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5 Dates Fruit Remedies: Milkshake, Laddu For Energy, Stamina

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Dates (Phoenix dactylifera) fruit is the well known dry fruit. Date fruits are rich in iron. They are also a good sources of potassium, protein, dietary fiber, calcium, vitamins B, A and C. Other than these dates possess trace elements such as copper, magnesium, manganese, selenium and zinc.

It is called Kharjura in Sanskrit; it means that which is  making the body strong and healthy being a good energizer.

Dates are well known for their potent immune-modulatory, anti-infective, anti-inflammatory,haemetenic and anti-hemorrhagic properties too.
Kharjoorasava, Kharjuradi vati, Kharjura paka, Kharjooradi mantha are unique Ayurvedic medicines of dates. Here are a few home remedies using dates

Dates milkshake

The dates fruit milkshake is a good energy drink.
Take 10 dates. remove the seed, remove the hard pit. Chop it into small pieces.
Add a cup of milk. Blend it in a blender or in a mixer.
Drink when it is fresh.
It is useful in anemia, fatigue, work exhaustion,peripheral neuritis,burning of the body etc are relieved soon by this.

Dates laddu

Kharjura Laddu – Dates fuddy (Laddu):
Remove the seeds.
Add equal amounts of powdered cashew nut, dry fried ground nut pieces and raisin – all one part each.
Add 8 parts of jaggery and pund this mix well. You can also add a little honey or ghee for taste. It is pounded well and then rolled into the form of laddus, kept under the fan for drying.

This fuddy is administered to the growing  children daily morning and evening. Most of the energy requirements are fulfilled by this and helps to make the children healthy, energetic and cheerful.
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Ghee, honey soaked dates

3. Ghee and honey soaked date fruits:
50 date fruits are taken and seeds are removed.
100 ml of ghee and 80 ml of honey are taken and stirred with little saffron (powdered, 8-10 stamens).
Dates are added and soaked in it.
Daily, just before consuming, this mix is stirred well with a bi spoon and then 1 – 2 dates are consumed. This improves energy, very useful even for pregnant women and for women nearing menopause.
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Baked dates

4. Date fruits baked in between the wheat dough:
This is the unique home remedy of traditional healers of Jaipur and Udaipur (Rajasthan).

5-6 date fruits are taken, seeds are removed. Wheat flour is taken and dough is made (consistency sufficient to make bolus for Chapati).These de- seeded dates are kept in between this dough and covered.This is kept on direct fire and baked for 3 – 5 minutes.

Then the dough is gently removed and inner dates are collected.
Daily 5-6 such dates are consumed in case of joint pain caused especially during old age.
This has significant benefit in degenerative problems such as osteo arthritis.
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Milk soaked dates

5. Goat’s milk soaked date fruits:
This unique preparation is highly beneficial in promoting the sex power in men.
4-5 de-seeded date fruits are soaked with boiled and cooled goat’s milk and kept for overnight.
Next day morning this is macerated well.
A teaspoon of honey is added to and consumed before food (morning or evening).

Ayurveda quotes-“There is no substance, which is not a medicine. But the true way of modification into particular medicine with rationality will convert any substance into nector-like-medicine”
Date fruits are one such example.
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