Vamini Gynaecological Disorder Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Vamini is one among the 20 gynaecological disorders. It is a condition in which the semen / sperms are expelled within six to seven days of their entry into the uterus. Read – Gynecological Disorders Causes, Types As Per Ayurveda

Causes, pathology, symptoms

Etiological Factors and Pathogenesis Vitiated vata (Vagbhata) or pitta (Sushruta), which gets aggravated by their own etiological factors, causes expulsion of semen within few days of its entry into the uterus.

Vamana means vomiting. In this disease since the uterus is said to vomit out the semen / sperms, it is called vamini gynaecological disorder. Read – Bleeding During Pregnancy: Causes, Ayurvedic Treatment


  • Garbhasyhayam gatam shukram sravet – Expulsion of sperms within six to seven days of its entry into the uterus (Charaka)
  • Sarujam nirujam vaa api – Presence or absence of pain (Charaka)
  • Sa vata udgired beejam rajasaa yutam – Expulsion of sperms and ovum along with vata from uterus (Sushruta)
  • Pitta lingaah – Features of pitta vitiation i.e. burning sensation, heat etc are also present (Sushruta) Read – Pitta Increase Symptoms – Pitta Vriddhi Lakshana

Sanskrit verse

Modern comparison

Modern correlation and comparative study| Early abortion Some equated vamini gynaecological disorder with early abortion due to failure of implantation. Charaka and Vagbhata have mentioned rejection of semen by the uterus. But Sushruta has also included expulsion of ovum in his description of pathogenesis of vamini. According to Ayurveda, mere combination of sperm and ovum cannot be considered as garbha i.e. zygote until and unless there is descent of jiva i.e. life element in the combination of sperm and ovum. None of the classics have explained expulsion or rejection of garbha in vamini. Therefore vamini doesn’t look like the explanation of early abortion. Read – Herbs Useful For Maintenance Of Pregnancy

Psychological abnormality / ovulation cascade Some opine that vamini is an explanation of some psychological abnormality in woman. When women are mentally disturbed during or after coitus or if there is unwillingness to conceive, the semen may be expelled from uterus before conception has taken place. This condition is compared to the ovulation cascade of endometrial and cervical discharges. Read – Prakcharana Symptoms, pathology, Treatment

Effluvium seminis Vamini gynaecological disorder can be compared to a condition called effluvium seminis explained in modern gynaecology. This is a condition wherein infertile woman complain of excretion of semen after coitus. Read – Aticharana – Symptoms, Pathology, Treatment


Treatment of Vamini gynaecological disorder

Samvaya / Utkarika – The samvaya or utkarika prepared with paste of dill seeds, barley, wheat, yeast, Saussurea lappa, Sida cordifolia, Callicarpa macrophylla and Ipomea reniformis is beneficial remedy for vamini. It also helps in retention of sperms and ovum. Read – Wheat Uses, Health Benefits, Side Effects: Complete Ayurveda Details

Samvaya – A sort of cake, usually prepared with flour etc, fried with ghee (read – Benefits of Ghee) and milk and made into an oblong form with sugar and herbs mentioned here

Utkarika – poultice Oleation, sudation therapy, pichu – After administration of oleation and sudation in that chronology, the tampons of oils should be used to provide satiation (Read about Oleation therapy)

Sneha pichu and Diet balancing Vata dosha – After sudation and satiation, application of tampons of oils should be done. Foods prepared with vata mitigating herbs and substances should be used. Read – How To Balance Vata Dosha? Line Of Treatment And Reasoning

Shallakyadi taila pichu – Administration of tampon soaked with oil medicated with decoction of Boswellia serrata, stem bark of Syzygium cumini, Odina woider (jinghini), and stem bark of Anogeissus latifolia (dhava) along with panchavalkala. Click to Consult Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ayu) – Email / Skype

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