Stage Fright – 16 Effective Tips On How To Overcome Public Speaking Fear

Public speaking skills are highly necessary in any of the competitive fields. A good presentation may gift you with a good job, may win you fans, may make your products sell. But not all are born skilled orators. Many will have to develop public speaking skills on their own. Stage fright or fear of public speaking may hamper your overall performance and career. Here are a few tips to overcome public speaking fear.

What happens when you have stage fright?

During fear or stage fright, two parts of your brain are stimulated, namely amygdala and hippocampus leading to release of certain chemicals causing fear.

Stage fright symptoms

When a person with stage fright starts performing or speaking in front of a gathering, he starts feeling

  • Panic, fearful
  • Heart starts thumping
  • Throat dries up, feels thirsty
  • Sudden rush of blood to face and head, leading to red face
  • Sweating, especially in palms and feet.
  • Vomiting sensation (Nausea)
  • Shaking hands and legs
  • Loss of memory
  • Fainting, in extreme cases.

If ever you had experienced these symptoms then the below mentioned tips will help you overcome stage fright.

Stage fright tips

Thorough knowledge of the subject: The main reason for stage fright in public speaking is the fear of mistakes or fear of forgetfulness. Hence, make sure that you are fully ready with your subject and presentation.

Practice in front of a mirror: Practice the speech in front of a mirror. Concentrate on how you look, how your hands are moving, what is the overall posture etc. So that you do not end up in awkward positions or postures.

Go to the stage priorly: If you get a chance, then visit the stage in which you will be presenting and have a feel of the position of audience.

Wear cotton: Your dress is very important. So choose your dress carefully. Chose cotton or any other cloth material which would absorb excessive sweat.

Write in a chit: Take a small paper chit and write down points so that, even if you forget something, you can refer back and start from there on.

Memorize punch lines: To make your presentation effective, you need to have punch lines and you need to have extra energy in your voice while you deliver it. So, have the punch lines mugged up.

Nothing will happen even if you commit mistakes: Make up your mind that, it is okay to commit mistakes during a presentation. No one is 100 % perfect. It happens with everybody, so, it is quite okay, if it happens to you. Just keep in mind that the show must go on.

Remember God: Prayer always helps.

Receive blessings and wishes from friends: It will improve confidence.

Pranyama: A good fearless presentation needs to have a solid breath control, which can be achieved by regular practice of Pranayama.

Deep breath: Just before presentation, take a few deep breaths and clear your throat. So that when you are called upon the stage, you can start right  away.

Prepare first few sentences: First few sentences in any speech is very important. Hence, thoroughly memorize the first few sentences of the speech.

Look into the eyes of the audience: It will show that you are presenting confidently. It helps to hide your fear.

Use examples: Using examples helps the audience to understand the subject better, it makes the presentation complete.

Read a joke before the presentation: This helps your mind forget the fear.

Drink a natural coolant drink: Drinking a natural coolant drink such as sugarcane juice, coriander drink helps to lower the rising temperature.

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