18 Tips for a New Ayurvedic Student

Soon after getting admission into Ayurveda college, there will be lot of confusion in the mind of Ayurvedic student. They will be, all of a sudden introduced to Sanskrit, Shlokas etc. This could make anyone very uncomfortable.
Here is my advice for Fresh Ayurvedic students: 
For choosing a very emerging medical science with huge global scope and innumerable opportunities. πŸ™‚

Take it seriously!!

If anyone has told you that Ayurveda is easier than Allopathy to study, that Ayurveda is easy to pass, that it is easy to become an Ayurveda doctor, they are lying. Stay away from them.
Always remember this! Regardless of how easy Ayurveda may seem, you are going to become a doctor, making decisions on your patients’ lives. Your laziness, ignorance and idiocy may cause death of your patient.
Discipline yourself like a soldier. 

Ayurvedic student


Remember, it is your parents’ hard earned money!
You are lucky that you are in India. You are enjoying financial support from your parents. Remember that most of the students in USA take student’s loan to get into college. So, you have double responsibility to spend their money carefully.

Dedicate at least 2 hours for studies:
The only way that you are going to become a doctor is through sheer dedication and hard work. There is no other way out.
At least 2 hours in a day, apart from your college hours, home work, assignments etc, you need to set aside for studies. This 2 hours is fixed for all days including holidays and after-exam holidays.

Class and lecturers

Interact with your lecturers: 
There will be lot of confusions in the initial 2 – 3 months of an Ayurvedic student’s life.
Every day, make a list of your doubts and consult your lecturer the very  next day with those doubts and get clarification. Make a note of clarifications and read them again.
Here is a trick.
If you ask doubt regarding some topic, you can easily remember those topics pretty easily.

Be brave to give answers in the class:
You may not give all correct answers, but you should attempt to give an answer in the class. Active participation during class hours will help you understand and remember concepts better.
Be bold to ask your doubts when you do not understand some concepts.

Work in nearby Ayurvedic centre during holidays:
Search for a nearby Ayurvedic centre with Panchakarma facility. During holidays, like Sundays, summer holidays etc, go there and work for 2 hours. Do massage, kizhi etc procedures, help the massage therapist, help the doctor with case taking, with Vamana procedure etc. Ask your doubts with the doctor.  Learn, learn and learn.

Do not ask for salary for your work. It is to develop experience. Do not expect your friend to accompany you. Go alone and get your experience. Go there as a servant and student. Do not carry your ego there.

Love Sanskrit:
Put extra efforts to understand Sanskrit language better. You may or may not like the language, but having a better hold in Sanskrit will help you to understand Ayurvedic concepts better. More you hate Sanskrit, more difficult things will become.
Read related: 8 Easy Tips To Byheart (Memorize) Ayurvedic Sanskrit Shlokas

Use your library:
Spend at least 1 hour in library. Read different books on the same subject. If one book has not explained a concept clearly, then refer another book.  Different books will have different view points. This will enrich your understanding of the subjects.
Also read a lot of Ayurvedic journals in the library. You can learn a lot of applied aspects, current research in Ayurveda, by going through journals and magazines.

Personal relationships

No friends.
Okay,  that is hard to follow. Make very less friends. Keep away naysayers, negative thinkers. There will be lot of students who do not want you to study, who want to drag you down. Identify them and at any given point of time, maintain 5 meter distance from them.
Read more: Success Tip – Never Listen To Your Friends

No love
Hope you got my point.
If you are lady,
By the time you finish your BAMS, you will be 24 – 25, your parents will be searching for alliance for you. Your classmate whom you want to marry will not be having any job. Hence, chances of love-break-up is very high.

If you are a gentleman,
After completion of BAMS, chances of your girlfriend dumping you and getting married to someone else is very high, because, her parents will be eager to get her married, and your parents will not be.
Just some food for your mind.
Suppress all those “love-is-eternal”, “Dr Hebbar does not know anything about love..” types of bullshit thoughts, that have started haunting your mind.
You already have started hating me, haven’t you?

Hating your subjects?

