Tridoshaja Yoni Vyapad – Causes, Symptoms, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S

Tridoshaja Yoni Vyapad is a gynaecological disorder caused by simultaneous vitiation of all three doshas. It is also called Sarvaja and Sannipatiki Yoni Vyapad.
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Causes and symptoms of gynecological disorder caused by tridosha vitiation

Tridoshaj yoni vyapad is caused by simultaneous vitiation of all three doshas.

Specific causes of tridoshajam yoni vyapad

Consumption of foods which are comprise of both congenial and non-congenial tastes together leads to vitiation of all three doshas situated in vagina and uterus.

Master Sushruta opines that etiological factors which cause vitiation of all three doshas simultaneously leads to aggravation of all three doshas in vagina and uterus
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When a woman consumes tastes which are compatible and incompatible to the body channels, together, all the three doshas situated in the vagina and uterus get simultaneously aggravated. These aggravated doshas contaminate the reproductive system of the woman and cause tridoshaja yoni vyapadam.
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According to Sushruta, when the woman consumes etiological factors which cause simultaneous vitiation of three doshas, the three doshas get aggravated in vagina / uterus and contaminate these organs leading to the causation of tridoshaj yoni vyapad which will have signs and symptoms of all three doshas mixed together.
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Sanskrit verse, symptoms

Symptoms of Tridoshaja Yoni Vyapad –

Local symptoms related to reproductive system, mainly vagina and uterus

  • Swaih lakshanaih – signs and symptoms of all the three doshas would be present in mixed proportions
  • Daha – burning sensation
  • Shula – pain

Generalized symptoms pertaining to whole body caused by vitiated three doshas

  • Though there is no mention of generalized body symptoms caused by aggravation of three doshas, since the doshas will also be disturbed at a gross level, the three dosha symptoms like pain, burning sensation etc can be assumed to be present all over the body, but predominantly seen in vagina and uterus.

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Nature of Menstrual Bleeding

In Tridoshaj Yoni Vyapat, the menstrual blood will have below mentioned features –

  • Shweta artava vahini – discharge of menstrual blood which has white color or whitish pale color
  • Pichchila artava vahini – discharge of menstrual blood which is unctuous / slimy in nature

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Chakrapani, the commentator of Charaka Samhita has explained that this type of bleeding from the vagina as occurs in tridoshaja yoni vyapat may occur even during inter-menstrual period. He also tells that this disorder resembles another pathological condition tridoshaja asrgdhara i.e. excessive bleeding due to simultaneous aggravation of all three doshas.
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Analysis, correlation

Analytical view of Tridoshaja Yoni Vyapad

From the modern perspective tridoshaj yoni vyapad can be considered to be one or more of the below mentioned conditions –

Acute infective disorder of reproductive system –
Since tridoshaja vaginal disorders are associated with signs and symptoms of all three doshas in mixed proportions and also involve pathological forms of discharges from vagina which is possible when there is infection, this disorder can be compared to acute infective disorder of reproductive system.
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Secondary gynaecological disorder
Simultaneous vitiation of all three doshas also causes many systemic disorders, with or without infection. If we consider that tridoshaja vaginal / uterine disorder is caused as an effect of other systemic disease, i.e. in a secondary form, it can be correlated to the secondary gynaecological disorder.
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Treatment of Tridoshaja Yoni Vyapath

Mixed treatment approach – Mixed treatment prescribed under individual dosha treatments along with those explained in general line of treatment and simple measures shall be skilfully adopted.

Purgation – Purgation therapy is utmost beneficial to treat tridoshaja vaginal disorders.

Pichu / tampons – Local use of tampon of dasanghri and srimada is beneficial in treating tridoshaja vaginal disorders.

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