Vaginal White Discharge (Leucorrhea) Ayurvedic Treatment, Home Remedies

Excessive vaginal white discharge with symptoms like itching, burning sensation and pain followed by bodyache and tiredness is explained as Shweta Pradara in Ayurveda and lecuorrhea in medical terms. 


Reasons for excessive white discharge – Pradara (Leucorrhea)
1. Viruddhahara- incompatible food
2. Madyapana –alcohol intake
3. Adhyashana – repeated food intake causing indigestion
4. Ajeerna – indigested food
5. Garbhapata – repeated abortion
6. Yana – riding the vehicles
7. Adhwa – long walk
8. Shoka- grief, stress
9. Atikarshana – emaciating disorders
10. Bharavahana – weight lifting
11. Abhighata – injury
12. Diva nidra – day sleep/sedentary lifestyle
13. Ashuchi – Unhygienic activities, infection

Origin of the disease

Due to the above said reasons ,the doshas are vitiated and lodged in the sites of Apana vata , namely Shroni (hip), Basti (bladder),Uru (thighs), Garbhashaya (uterus), Yoni (vagina) etc. Due to imbalanced doshas, body cannot withstand the vital strength and hence it is lost through vaginal route.

stomach ache


1. Vataja
2. Pittaja
3. Kaphaja
4. Sannipataja – Due to imbalance of all the three Doshas.
Some others include Rakthapradara (heavy periods – menorrhagia) also under Pradara roga.

Varieties, features

Features of each variety of Pradara
Vatica Pradara –the discharge will be pink, dry, frothy, little by little and associated with pain. The discharge appears similar to the flesh washed water.

Pittaja Pradara – The discharge will be either of yellow, blue, black or red coloured and warmth/burning sensation is associated . Profuse secretion is observed in this condition.

Kaphaja Pradara – The discharge will be slimy, pale and appears like the wheat washed water.

Sannipatic Pradara- Mixed features or all the three kinds are observed here. The discharge appears similar to the mixture of honey and ghee, yellow in colour or else appears like the marrow and bad odoured.

Complications of Pradara

Debility , giddiness, syncope, sepsis, thirst, burning, delirium, anaemia, drowsiness and vatic complaints are the complications of long persisting Pradara.


Brumhana – nourishing treatment – to improve strength, nutrition and immunity and
Stambhana – blocking treatment (stopping the excess flow) are adopted.

Single drugs

Single drugs useful in Pradara:
1. Lodhra- Symplocos racemosa Roxb.
2. Patha- Cissampelos pareira Linn.
3. Daruharidra- Berberis aristata Dc.
4. Shalmali- Salmalia malabarica Schott. & Endl.
5. Lajjalu- Mimosa pudica Linn.
6. Nagakesara- Mesua ferrea Linn.
7. Musta- Cyperus rotundus Linn.
8. Yashtimadhu- Glycyrrhiza glabra Linn.
9. Sariva- Hemidesmus indicus Schult.
10. Tanduleeyaka- Amaranthus spinosus Linn

Ayurvedic medicines

Formulations recommended in Pradara:
1. Pushyanuga choorna – Widely used herbal powder, useful in relieving any type of discharge, also useful in diarrhoea.
2. Jeerakavalehya – herbal jam prepared with cumin seeds 
3. Shalmali Ghrita
4. Bola Parpati – used both in leucorrhea and menorrhagia
5. Lodhrasava  – a styptic fermented syrup preparation.
6. Chandanasava
7. Kadali kanda Rasayana – prepared with banana stem
8. Kukkutanda Twak Bhasma – also doubles as a natural calcium supplement.
9. Panchavalkala kwatha – decoction – this is used as for vaginal douche. (washing)

Medicinal Yogas for Pradara From Sahasra Yoga Text Book
Raktapittahara Kashaya
Pradarahara Kashaya
Swetapradarahara Kashaya
Asrigdarahara Kashaya
Tiktaka Ghrita
Mahatiktaka Ghrita
Dhatryadi Ghrita
Modaka Twagadi Ghrita
Maha Kushmanda Ghrita
Chandanadi Taila
Pushyanuga Choorna
Sarasija makarandadi Choorna
Viswailadi Choorna
Kushmanda Rasayana
Satavari Guda
Kautajadi Guda
Kousa Mushtabhayadi Kashaya
Vasadi Kashaya
Pathyamalakhyadi Kashaya
Tengin Pukkuladi Ghrita

Ayurvedic home remedies

Ayurvedic Home remedies for white discharge: 
1. The inflorescence of Banana is taken (raw) and crushed well,10- 15 ml of this juice is mixed with honey, sugar candy and is taken. This is followed for 10- 15 days. Early morning if taken in empty stomach, instant benefit can be observed.