Do not curse the subjects. Do not curse Ayurveda and its ancient Seers.
Negativity only leads to negativity. It never solves problems.
Do not think that you cannot make it.
Do not think that you will fail.
You can! You will!!
Put in hard work. Sweat it out. It is possible. YOU CAN MAKE IT!
So, all in all, studying Ayurveda is not an easy piece of cake, but it is not that hard nut to crack.
The only keyword is – Hard-work.

Get up at 5:30 am and go to bed at 10 or 10:30 pm.
Keep a water bottle near you, while studying.
Exercise / games for at least 30 minutes in the morning. At least, do walking / jogging for 10 – 20 minutes in the morning.
Cold water bath is better than hot water bath, for students. Read more – hot/cold water bath benefits
Do Pranayama for 2 minutes after bath. Here is a simple technique
Meditation Β / prayer for not more than 5 – 10 minutes.
Read at least one biography per six months. – Steve Jobs, Albert Einstein etc.
Only one movie per month.

Sanskrit difficulty

Question: Sir, I am first year student taken admission in BAMS to become a doctor. But I have no knowledge of Sanskrit. So I can’t understand the shlokas. Our teacher is now focusing on syllabus but I want to gain knowledge. But I am not able to understand the books and not able to read it itself. I don’t know what I do know. Sir, I need your help. So, please help me. Give some tips to me.

Try to buy English translation books and start reading them slowly. You will start understanding.
Try to give more importance to Sanskrit learning.
Consult your lecturers who are friendly for advice frequently.
You will have to follow the syllabus and gradually over a period of 5.5 years, you will have good knowledge. The syllabus of BAMS is very well designed. Do not think too much ahead. Just concentrate on passing the first year.
Ask your friend to explain the difficult concepts of Ayurveda in your mother tongue.

Can you spend two hours per day for studies?
Your uncle died. Does not matter. Good that you are still alive. Can you study two hours a day?
You have 103 degree fever. Does not matter. You are not dead yet. Can you study two hours a day?
You are visiting home after six months in hostel. Does not matter. Can you study two hours a day?
Your sister’s marriage is tomorrow. Does not matter. It is not your marriage. Can you study two hours a day?
You have heavy homework or assignments. Aside from spending time on those, can you study two hours a day?
All the best!

Learning in Marathi

I am from Maharashtra. I do not understand English well. I have just joined BAMS.
Many good books are there in Marathi as well, especially of Athavale. You can choose both Marathi and English. Considering competition that is there, you have to be good in English as well, whichever might be your mother tongue. There are no excuses.

Language, Allopathy practice

The teaching language is English in South India and Hindi in north India (with a few exceptions).
Sanskrit language is not needed. But you have to gain interest in Sanskrit, after you get admission into BAMS. Sanskrit is there as first year syllabus.

Regarding Allopathic practice by Ayurvedic doctor – Bridge course has not yet been implemented, due to strong opposition from Allopathic doctors. I doubt if it ever gets introduced. Do not bet on that. Get into BAMS only if you love and want to practice Ayurveda.

Chemistry in Ayurveda

There is a subject called Rasashastra in the second year where metallic compounds are studied for their usage in treatment. In the same subject, you will be studying in detail about Ayurvedic metallurgy.

Sanskrit language necessity

Sanskrit basics are taught in first year of B.A.M.S, as a separate subject. But the teaching does not happen in Sanskrit language. Most of the teaching happens in English / Hindi and a very small part is taught in Sanskrit.
While writing answers in Exams, you will be expected to write short Sanskrit verses in some places.
It is not hard to learn Sanskrit. You need not become master in Sanskrit. You have to learn only some basics of Sanskrit to understand the ancient concepts better. The simplest version of Sanskrit is kept as subject for first year, which anyone with dedication can pass.

There is no option to skip Sanskrit as a subject in the first year, even if you have studied it previously.

