Prakcharana Symptoms, pathology, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Prakcharana is one among the 20 gynaecological disorders. It is caused due to aggravated vata in a very young woman who has coitus with a old man.

Causes, pathology, symptoms

Etiological Factors

A very young woman having coitus with a very old person, even before she has attained maturity, is the chief cause of prakcharan.

Prak = before (age of maturity) Charana = act, coitus Read – Gynecological Disorders Causes, Types As Per Ayurveda


When a very young woman who is yet to achieve maturity has sex with a very old person, vata gets aggravated in her. This aggravated vata produces abnormality in the reproductive system, mainly vagina and uterus and causes a gynaecological disorder with painful symptoms. This is called prak charan. Read – Vatala Yoni Vyapad – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

Signs and Symptoms

  • Prushta Ruja – back pain
  • Kati ruja – pain in region of sacrum
  • Uru ruja – pain in thighs,
  • Vankshana ruja – pain in groins, hip joints
  • Jangha ruja – pain in legs, calves

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Sanskrit verse, correlation

Modern correlation and comparative study

Seeing the etiology mentioned in Ayurvedic treatises, it is very difficult to compare prak charana gynaecological disorder with any modern disease.

Anyhow, seeing the symptoms of pragcharana and considering them along with the description of etiology, this appears to be description of backache etc symptoms produced in a young woman due to or following coitus. Read – Leg Cramps During Pregnancy: Causes, Remedies, Ayurvedic Oil Massage


Treatment of Prakcharana

Administration of uttara basti – enema through vaginal route, into the uterus, should be given using the oil medicated / processed with Jeevaneeya Varga group of herbs.

Anuvasana vasti – unctuous enema should be administered using vataghna taila or shatapaka oil

Asthapana vasti – decoction enemas also should be administered alternatively with unctuous enemas. Combination of both enemas always works wonder, controls vata, alleviates painful conditions and cures difficult conditions like prak charan.

Swedana – sudation should be administered using vata mitigating herbs

Ahara – food prepared with unctuous and vata alleviating substances

Upanaha – poultices prepared with unctuous and vata alleviating substances should be administered

Vata nashaka chikitsa – all measures capable of suppressing vata should be used Read – How To Balance Vata Dosha? Line Of Treatment And Reasoning

Utkarika – local application of poultice made with pestled barley, wheat, yeast, Saussurea lappa, dill seeds, Sida cordifolia, Callicarpa macrophylla and Ipomea reniformis should be done, introduced inside the vagina.

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