Charaka Kalpa Sthana 10th Chapter Sudha Kalpam

10th chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana deals with Pharmaceutics of Sudha. The chapter name is Sudha Kalpam.

Now we shall expound the chapter dealing with the “Pharmaceutics of Sudha”. Thus said Lord Atreya [1-2]
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Effects of Sudha

Among all the purgative drugs, Sudha is the strongest (sharpest) one. It quickly disintegrates the accumulated impurities. Wrong use of these drugs may lead to consequences which are difficult to handle. Therefore, it should never be administered to a person having soft bowel. It should also not be administered when there is less accumulation of Doshas and when other therapeutic measures are available for correcting the disease. [3-4]

Indications of Sudha

Maha-Vrksa (sudha) is administered to a strong person suffering from anaemia, obstinate abdominal diseases including ascites, phantom tumour, obstinate skin diseases including leprosy, poisoning caused by artificially made toxic ingredients, oedema, obstinate urinary disorders, insanity and such other diseases if properly administered, it quickly eliminates the Doshas even if they are excessively accumulated. [5- ½ 7]
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Types of Sudha

Sudha is of two types
1. one which has small but numerous thrones,
2. the other type which has less but sharp thorns
The one having numerous thrones is better than the other. [7 ½ – ½ 8]


 Synonyms of Sudha are – Snuk, Guda, Nanda, Sudha and Nistrimsa-Patraka. [8 ½]

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Methods of collection

A wise physician should incise these two types of plants of Sudha with the help of a sharp instrument. By doing so they should collect its milky latex. The tree of Sudha is two three years old, and the milk is collected especially at the end (last part) of the winter. [9]

Recipes of Sudha to be taken along with Sauviraka etc.,

The milk of Sudha is mixed with equal quantity of the decoction of either bilva (Syonaka, Gambhari, Patala and Ganikarika), Kantakari, and dried in a pan kept over charcoal fire.  From this paste, pills of the size of Kola are prepared. These pills are taken along with either of the following vehicles:
Sauviraka (sour vinegar)
Tusodaka (sour fermented liquid prepared of husked paddy, etc)
Juice of Kola (Jujube- fruit);
Juice of Amalaki
Sura (alcohol)
Dadhi-Manda (whey) or
Juice of Matulunga [10 – ½ 12]

Recipes of Sudha to be taken with Ghee etc.

From amongst Satala, Kancanaksiri, Syama, {Trivrt, Chaturangula, Tilvaka, Mahavrksa, Saptala, Sankhini, Danti, Dravanti], Sunthi, Pippali and Marica, as many as are available are collected. They are made into powder. This powder is impregnated with the latex of Sudha for one week. From this paste, pills of the size of the one Kola are prepared. These pills are taken with either of the following vehicles:Ghee orMeat-soup [12  ½- 13]

Panaka Recipe of Sudha

Sunthi, Pippali,Maricha, Haritaki, Vibhitaka, Amalaki, Danti, Chitraka and Trivrt are impregnated with the milky latex of Snuhi. In the form of syrup prepared with jaggery, [it is administered for purgation]. [14]
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Recipes of Sudha for Inhalation

Trivrt, aragvadha, danti, Sankhini and Saptala are taken in equal quantities and made to a powder. This powder is impregnated and made into a powder. This is impregnated with cow’s urine for one night and dried in the sun. This powder should again be impregnated for one week with the milky latex of Snuhi. Aromatic garlands are sprinkled with this powder and upper garments are impregnated with the water mixed with this powder of the milky latex. By the inhalation of this garland or by wearing this upper garment, a person of royal descent or a person who has soft bowel gets purgation easily and quickly. [15-17]

Avaleha Recipe of Sudha

The decoction of syama-Trivrt is added with the milky latex of snuhi, ghee and Phanita (Penidium), and cooked. This linctus is taken by a person in appropriate dose for the purpose of purgation.
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Recipes of Sudha with Vegetables soup

The milky latex of Sudha is given as a potion along with vegetables-soup, meat–soup or ghee for purgation. [½ 19]

Recipes of Sudha with fish, Meat

Dry fish or dry meat is impregnated with the milky latex of Sudha and taken [for purgation]. [19 ½]

Recipes of Sudha with Ghee, Alcohol

Following the procedure described in respect of Chaturangula (vide Kalpha 8: 13), medicated ghee is prepared of the milky latex of Sudha and taken along with the juice of Amalaki.

Sura (alcoholic drink) is prepared of the powder of Sunthi, Pippali, Maricha, Vibhitaki, Amalaki, Danti, Citraka  and Trivrt  impregnated with the milky latex of Snuhi.  Medicated ghee may also be prepared with the latex of Snuhi [these recipes may be used for purgation] according to the method prescribed before. [20]
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Contents of Chapter

To sum up:-
In this chapter, twenty recipes of Mahavrksa (sudha) are illustrated as follows:
(1-7). Seven recipes of Sudha to be taken along with Sauviraka etc. (vide verse nos. 10-12)
(8-9). Two recipes of Sudha to be taken along with ghee and meat-soup (vide verse nos. 13)
(10) One recipe in the form of Syrup (vide verse no. 14)
(11) One recipe of Sudha for inhalation (vide verse nos. 15-17)
(12) One recipe of Sudha in the form of linctus (vide verse no. 18)
(13- 15)  Three recipes of Sudha to be taken along with vegetable-soup, meat soup and ghee (vide verse no. 19)
(16-17) Two recipes of Sudha to be taken along with dry fish and dry meat (vide verse no. 19)(18). One recipe of Sudha to be taken in the form of alcoholic drink and (vide verse no. 20)
(19_20) two recipes of Sudha to be prepared in the form of medicated ghee (including alcohol) (vide verse no. 20) [21-22]

Thus, ends the tenth chapter of Kalpha- Sthana dealing with the “{Pharmaceutic of Sudha” in the Agnivesha’s work redacted by Charaka, and because of its non- availability, Supplemented by Drdhabala.

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