Comment by Rama Subbaiah:
Looking at the fears being expressed by BAMS Freshers on Sanskrit, I am indeed shocked that some in the present generation suffer from utter lack of interest in learning anything new !
Having selected a Course and a Career, the fundamental Concern of a student must be to learn everyday anything and everything new and achieve mastery over it !
Instead of displaying that enthusiasm to take up challenges, time is just wasted in debating whether to learn Sanskrit !
Let it be clearly understood that learning Sanskrit is mandatory and absolutely essential if one has to become an effective Ayurvedic Doctor. Otherwise, this Great field is not for you !

Ideal Ayurvedic College

Before joining BAMS, you have to do a thorough research on how good the college is. You can do this by requesting help from the local Ayurvedic students. Private or Goverment college, it does not matter.
Do not get admitted to newly formed Ayurvedic colleges. Their inexperience, lack of staff, lack of facilities can be your disadvantage.

One good way to judge the quality of the college is, visit the hospital, attached to the college. If there are good number of patients coming to that hospital, it indicates that, when you go as a student, you will also get to see numerous patients, so that college is good. If the number of patients in that college-hospital is very less, it indicates that your practical exposure to patient will also be very less.

Tips to pass exams

Doing previous 5 year university paper enough for passing in university exam?
This can be one of the strategies. But please note that you are doing BAMS to become an Ayurveda doctor, to serve people around you, with the precious knowledge of healing called Ayurveda. So, just following some short cut methods to pass exam is not fruitful.

Other ways to become Ayurvedic practitioner

To become a licensed Ayurvedic practitioner in India, doing B.A.M.S course for 5.5 years is the only way. There are no other shortcut ways.

Options after BAMS

MD Ayurveda – post graduation in various branches of Ayurveda such as surgery, gynecology etc.
Clinical research course as in ICRI
post graduate diploma in Hospital Management, clinical research, etc.

How to become a good Ayurvedic doctor?

Whoever studies for 3 hours per day X 5 years continuously will be the better doctor.
Whatever might be the college, in the holidays, go to a nearby Ayurvedic hospital and work there as an internee for 1 – 2 hours. This will further improve your knowledge.

Nearing the end of BAMS

First thing first, you should be concentrating hard on studying at least 5 hours a day with utmost dedication. You should pass BAMS with very high scores. 

When you are in the final year, consult your lecturers regarding the pros and cons of doing post graduation. 
If that is of your interest, then again study hard and prepare well for PG entrance exam. 

After BAMS, if work is in your mind, then you have to do a self analysis of what are your talents, what are your interests, what are your strengths and what are the opportunities that are there in front of you. Cosmetology? Dietetics? Yoga and spirituality? Ayurveda practice? Working in a big hospital for experience? 

Never hesitate to contact big people of Ayurveda industry directly. Whenever you get a response from them, ask the right questions and try to take the best decisions. 

If you really want to have a serious career and make an impact in the society and really excel in your profession, there are no short cuts. 

Every working day, I go back to home by 9:30 pm, despite having family and elders waiting at home.

It is all hard work, sweat, blood and tears.
No much life enjoyments. Lot of pain and sacrifice. 

The path is full of thorns, hurdles, obstacles but the end result is –  utmost satisfaction, contentment, joy of success, financial rewards and a successful life.  

The only question is, do you really want to take such a path. 

All the best πŸ™‚ 

96 thoughts on “18 Tips for a New Ayurvedic Student”

  1. Great article doctor. There is no substitute for hardwork and perseverence. Though I am an engineer by profession, I would have loved to be an ayurvedic doctor if I had the right guidance at that time. Many students and others like me find your articles very informative and witty.

    • Interesting to know that you took up engineering, being interested in Ayurveda.
      When I joined Ayurveda, I was really passionate about it. But when we were in final year, in 2002-2003, IT boom resulted in many of my high school pals getting high paying jobs. So, we were churning Churnas (Ayurvedic medicinal powders), when they were minting money πŸ˜‰
      During those years, I have to admit that, many-a-times, am-I-in-the-wrong-field feeling was crossing our minds.
      But now I can assure you that I am at love and peace with what I am doing. πŸ™‚
      Thanks for finding my articles useful. πŸ™‚

  2. My apologies for having to point out a small print-error in the above excellent advice to fresher students.
    The 3rd line under Do not curse the subjects, either it be – Do think that you will succeed – or – Do not think that you will not succeed.

