Vardhana Gum Disorder Symptoms, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Vardhana means to increase or something which is extra, like extra growth
In this condition the extra growth happens in the form of ‘the eruption of an extra tooth’. The extra tooth which erupts is considered as an extra growth and hence ‘vardhana’.

This condition has been explained in the context of ‘dantamula gata roga’ i.e. diseases of the gums or alveolar processes. There is yet another condition named as Adhimamsa which also has been explained in the same context and also resembles vardhana in its clinical presentation. But both are different conditions.
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Vardhana gum disorder

Other names

  • Khalivardhana (Ashtanga Samgraha)
  • Adhidanta (Ashtanga Hrdaya)


Excessive consumption of and exposure to vata aggravating factors including foods and activities


The vata severely aggravated by the etiological factors which leads to its aggravation will cause an extra tooth to erupt which produces severe pain (during eruption). When the tooth erupts totally the pain automatically will pacify.

  • Consumption of vata aggravating factors (foods and activities)
  • Aggravation of vata
  • Aggravated Vata gets localized in the root of the tooth (gums)
  • Causes eruption of new tooth
  • Produces severe pain (during eruption of the new tooth)
  • Eruption of tooth
  • Pain subsides

If pain doesn’t subside or if the newly erupted tooth is troublesome one among the below mentioned interventions should be considered.
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Probable modern correlation
Vardhana can be compared to ‘Wisdom Tooth’. Some have even coined it as ‘Extra Tooth’.

Sanskrit Verses


The below mentioned measures should be followed in treating vardhana –

  • Uddharana – extraction of the tooth
  • Agnikarma – fire cauterization
  • Krimidantavat vidhi – treatment on the lines of caries tooth

One might get a doubt so as to if vardhana is ‘just an extra tooth erupts’ then why Ayurveda has indicated extreme measures like cauterization and treatment of caries tooth. But these might have been indicated in extreme painful conditions or when the teeth are infested by krimi and the pain is not due to eruption alone.
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They may also be considered as sequence of treatments. First the tooth which is erupting is extracted, later subjected to cauterization and finally treatment of caries tooth is administered for the surrounding infected teeth so that the site of extraction wouldn’t get infected in future. These treatments can also be used individually depending on the condition of the disease. They can also be used in combination when the condition of the disease demands.
Finally we need to settle off by considering ‘vardhana or adhidanta or khalivardhana’ as ‘eruption of extra tooth’.
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Vardhana and Adhimamsa

Both these conditions occur in the gums. Both are painful conditions. But here we will look into the differences between these two conditions.

Sl NoVardhanaAdhimamsa
1Caused by aggravated vataCaused by aggravated kapha
2Occurs in the gums, anywhere in the jaw line, upper or lowerOccurs in the gums, near the molar tooth, in the lower jaw
3New tooth eruptsErupted wisdom tooth gets impacted
4Swelling, severe pain or excessive salivation are not presentSevere swelling of the gums around the molar tooth of the lower jaw, severe pain and excessive salivation are present
5Pain may reduce following eruption of tooth most oftenAutomatic relief of pain is not mentioned
6If pain doesn’t subside, extraction of the newly erupted tooth, cauterization (fire) or treatment of caries tooth shall be administeredExcision, application of medicinal pastes, mouth wash, rinse and gargles with medicated decoctions, head purging or inhalation of head purging smoke are the treatment options
7Compared to eruption of new toothCompared to impacted wisdom tooth

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