Mahayoni – Causes, Pathogenesis, Symptoms, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Mahayoni is one among the 20 gynecological disorders. It is a condition in which the vata vitiated due to intercourse in uneven bed, causes dilation of orifices of uterus and vagina. There is muscular protuberance in vagina associated with pain.
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Causes, pathology

Causative Factor –

Vishama dukha shayyaayaam maithunat – Having coitus in an uneven bed
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Pathogenesis –

When a woman has coitus in an uneven bed, vata gets aggravated. This aggravated vata afflicts the uterus and vagina and causes dilation of their orifices. This condition is called Mahayoni.

Maha = big
Yoni = vagina / uterus

Mahayoni is a condition in which the uterus and vagina or their orifices appear bigger than normal. This happens due to the affliction of vagina and uterus by vitiated vata.
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  • Garbhashayascha yonyascha mukham vishtambhayet striyaah – vitiated vata causes stiffness of orifices of both uterus and vagina
  • Asamvruta mukhi –
    vitiated vata causes dilation of orifices of uterus and vagina
  • Saarti –
    severe pain during menstruation (read about painful periods)
  • Ruksha phena asra vahini –
    Discharge of menstrual blood which is dry and frothy
  • Mamsa utsanna –
    there is muscular protuberance in the vagina
  • Parva shula –
    pain in small joints of hand and foot
  • Vankshana shula –
    pain in the groins
  • Ati vivruta yoni –
    excessive dilatation of vagina / vaginal and uterine orifices (Sushruta)
  • Sarva linga
    Symptoms of vitiation of all three doshas i.e. dryness, pricking sensation etc due to vata,
    raised heat, burning sensation due to vitiated pitta
    itching, unctuousness, stickiness etc symptoms due to vitiated kapha are also present (Sushruta)
  • Srasta yoni –
    displacement of uterus (Vagbhata)
  • Vatikim iva duhkitam –
    other severe pain etc symptoms seen in vatiki yoni vyapad i.e. gynaecological disorder caused due to vitiation of vata (Vagbhata)
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Sanskrit verse

Modern comparison

Modern correlation and comparative study

Third degree perineal tear –
Excessive widening of vagina / uterus mentioned by Ayurveda authors refers probably to the third degree perineal tear

Third degree uterine prolapsed / Procidentia –
Explanation of muscular protuberance and menstrual abnormalities along with excessive dilation of vagina and uterus in the symptoms of mahayoni disorder by master Charaka and Vagbhata indicates towards its proximal correlation to the third degree uterine prolapse.

In chronic prolapsed, cervix becomes slightly firm and stiff. This condition has been described rightly by Charaka.
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Treatment of Mahayoni gynaecological disorder

Vaginal canal should be filled with fat of bear, crab or cock and hog medicated with sweet group of herbs and then a bandage cloth should be applied.

Treatment of udavarta gynaecological disorder should be used. (click here to read)

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