  3. Hi, there is no age limit for gaining knowledge. You can learn Ayurveda.
    Please get in touch with any Ayurveda academy in Canada / USA and get started.
    I wish you all the success! πŸ™‚

  4. Thank you sir. This was really very helpful. I’m a fresher of B.A.M.S, from SBLD ayurveda Vishwabharti, Sardarsahar (Raj.).
    Sir, I heartily love to study ayurveda but I face difficulties while studying it. I don’t know either to study directly with or to make notes. ( What is important and how to make them) .

    • Hi, while studying, making notes is a good idea. It is very important to put the things in your own words.
      Do not try to make notes on all things. Write notes only those complex things.

  5. Very true sir
    Sir I want to add one more thing students should also have improve their thinking skills known as yukti praman in ayurveda
    They must visit Ayu practitioner regularly and hospitals both Ayu n modern to get better understanding of avsthas or conditions in diseases
    Really your article is very good

    • Its hard or easy, depends on your interest and application. It is a medical science with its own principles, hence, requires lot of dedication.

  6. Hi sir , first of all thankyou for this article.
    I can relate to most of the things as I am a first year BAMS student. It’s been two weeks I have joined college. Though I find ayurveda intresting but, at times, talking with the people who have gone for allopath and other courses makes me feel sceptical about my choice. That feeling of ‘whether I will be able to make a good career in this field’ surrounds my mind. It would be great if you could give me some advice on this.
    And once again thanks for this article. would be of great help in future.

    • Dear Palak, even the people who have taken up MBBS course can mess up their career, so also with engineering etc.
      It is all there in the confidence that we have in ourselves.
      A person makes a good career out of that field, where he applies himself 100 %, without any compromise.
      So, apply yourself with dedication and hardwork. Sky is the limit!

  7. Dr.
    Sir Is it necessary to learn sanskrit before going to ayurvedic college for better understanding and easy learning the concepts please give your advice on this?

    • Namaste Sir, A knowledge about Sanskrit will be beneficial. First year Under graduate has a subject of Sanskrit in the curriculum which helps in knowing the subject more.

  8. Love is enemy for ayurveda student
    Mujhe isi love ne ist year me hi fail krva diya plz frnds dr .saab ki baat maan kr chle agr bams me paas hona hai
    Ayurveda is best

  9. I am thinking to go for bams.but I don’t have any knowledge about sanskrit.will it be a problem? Or will i be able to cope up with it later..

    • Hi, There is Sanskrit subject in the first year of BAMS course. So, if you are really passionate about Ayurveda and if you think you can learn basics of Sanskrit you can take up BAMS even without prior knowledge of Sanskrit.
      All the best!

  10. Sir, I have got pretty good ranks in bams entrance,,and I m intreasted in bams, n I will study it with full dedication,, but some people saying there is very few scope in bams, n in this profession I can’t get a highly paid job,I m spoiling my carrier by joining this as i have qualified other entrances like ouat and jee main etc,these things really emberessing me,, I m in a devastating state of mind,,please sir say me about the job facilities n salary packeges after completing bams sucessfully,please sir help

  11. Bful n very true article…I have done bams from tibbia college Delhi which is one of d oldest ayurvedic institutions but d negativity of some of d seniors did effect me initially..after dat by 2 nd year I realized dat dey wer wrong..preparing for my masters now.. undoubtedly practising core ayurveda needs a lot of hard work n dedication…god bless..true guide

    • All the best Dr yashika! πŸ™‚
      Take the long route, walk the tough road. No short cuts. πŸ™‚

    • Hi, all the texts from modern part of the course – such as anatomy, physiology, patient examination etc are available in English.
      Some of the Ayurvedic text books are available in English – There will be Sanskrit verses with English explanation. You will be required to get to know few of those verses.
      Some of the Ayurvedic text books are available in Hindi translation with Sanskrit Verses.
      All the best!

