Effect of Body Constitution On Imbalanced Dosha

Article by Dr Raghuram Y.S. MD (Ay) & Dr Manasa, B.A.M.S
Dosha vitiation is a mandatory step in the disease process. No systemic disease manifests without the involvement of vitiated dosha in the pathogenesis of a disease. 

There are many types of dosha imbalance.
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Prakriti Sadrusha Dosha Dushti

vitiation of dosha in accordance to one’s prakriti or body constitution (Prakritigata or Prakriti Sadrusha Dosha Dushti)

Here, the vitiation of dosha is identical to one’s own prakriti or body constitution.

Example –

Treatment and Prognosis

In terms of treatment and prognosis of such conditions –
Dosha imbalance, similar to one’s Prakruti is said to have difficult prognosis. These types of disorders are difficult to treat.
Let us take the example of Vata body type person, having knee pain due to Vata increase.
The knee pain is due to Vata dosha increase. The person is already has natural Vata dominance due to his Prakriti. Here, his Vata Prakriti makes Vata to aggravate more and worsens the knee pain, making it difficult to treat.
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Pakriti Visadrusha Dosha Dushti

Vitiation of dosha in contrast to one’s prakriti or body constitution (Vikritigata or Prakriti Viadrusha Dosha Dushti)

Here, the vitiation of dosha is in contrast to or non-identical to one’s own body constitution.

  • Vitiation of Vata in a Pitta or Kapha Prakriti person
  • Vitiation of Pitta in a Vata or Kapha Prakriti person
  • Vitiation of Kapha in a Vata or Pitta Prakriti person

In terms of treatment and prognosis of such conditions –
It is said to have easy prognosis i.e. these types of dosha vitiation, easy to treat.

Example: Pitta increase in Kapha body type person. Here, the Kapha person has naturally water and earth elements dominant in him. Pitta has increased with its fire element. The fire element is naturally subsided by the water and earth elements of Kapha Dosha. So, though Pitta is aggravated, its hot effects on the body is subsided by the coolant nature of the Kapha, which is naturally dominant in the patient.

This way, the Prakruti of the person will minimize the effect of aggravated Dosha, making the treatment easy.

Expert words

Acharya Charaka while describing the prognosis (sadhya asadhyata) of a disease in chapter 10 of Sutra Sthana (Charaka Sutrasthana 10/11-20) tells that the disease would have an easy prognosis (sukha sadhya) when the dosha producing the disease is not identical to one’s prakriti. He further states that if any one of the kala (time fator), prakriti (constitution) or dushya (tissues of the body) are identical to the disease causing dosha, the disease would have difficult prognosis (krihra sadhya) i.e. such disease would be difficult to cure.


Importance of knowing Prakriti Sadrusha and Prakriti Visadrusha Dosha vitiation
In Prakritigata Dosha Dushti, the prognosis will be difficult, therefore the physician with the help of this knowledge would choose stringent and stronger forms of treatments and medicines so as to combat this vitiation because this condition would carry difficult prognosis and would be difficult to cure. This calls for intensive form of treatment approaches. Likewise the physician may go easy over the Vikritigata Dosha Dushti and implement simpler medicines and treatment strategies so as to combat the vitiated dosha, because the condition will be easier to handle.

To keep it simple, the knowledge of Prakriti and Vikriti Gati will help the physician to estimate dosha estimate in accordance to one’s prakriti. It also will help in determining the prognosis (sadhya asadhyata) of a dosha vitiation of disease and plan the treatment strategies accordingly. Prakriti Gati of doshas would need more aggressive treatment in comparison to Vikriti Gati type of dosha vitiation wherein mild forms of remedies will work in a good way.
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