Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Migraine Using Saffron

Saffron is very widely used in Ayurveda treatment. Here is a simple  and effective Ayurvedic home remedy using saffron and ghee to relieve migraine type of headache. 

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What you need –
Saffron – fine powder – 1 small pinch.
Ghee – 1 teaspoon.

Method of preparation

How to prepare?
Add the small pinch of saffron to a teaspoon of ghee and mix thoroughly.

How to use?

This fine mixture of saffron and ghee (clarified butter) is instilled into each nostril early in the morning, on empty stomach. (Nasya treatment)
Better to do a facial massage with plain sesame oil or Maha Narayana taila  followed by mild hot fomentation with a towel dipped in hot water over the face, before instilling 2 drops of saffron-ghee into each nostril.
After instilling, it is better not to take bath or food for 20 minutes.
Some people may expel mucus from nostrils after this treatment.
As a measure of precaution, it is better to start with one drop to each nostril.
This remedy can be continued for a period of two weeks.

Better to avoid this remedy during cloudy days.
It is best to take up this home remedy after consulting your Ayurvedic doctor.


कुंकुमं घृत संयुक्तं नस्यं च अर्धशिरोव्यथां नाशयेत् क्षणादेव ।
– भारत भैषज्य रत्नाकर

24 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Migraine Using Saffron”

  1. Sir, kindly explain the types of saffron & guide us as to which is the best. We get fake saffron in the market most of the time.

    • To the best of my knowledge, only reason for migraine is not high acidity. There are many different possible root causes of migraine attacks…(related to Vata, Pitta, etc…)

      And by the way, ‘acidity’ itself is an ailment, so saying that one ailment is the cause of another ailment seems a little strange.

    • https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UnaIMPkq1F4 – towards the end of his talk, Dr Chauhan says that a majority of the cases of migraine in the world today are due to mental or emotional stress (problem in the family, relations, job, etc…).

      Whatever be the primary factor behind the migraine, a good Ayurvedic doctor can help find out what the root cause is for each individual case. Trying to remove/reduce/avoid that primary factor from one’s life is one of the most important things for successful recovery from migraine (or any other ailment for that matter).

      • Nowdays all the doctors say that this disease is due to stress etc. Even I was made into think that my allergy problem was due to stress. I don’t believe all this nuisance. Stress is something which one cann’t avoid so one will not be able to recover from any disease if all people think like this only. Main thing is that your bowel movements should be ok first which you simply cann’t gauge from any report. Also, all your body channels should be clear. After that talk about stress. No doctor was able to tell me the exact reason for my disease. Not even pulse examiners. Now the urinary tract & liver has come out to be the cause.

        Most of the people have irregular lifestyle like 24*7 shifts in job, no regular eating time, etc.Can a person like that remain disease free ?

        • Consider your stomach to be the engine & mind to be the driver. If the car’s engine isn’t running properly then what can the driver do ? Mind too will be able to control the body only if the digestive system is working properly. It cann’t be the other way round.

          Migraine patients have severe headaches but it isn’t continuous like the Sinus patients. I have tried various things & then came to the conclusion that these sort of things cann’t do a thing for Sinus patients atleast. I wasn’t even able to sleep more than a year back. People have reduced migraine even by following a health diet chart & exercise regimen drive by Hindustan Times recently. No medicine were working for them. For how long can you keep on instilling these nasal drops or cow’s ghee with saffron

          • Hi Tarun, your argument is valid for most part. But there is a set of disease explained in Ayurveda, wherein, mental stress is said as cause for disease. Though, for all diseases, agni instability is said to be the main cause, even mental stress, depression etc may also cause agni instability, and then the disease.
            Hence, if we correct the mind by means of nasya as explained in this remedy, it will automatically correct the agni and thereby would lead to cure.
            I am not saying that this remedy works wonders in all types of migraines. But it surely does in some. You cannot say no, just because you might not have tried it in the first place, or just because it does not work in you, does not mean that it doesn’t work for anyone.
            World is large you see, different people – different types of remedies. If all were to be treated with same line of treatment, Allopathy would’ve wiped out all other Pathies by this time 🙂

            • Sir, the problem that I nowdays find with most doctors is that they don’t clear out the body channels first. Most of the time the patient will not be able to tell all the symptoms or he isn’t aware of his symptoms fully. Even I wasn’t aware of my whole symptoms earlier on. My problem came to a level of gastritis which is what you know much better. How many of the patients that you are having are running 6 or more companies that stress becomes an integral part of just about every disease ?