2. One cup of rice washed (red rice) water is taken and 5- 10 g each of jaggary and cumin seeds are added to this and cooked for 5- 10 minutes. This is taken during noon time .This helps to relieve the debility caused due to Pradara.

3. 5-6 seed marrow (pulp of the seed) of amalaki(amla) fruits are collected and crushed well. This is added to buttermilk and taken twice a day for 14-21 days. Read more about this remedy 

Wholesome diet in Pradara

1. Ksheera-Milk
2. Kharjoora-Date fruits
3. Tanduleeyaka-Red spinach
4. Kooshmanda-Ashgourd
5. Amla-Gooseberry
6. Mudga-Green gram
7. Shastika shali-Red rice
8. Goghritha-Cows ghee
9. Vishrama-Rest etc

Unwholesome diets and habits

1. Madyapana-Alcohol intake
2. Vidahi ahara-Spicy food
3. Rooksha ahara-Dry and junk food
4. Jagarana-Night awakening
5. Shrama-Work and exhaustion
6. Vyavaya-Excess sexual indulgence
7. Ashwayana-Riding the vehicles and horses etc

Pradara or unusual discharge per vagina is a common health complaint suffered by most of the women. It will be wise to treat these conditions before they are being infected where they need multiple drugs along with antibiotics.
Ayurveda system of medicine prescribed safe and effective remedies in the treatment of such conditions.

Remedies from Charaka Samhita

Remedies for white discharge from Charaka Samhita Chikitsa Sthana 30th chapter:
For the cure of Pandura Asrugdara (Leucorrhoea) and for its associated ailments, the patient should use the following recipes:
Paste of the root of Rohitaka is mixed with sugar, and taken along with water.
Paste of the seeds (Pulp) of Amalaki – Phyllanthus emblica is mixed with sugar and honey, and taken along with water.
The powder or the juice of Amalaki – Phyllanthus emblica is mixed with honey and made to linctus which the patient should use.
In the aforesaid manner, she should take the paste of Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa) along with the decoction of the bark of Nyagodha – Ficus bengalensis.
If there is profuse white discharge from the genital tract, then a piece of silken cloth impregnated with the decoction of the bark of Nyagrodha – Ficus bengalensis is kept inserted in the vagina.
The powder of the bark of Plaksha – Ficus lacor is made to a lump by triturating with honey. This is kept inserted in the vagina after anointing the part with fat.
The powder of Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa), Priyangu (Callicara macrophylla) and Madhuka– Licorice – Glycyrrhiza glabra is made to a lump by triturating with honey. This is kept inserted in the vagina after anointing the part with fat.
The varti (medicated bougie) prepared of astringent drugs and honey is kept inserted in the vagina.
For checking the discharge, the vagina is oleated, and thereafter, fumigated by Sarala, Guggulu (Commifora mukul Engl.) And barley mixed with butter, or by bitter fish (saphari) mixed with oil.
If there is sliminess of Vagina, then the powder of Kasisa, Haritaki—Terminalia chebula, Bibhitaka – Terminalia bellerica, Amalaki – Phyllanthus emblica, Kanksi mixed with honey. This is kept inserted into the genital tract which makes it non- slimy.

If there is sliminess and stickiness of vagina, then the paste of Palasha – Butea monosperma, Sarja (Vateria indica), bark of Jambu – Eugenia jambolana, Samanga – Rubia cordifolia, Moca and Dhataki – Woodfordia fruticosa is kept inserted into the genital tract which is stambhana (Arrests exudation).
In the case of stiffness and roughness of Vagina, softening remedies is used. For this, Vesavara (a type of meat preparation), Payasa (preparation of milk and rice) and Krsara (preparation of Pulses) is kept inserted in the vagina.
If there is foul smell in vagina, the decoction or the paste of Tuvaraka or the powder of Sarva Gandha (group of aromatic drugs) is kept inserted into the genital tract which works as deodorant.
Article by Dr MS Krishnamurthy and Dr Hebbar

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