7 Rules To Follow With Ayurvedic Doctor And Ayurvedic Medicines

Taking Ayurvedic products and following Ayurvedic home remedies come with a lot of advantages. But there are a few precautions to be taken to avoid any adverse effects. Here are 7 rules to consider while consulting an Ayurvedic Doctor, while taking Ayurvedic medicines or Ayurvedic home remedies.

1. Stick to a successful Ayurvedic practitioner: If you have visited an Ayurvedic doctor and things have improved as per the forecast of the doctor, then it is better to stick to that doctor rather than changing him.

2. Do not add extra medicines without doctor’s consent Do not take up any other new Ayurvedic medicine without the consent of the Doctor. Each doctor’s prescription style is different, especially in Ayurvedic arena. Hence if you take two supplements or medicines without informing the doctor, the medicines may interact or counter balance with each other, leading to increased, decreased or adverse health effects.

3. Do not add extra home remedy without doctor’s consent. Do not add on any home remedy that you read on the internet, without consulting the doctor. Because the doctor may have prescribed medicine with the ingredients of the home remedy and the dose may get doubled, leading to worsening.

For example, you have been treated for high cholesterol under an Ayurvedic doctor and someone says that 5 garlics a day are best for lowering cholesterol, it makes sense to inform the doctor, before taking the garlic home remedy. Because, the supplement prescribed by the doctor may already contain garlic as an ingredient and the dose of garlic may get doubled accidentally.

4. Inform lifestyle changes – If you have made a lifestyle change, it is better to inform the doctor.
For example, if you are diabetic and have added a new schedule of jogging for 20 minutes in the morning, it is better to inform the doctor. Jogging is a form of exercise which helps to maintain blood sugar levels naturally, hence doctor may reconsider the dosage of medicine / supplement.

5. Inform about allopathic and other medicines – It is better to let the Ayurvedic doctor know about allopathic medicines that you are taking. Allopathic and Ayurvedic medicines may interact with each other.

6. Conversely it makes sense to let the Allopathic doctor know about the herbal supplements that you are taking.

7. If you have visited an Ayurvedic doctor, for any chronic illness, say diabetes. With his treatment, your condition is improving over a period of time. If the doctor is changing medicines each time you visit, or if the doctor alternates two medicines, each month for the same condition, then it makes sense to ask the doctor for reason or request the doctor to stick to one medicine, since you already have felt better with the medicine.

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  1. Your physician is right. But just to be on the safer side, maintain a gap of half an hour between the two group of medicines. Allopathic medicines first.


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