              A little bit of stress is there in everybody’s life. Nowdays, most of the doctors don’t know a thing & don’t even have the time to ask the patient about his all the symptoms by probing atleast which too was the case when I went to Arya Vaidya Saala, Delhi branch but will overwhelm a patient with 5-6 medicines unnecessarily which will cost the patient somewhere between 1-1.5 K for the first 15 days treatment & thereby increasing the cost of medicines as more consumption means increase in medicine price as well. There are only a few diseases wherein stress will play a crucial role. But most of the doctors are blaming stress to be a major cause for just about every disease when they even cann’t do anything about it. It’s just a blame game in most of the scenarios which is what I strongly disapprove of.

              No doctor will tell you to cleanse your system before starting to consume chyawanprash & thereby most of the patients aren’t benefitting from it too. They are unnecessarily consuming chyawanprash & thereby increasing Chyawanprash prices too.

              I didn’t tried saffron with cow’s ghee but instilled cow’s ghee. My problem was that it didn’t penetrated my nasal passages due to severe stomach disorder. I tried Shadbindu oil & what not until I came to a conclusion that these things will not work until I did something about my digestive system.
              I am not against this remedy but this is my personal thinking only that this cann’t be a cure by itself.

              Don’t get me wrong.

              • Dear Tarun, I am not angry / upset with you. But most of your believes are very immature.
                1. “most doctors is that they don’t clear out the body channels first.” This is a wrong statement. Most of the Ayurvedic doctors that I know would suggest the patient to undergo Panchakarma first, for all major disorders. But it is left to the convenience of the patient. Also, not all cases require clearing the body channel as the first measure.

                2. “A little bit of stress is there in everyone’s life” – Do you know that some people are so stressed that it is causing cancers, heart attacks, diabetes etc.?

                3. “Most of the doctors don’;t know a thing…” Did you conduct a pan-India survey on this subject? If so, did you conduct statistical analysis? If not, just limit your sentence to – Most of the doctors that I visited….
                I also do not appreciate the sarcastic voice hidden in your language.

                4. I have personally referred many of my patients to Delhi Arya Vaidya Sala center and they are very happy with the treatments that they received there. If the doc there, prescribed 5 – 6 meds to you, I know it for sure that you needed them.

                5. Regarding the saffron home remedy, you do not have right to opine about it, because you haven’t tried it. Even if you try and if it fails, that does not mean that it is a failure remedy. The real reason for this remedy, not to benefit you, will be your negative assumptions about it. I really guess, the negative assumptions that you have for the Ayurvedic doctors and their medicines is a real barrier in you to enjoy maximum benefits from the treatment.
                Even if someone gives purified water to me, if I suspect the person and think the water as poison, that water will have poisonous effect.

  2. It’s just a temporary relief formula. It will soothe the nerves nearby the nasal area & the head but don’t think of it as cure. I believe in cure & not relief.

    • I believe in cure but I also believe in relief equally or even more.

      When a person suffers from migraine, it can be difficult to get sleep, among other things. Even temporary relief from the pain can help get some sleep and rest, and this sleep and rest can in turn allow the body the ability to recuperate without pain, get over the attack and also help healing. This has immeasurable value to someone who cannot tolerate the pain.

      If the Saints of our land start talking like this – “I believe in cure and not relief” – then would be telling us this: “Eating food and drinking water is just a temporary relief formula. The real and only permanent cure is when we attain Liberation, or when we overcome the urge to get energy from food, and attain the power to live on air, etc etc…”

      Every little home remedy and relief goes a long way in giving someone relief and strength to move forward in life, to get on with life…

      Thank you Dr Hebbar once again, for providing home remedies for such painful ailments. Your service is invaluable!

      • Rightly said!
        A disease can be tackled in many ways based on many factors including intensity, condition of the patient, age of the patient etc.

  3. Is there an immediate relief remedy for sun induced migraine? Usually needed at bedtime after a sunny (but not necessarily hot) day. Any nasya oil preparation or home remedy that would help in this condition?

    • If it is originated due to Sun, then coconut oil application to the head, or having a small teaspoon of ghee, or Amla should help. – Basic idea is to calm down Pitta.

  4. Does this remedy help in case of general headache (due to Pitta/Vata aggravation)? What if headache is in evening/night and one can’t wait till morning?

    Would be grateful if would write articles outlining more home remedies for headaches caused by various doshas aggravation and hopefully some home tips to diagnose which of the doshas is causing it.

    thank you

    • Hi, it is not a quick fix remedy for migraine. If one is following this for a month or two, then gradual reduction in migraine episodes can be appreciated.
      More and more home remedies are coming up.. after 2 – 3 months (working on a planned schedule)

      • Thank you for clarifying that this is not a “quick fix” remedy. 🙂

        Looking forward to the home remedies too, thank you!


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