Charaka Kalpa Sthana 3rd Chapter Iksvakukalpam

3rd chapter of Charaka kalpa sthana deals with “Pharmaceutics of Iksvaku”. The chapter name is Iksvakukalpam.

We shall now explore the chapter dealing with the “Pharmaceutics of Iksvaku” Thus, said Lord Atreya. {1-2]
I shall hereafter explain the effective recipes of Iksvaku, and the types of patients for whom these are very useful. [1/23]
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Synonyms of iksvaku are Lamba, Katukalabu, Tumbu, Pindaphala and Phalini. Its recipes will be described [hereafter]. [3 ½ -1/4]

Effects of Iksvaku

It is useful as emetic for patients suffering from cough, asthma, toxicities, vomiting and fever, for those in whom Kapha has been dried up, for those who are distressed with palpitation. [4 ½- ½ 5]

Recipes of Iksvaku prepared with milk and alcohol

Eight milk preparations and alcoholic preparation of Iksvaku are as follows:

  • One prastha of milk is boiled by adding one loose fistful of Iksvaku- sprouts which have not yet put forth flowers. This is given to the patient suffering from Kaphaja type of fever associated with aggravated Pitta. (To this recipe four Prasthas of water should also be added while boiling).
  • As per the description of the recipes of Jimutaka in the earlier chapter (vide Kalpa 2:5-6), four types of milk preparations are to be made out of the flowers, etc, of Iksvaku.
  • Alcoholic preparation: the matured fruits of Iksvaku which are green and yellowish are kept soaked in Sura-Manda (supernatant part of alcohol) [following the procedure described in Kalpa 2:8]. This constitutes the fifth recipe of flowers and fruits (the earlier four recipes are already described above in item nos. 2-5)
  • One part of the juice of iksvaku is boiled by adding three parts of milk (and four times of water).  This is administered to the patient whose chest is afflicted with aggravated Kapha, and to a person who is suffering from hoarseness of voice and coryza.
  • The pulp of ripe fruit of Iksvaku is removed. In this shell after removing the pulp, milk is kept until it gets converted into curds. This curd is taken by the patient suffering from cough with phlegm, asthma and vomiting.
  • Seeds of Iksvaku are impregnated with goat’s milk. This milk is given as a potion to a patient suffering from toxicosis, phantom tumour, obstinate abdominal diseases including ascites, nodules), enlargement of thyroid gland and elephantiasis. [5 ½ – ½ 10]

Recipe of Iksvaku with Whey

The pulp of Iksvaku is mixed with whey and taken by the patient suffering from anemia, obstinate skin diseases including leprosy and toxicities. [10 ½]

Recipe of Iksvaku with Buttermilk

The pulp of Iksvaku boiled by adding buttermilk, and mixed with honey and salt may be taken for emesis. [1/2 11]
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Recipe of Iksvaku for inhalation

The juice and powder of dried flowers of Iksvaku is sprinkled over a garland. By the very smell of this garland of flowers the patients habituated to pleasant smell will vomit. [11 ½ – ½ 12]

Recipes of Iksvaku with Jaggery etc.

The pulp of Iksvaku may be taken along with jaggery or oil-cake for emesis.
The medicated oil prepared with the paste of Ikshvaku fruit shall cause vomiting.
The medicated ghee prepared on the lines suggested earlier (in Kalpa 2:13 also caused vomiting. [12 ½ – ½ 13]
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Recipes of Iksvaku with Seeds

pibedvimṛdya bījāni kaṣāyeṣvāśataṃ pṛthak|14|
The seeds of Iksvaku beginning with fifty in number is gradually increased by tens till the number comes to one hundred. Thus, either 50, 60, 70, 80, 90, or 100 seeds of iksvaku is crushed and added to the decoctions of one of the six plants, (viz, Madana-phala, Jimutaka, Iksvaku, dhamargava, Vatsaka and Krtavedhana) and used for emesis. [13 ½ -1/2 14]

Recipes of Iksvaku With Decoctions

One closed fist full of the seeds of Iksvaku is taken along with the decoctions (nine) of any one of the below mentioned is used for producing emesis –

Pratyak- puspi [14 ½]

Recipe of Iksvaku Pills

Pills (Matras) are prepared out of Iksvaku by adding the decoctions of any one of Kovidara, {Karbudara, Nipa, Vidula, Bimbi, Sada-Puspi or PratyakPuspi, on the lines suggested for Madana- Phala (vide Kalpa 1: 16) and used for emesis. [1/2 15]
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Recipes of Iksvaku Linctus

One Anjali (192 gms) of the seeds of Iksvaku are boiled by adding (eight Anjalis) the decoction of the root of Bilva. It is boiled till the liquid is reduced to one fourth. To three parts of this strained decoction one part of Phanita (treacle or half boiled sugar- cane juice) and one part of ghee are added. To this, half parts each of the paste of Maha-Jakini (pita-Kosataki), Jimutaka, Krtavedhana (jyotsnika) and Vatsaka are added. The linctus is prepared over mild fire and by strewing with the help of a large spoon. This is done till the stuff becomes thick in consistency, and threads appears when a part of it is pulled out, and it does not spread when a part of it is put into water. This linctus is taken in appropriate dose and thereafter, Pramathya (decoction of digestion- stimulant drugs) is used as post prandial drink.
Similarly, recipes of linctus of Iksvaku seeds can be prepared by adding the decoction of the roots of one of Agnimantha (Shyonaka, Patala and Gambhari) separately. [15 ½ – ½ 19]

Recipe of Iksvaku Mantha

Saktu (roasted barley flour) is impregnated with the juice of tumbi (Iksvaku). Patients suffering from Kaphaja type of fever, cough, diseases of the throat and anorexia should take the mantha i.e. thin gruel prepared from this saktu as a potion. [19 ½ – ½ 20]

Recipe of Iksvaku with meat soup

The paste of the seeds of Iksvaku are taken with meat soup in phantom tumour, obstinate urinary disorders including diabetes and ptyalism. By this, the person gets vomiting easily and does not suffer from weakness. [20 ½]
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Contents of Chapter

To sum up:
In this chapter on the Pharmaceutics of Iksvaku, the great sage, with the healthy wellbeing of the people in view, has described forty five recipes of Iksvaku which are as follows:
Eight recipes prepared with milk (vide verse nos. 5- 10)
One recipe with Sura-Manda (supernatant part of Alcohol)
Two recipes one each of whey and buttermilk (vide verse no  10-11)
One recipe for inhalation (vide verse no  11-12)
One recipe to be taken with Palala (oil-cake)
One recipe of medicated oil (vide verse no 13)
Six recipes with increased number of seeds (vide verse no. 13-14)
One recipe of medicated ghee (vide verse no 13)
Nine recipes to be taken along with decoctions of Yastimadhu or other drugs; (vide verse no. 14)
Eight recipes in the form of pills: (vide verse nos 15)
Five recipes of linctus (vide verse nos . 15-19)
One recipe of medicated Saktu; and (vide verse nos 19-20)
One recipe to be taken along with meat-soup (vide verse no. 20) [21-23]


Thus, ends the third chapter of Kalpa-Sthana dealing with the:Pharmaceutic Of Iksvaku” in Agnivesha’s work as redacted by Charaka, and because of its non- availability supplemented by Drdhabala.

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