighna gana drugs:
As most of these drugs are hot in potency the formulations derived out of these drugs should be prescribed with caution in Pitta individuals and in Paittic seasons. Cautions should be taken while prescribing these drugs in bleeding disorders,  in ulceration and constipation. 

Simple formulations that can be made from the above drugs and their application in routine practice:
Musta, Pippali, Nagara are the safe drugs of this group and they can be made into fine powder and can be administered in the form of medicated powders or hot infusions in fatigue, indigestion, Kaphaja disorders etc.

Formulation development opportunities:
The syrups or tablets developed out of these drugs or in addition to few more digestives and carminatives or liver stimulants can be used to tackle the day to day complaints like loss of taste, indigestion, abdominal colic, worm infestation (especially pin worms), gaseous distention of abdomen etc.
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