8 Easy Tips To Byheart (Memorize) Ayurvedic Sanskrit Verses

If you are studying Ayurveda, at some point of time, you will need to fall in love with Sanskrit and start byhearting (memorizing) Shlokas – the Sanskrit verses. 

Here are a few ways to byheart Shlokas. (If you know any other technique, then please mention in the comments below. I will add it to the tips list in the article. This will help more and more Ayurveda students.

1. Get to know the exact meaning of the Shloka.
You can find the meaning of Shloka in the text books or Samhitas. Understanding the meaning of the verse helps to memorize it quickly.
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2. Get to know the correct pronunciation of each words of the verse.
If you mispronounce any word, it will stick with you for a very long time and it becomes difficult to unlearn and correct it.

3. Split each line of the Shloka into 2 parts. First half and second half. This will make the byhearting a lot easier.

4. You need not byheart all the Shlokas of all the subjects. You only need some shlokas of all the subjects. do not try to memorize all of them. Concentrate only on the important ones.
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5. Use voice recorder of your smartphone and chant each verse – 10 times. Make sure to tell the heading of the verse each time
Jwara Samprapti
mithyaahaara vihaaraabhyaam doshaa…

Hear it repeatedly like you would listen to music. This is a very good passive learning technique.

6. Whenever you are reciting a Shloka, recite it loudly so that you can hear your own recitation and it speeds up the memorizing process.

7. Some students link each chapter verses with specific songs and memorize it. You can try it if you can sing the verses in the form of your favorite song.

8. Practice, practice and more practice. Dedicate at least an hour a day to memorize the verses. The speed of learning increases with each hour.
No shortcuts here 🙂

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