      • Students of Ayurveda must first cultivate the enthusiastic concern to learn Sanskrit language as well to appreciate Ayurveda better in its original form. Crying as if Sanskrit is a burden is not in the spirit of becoming a good doctor. And Sanskrit is a very simple language so easy to master in a short time!

  12. Dr.
    i m class 12th passout student and recently i came to know that my result is shit poor in neet 2…now i dont want to take drop and prepare for mbbs and bds…so i m thinking to change my stream to bams…but there is one more problem ..i hate sanskrit i mean i have phobia from hindi and sanskrit…so will i be able to survive in bams for 5 and half year…?

        • That’s not a problem. But one should be eager to learn Sanskrit quickly in the first year. You may not become an expert in Sanskrit. Basics are enough to learn in the first year of BAMS

  13. hello sir , i want to do bams but i didn’t know any thing about sanskrit . can u suggest me some books to download

  14. sir, i recntly completed my 12th at the beginng i made up my mind to drop dis yr n get preprng fo mbbs entrnce bt nw i changed my decision want to go with bams bt rit nw im only gettng private college so should i do it or wait for next yr…

    • Hi, if you are really passionate about Ayurveda and if you are not thinking Ayurveda as just the substitute for MBBS, please go ahead with private college admission. But if you do not have any real love towards Ayurveda, better to avoid this field.
      It is difficult for me to comment whether you should wait for one more year for MBBS seat.
      I wish you all the best.

  15. Best way to join research field is to take up any clinical research course, such as one provided by ICMR

  16. ALN Rao Ayurveda Medical College, Koppa, Karnataka
    Alva’s Ayurveda Medical College, Moodbidri, Mangalore, Karnataka

  17. Respected Sir,

    I am Bhargav Maheshari. Ssir can u plz suggest me the best website for learning bams and are there any videos avilable for learning bams i mean any lectures videos or any animinated videos regarding any subject of bams

    And sir i also need the pdf files or study material for bams of all the years plz plz plz plz sir reply me as soon as possible.

    • Please improve on your English.
      I have heard that Government Autonomus Ayurveda College & Hospital, Gwalior is very good.

  18. Dear Vaidya sir,
    I am Engineer doing my MTech from an old IIT. But I am pretty much interested in ayurveda . During my HSC , I had taken biology and I wanted to join medical field but somehow I couldn’t . But now I feel like studying it to understand my body as it is the science of life. I constantly search on internet and I have got some basic knowledge of it. But I need some good books through which I can get knowledge in depth.
    It would be of great help for me.
    Thanking you.

  19. Hello sir,
    i have taken admission in bams college recently . i think college will be started within a day or two. But my mother wants me to prepare for mbbs entrance also, to try my luck last time.
    so sir please tell me if i can prepare for neet along with college during my initial months???.
    And i want to tell you sir i am fully comfortable with sanskrit and also i am intrested in both ayurveda and allopathy.

    • Hi, in the initial 3 – 4 months of time, you will have time to prepare for neet exam. After that, in the second half of first year, it will be difficult to keep separate time for NEET preparation.
      All the best! πŸ™‚

      • Hi sir !!
        Loved your article but just one confusion
        After doing BAMS ..What can we do next
        ?? Nd wat about we’ll get a satisfactory job in a govt hospital or anywhere else ??do reply sir

        • Hi, chances of getting government hospital jobs are very less. You can do post graduation – another 3 years and go for teaching.
          You can do post graduation in clinical research (1 – 2 years) and go for researcher posts

  20. Sir, i have taken admission in bams. I am from West Bengal.In West Bengal Ayurvedic treatment is not very popular. so, After completing my course, my practise will not be very good. and chance of getting govt jobs are very less. but i know there is many company like Zandu,Boidaynath,Himalaya etc. If there is any chance of getting job. pls tell me.

