Sadhaka Pitta – Location, Functions, Imbalance, Disorders, Treatment

By Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Sadhaka means ‘to achieve’ or ‘that which enables one to achieve things’.


Other meanings of Sadhaka Pitta –

  • To energize – sadhaka pitta motivates and energizes one to accomplish tasks
  • Accomplishing –Helps in accomplishing tasks taken
  • Conclusive – Helps in taking decisions and draw conclusions.
  • Completing and fulfilling – Helps in completing and fulfilling the taken tasks
  • Efficient, perfect, skillful, and useful.
  • Adapted to any purpose
  • Enhancing productivity
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Subtype of pitta which enables to achieve our goals and prepare for achieving the same is called Sadhaka Pitta.


Sadhaka Pitta is one of the five subtypes of pitta.

Sadhaka Agni – The fire element or agni is represented in our body in form of pitta. Agni and pitta are often considered synonymous and used interchangeably. Like other subtypes of pitta, sadhak pitta too carries the suffix agni and is called sadhaka agni, i.e. the fire which is located in the brain or heart and helps us in achieving our ambitions.
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Seat of Sadhak Pitta
Heart (Hrudaya) is said to be the seat of sadhaka pitta. But the functions of sadhaga pittam point out towards functions of higher centers in brain and hence the term hrudaya explained in the context of sadhaka pitta cannot be considered as heart.

Hrudaya has been classified as urogata hrudaya (hrudaya located in the chest cavity i.e. heart) and shirogat hrudaya (hrudaya located in the cranial cavity i.e. brain).

The functions of sadhaka pitta strongly recommends considering brain as seat of this pitta subtype.
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Sanskrit sloka


Functions and types of Sadhaka Pitta
Achievement of aspirations, dreams and goals

The main function of sadhaga pitham is that enables us to achieve something in our life.

Sadhaka Pitta, located in the hrudaya (brain) helps and motivates the person to achieve his aspirations, goals and dreams (abhiprarthita manoratha sadhana krut – Su.Su.21).

Without the presence of a normally functioning and healthy sadhak pitt it would be impossible for anyone to achieve their aspirations. Sadhaka pitta has always made man to think better than his predecessors, aspire and have better goals. Thus sadhaka pitta is the key for human evolution.

While Prana Vata commands the intellect, brain and sense organs, sadhaka pitta stimulates them. Thus they work in coordination.
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Induces intellect, discriminating power and zeal
This pitta is responsible for achievement of one’s aspiration through his intellect, discriminating power, zeal and selfness.

Sadhaka pitta, when healthy and at its functional best, will provide intellect, discriminating power and zeal to the person. These qualities will help the person to achieve his aspirations and goals. (A.Hr.Su.12)
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Wards off the envelope of kapha and tamo guna around the brain
Excess kapha and tamo guna in brain causes depression. They also inactivate higher centers of brain and induce excessive sleep. This leads to slowing down all the activities. With this the intelligence of person fails and he will not be able to achieve his aspirations and goals.

Sadhaka pitta clears kapha and tamo guna (depressing mind quality) and thus activates brain. The activated brain enables one to achieve his dreams, goals and aspirations. (Dalhana, Su.Su.21/10)
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Helps achieve Purushartha Chatushtaya
Sadhaka Pitta gives vigor and enthusiasm to enable one to achieve ‘four objects of human pursuit’. They are – dharma (righteous duties), artha (wealth), kaama (fulfillment of desires) and moksha (salvation).

This is achieved since sadhaka pitta motivates one to progress towards fulfilling his aspirations by destroying the impact of depressing mind quality and kapha over the brain. (Dalhana, Su.Su.21/10)
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To sum up –
The above mentioned qualities i.e. intellect, discriminating power and zeal are called mano visheshas i.e. qualities specific to mind and are supposedly operated from brain (mastishka). One can achieve his aims, ambitions, aspirations and goals only when all his higher centers work in a coordinated way.

In some instances, brain is described as Hrudaya in Ayurvedic treatises. All Ayurvedic texts have explained Hridaya as seat of Sadhaka Pitta but the stand on what organ is hrudaya seems to be a controversy. Anyways, seeing the functions of sadhaka pitta it would be clear that hrudaya mentioned as a seat of sadhaka pitta is hrudaya in cranium i.e brain.
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Other opinions

Other opinions on Hrudaya and Sadhaka Pitta relation

According to Niranjan Dev, author of Prakrita Dosha Vijnan
Brain is no doubt, the seat for intelligence and thoughts. But still in our day to day practice we observe that cardiac stimulants like ash of gold, musk, pearl, saffron, alcohol, tea etc when administered in proper dose would activate the heart and improve power of thinking, memory, intelligence and produce enthusiasm in doing a work with better efficiency. Contrary to this, when cardiac depressants like buffalo curd, black gram, green gram etc are given, a suppressive effect on thinking, judgment, memory etc are found. This shows that the hrudaya, in the context as ‘seat of sadhaka pitta’ can only be the heart’.’

According to Dr C. Dwarakanath, author of ‘Introduction to Kayachikitsa
Brain is the seat of sadhaka pitta. Therefore the term hrudaya explained in Ayurvedic texts as the seat of sadhaka pitta is brain.

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Pathology related to Sadhaka Pitta imbalance
Imbalance of sadaka pitta causes many disorders related to thought process, intelligence and discrimination power.

The person would lose motivation and would not be able to uptake any tasks or chase any aspirations. His life would be a waste.

Decrease in sadhaka pitta would increase kapha and tama quality in brain. This leads to depression, lack of motivation and excessive laziness and sleepiness. All activities of daily living would slow down and person would not be able to achieve anything.

Imbalance of sadhaka pitta would cause many mental disturbances and mood disorders. Like anxiety, tension, fear, lack of courage, excitement, depression etc.

Functions of nervous system would slow down due to lack of motivation from sadhaka pitta. Many nervous disorders would manifest.
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Modern Correlation

Probable Modern Correlation

According to Sri Vaidhya Ranjitrai Desai, author of ‘Ayurvediya Kriya Shareera’
‘The adrenaline secreted by adrenal medulla seems to be the sadhaka pitta and this hormone though not secreted by heart can be considered as a substance relating to heart’s action because of its influence in heart conditions like fear, panic, courage, anxiety, tension, excitement etc. Therefore adrenaline can be considered as sadhaka pitta and heart as its seat.’

Treatment for Sadhaka Pitta imbalance disorder:
Treatment largely depends on the nature of disorder. Usually, Vamana, Virechana (purgation) therapies and brain function promoting medicines such as Saraswata ghrita, Saraswatarishta, Maha Kalyanaka GHrita etc are advised.
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