Albizia lebbeck Shirish Remedies: Herpes, Tooth Brush, Eye Care

By Dr M S Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD


Among the detoxifying and anti poisonous ayurvedic herbs, Shireesha is one among the best. Its botanical name is Albizia lebbeck Benth. It belongs to Leguminaceae family and Mimosoideae sub family.  

It is classified into two types based upon the color of the bark-white and black.
The trees are widely found throughout India where as it is available in large numbers in the states like Karnataka, Kerala, Maharashtra, Tamilnadu etc.

The stem bark is used for medicinal purpose. Folk healers use its leaves, flowers and seeds too in several ill-health conditions.
The bark balances all the Three Doshas.
The drug is used for both internal and external medication.

Ayurvedic formulations

Shireesharishtha, Mahashireesha agada, Shireeshavaleha, Shireesha lepa, Dashanga lepa etc are the important formulations of this drug.
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Chemical constituents

Modern chemists have identified several constituents out of this drug;  mainly  the  bark yields tannins of condensed type, viz. D-catechin, isomers of leucocyanidin and melacacidin. It also gives triedelin and t3-sitosterol. Seeds possess crude protein, calcium, phosphorus, iron, niacin and ascorbic acid. The amino acid composition of the protein are arginine, histidine, leucine and  isoleucine lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tyrosine, and valine. The flowers are reported to be present with lupeol a and t3-amyrin and a pigment similar to crocetin.

Here are few important simple remedies and their health benefits of Shireesha-The drug is evaluated for its potent antiu inflammatory, immunomodulatory, anti histaminic, anti -tussive and broncho dilating effect with considerable benefit.

Home remedies


Bark or leaf paste over the herpes or high Pitta skin diseases:
The fresh bark or leaf is obtained and made into fine paste. This is applied over the skin lesions such as herpes or blisters associated with burning and itching.

Non healing ulcers

Bark powder dusting over the non healing ulcers:
The dried bark is pounded well and fine powder is obtained. This is used as dusting powder over the ulcers.

Brushing teeth

Shireesha sub stem/twig for brushing:
The tender twig of the tree is used to brush the teeth. It helps to prevent several disorders of buccal cavity.
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Sexual debility

Seed powder with milk for sexual debility:
The dried seeds are taken and made into fine powder. This is mixed with milk or boiled with milk. This improves sex power and stamina.


Flower  paste application in headache:
The flower is taken and made into fine paste. This is applied over the forehead. It pacifies vascular headache and headache caused due to indecent smell, allergens etc.

Eye care

Leaf juice for eye care:
Fresh leaves are collected and juice is obtained. This is instilled to the eyes – 2 drops to each eyes. It helps to prevent from the seasonal conjunctivitis, excess lacrimation etc.

The scientific validation of a drug should be carried Based upon the age old believes and practices. Simple identification of some of the chemical constituents and further validation on the basis of such particular chemical soluble constituents will not contribute much to the mankind.

It remains as the evidence for the work a team has carried. Instead study of a drug or compound with the intention to get best out of the drug or product will surely yield an lot to the needy society.
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