    • Hi, even the jobs at Zandu, Baidyanath, Himalaya etc might not be very well paying.
      If Ayurveda is not very popular in your area, it gives immense opportunity for you to make it popular. Because, if you practice pure Ayurveda, there will not be any competition. All the best πŸ™‚

  21. Thank you sir for your encouragement amidst all those people who are skeptical about it. Sir i would be happy if you could recommend some books to get an in depth knowledge in ayurveda. I also want to do MD in ayurveda. Are there any entrance exams for that. I am a first year BAMS student at Tamilnadu.

    • Hi, for now, just concentrate hard on basics of Ayurveda. learn Ashtanga hrudaya well. For now, study only your curriculum subjects. Attend a few seminars and CMEs, outside your college. It will open up your mind for new ideas.
      In fact, I got the idea of starting this website after attending a seminar in Tamil Nadu.
      I wish you all the best πŸ™‚

  22. Thank you sir for such a valuable article..
    I had taken admission in bams this year..and after taking i was thinking whether I have done ryt or wrong.. Bt after reading this i got many positive points.

    My aspiration was to become a MBBS doctor..but I couldn’t reach up to there
    So now I am doing bams..but I want to go higher and higher..My target is to crack MD/MS or go for govt job and become MO.
    So I want to focus from starting only.
    Sir will you plz tell what to focus on being a first year student..and what to study for cracking MD/ MS enterance exams or exams for becoming MO.

    Sir plz do reply….I will be highly thankful..
    I am really ineed..

    • Hi, the first focus should be on attending all the classes regularly. Not missing dissection, practicals etc.
      Study all the subjects with equal importance.
      Concentrate more on the actual Samhitas – Ashtanga Hrudaya, Charaka Samhita, Sushruta Samhita etc. Whenever you get chance, just read those original Samhitas.
      Also read Ayurveda magazines, health magazines that may be available in the college library.
      Do not get too much into friends.
      I wish you all the success:)

    • I have heard the starting salary for an Ayurveda doctor at Patanjali is between 11,000 – 15,000.

  23. Sir, what exactly are those tridoshas? Do we get dosha when one of our tridoshas are not balanced properly? Because in tamilnadu dosha means something bad. But vata,pitta and kapha are the pillars (tridoshas) of our body. Can you please give a clear cut explanation sir. Me and some other students here are confused. Thank you.

  24. Sir I’m in 12 sci last sem n I have scored on 57% n I want to do BAMS should I get admission???? In any collage??

  25. Respected Sir,
    I completed diploma in Mechanical engineering
    but this year I want to take admission in the BAMS.
    how is this?

  26. namasthe sir,
    I have left 4 years during my course time and I have again joined to bams in same college in second year…now I am feeling difficulty to complete the course..pls give some points and encourage me.

  27. Sir, I am from Kerala. Could you please tell about the eligibility criteria to get admission in BAMS? Is Maths required in 12th class for BAMS admission or marks in PCB is only considered? Next, what is the cutoff marks in getting BAMS admission in a govt. ayurveda college?

  28. sir, i want to know whether basic knowledge in sanskrit is required to join BAMS. Will it be difficult to study without basic knowledge?

    • Hi, even without basic knowledge of Sanskrit, you can join BAMS. But once after joining the course, you will have to develop interest in learning Sanskrit.
      At least 50 – 60 % of students who join BAMS do not have pre-knowledge of Sanskrit.
      Sanskrit is a subject in the first year.

  29. sir i am bams studen of 1st year sir i have pass 12 in 2016 sir from ISC board and sir i have geting many problems to understand ayurvedic in hindi it is any book in english from which i can understand better and sir lots of problem to understand ayurveda sir plz regard me some book in english

        • Sir iam from tamilnadu nd iam studying 12th. With pcb batch. Which entrance i have to write fir Bams. And i don’t have any knowledge abt sanskrit. Is it possible to complete this degree

  30. Respected sir,
    Are the doshas in equilibrium when born? And later are they vitiated? Or are we born with some dosha predominant? And how do we determine prakriti if the doshas get vitiated? Or is prakriti the one which doesnt change from birth? Is dosha and prakriti in anyway inter related? I am really confused. Please help

  31. sir , I want to take admission in Ayurveda but the thing is I don’t know Sanskrit how many years I should study Sanskrit in BAMS….

  32. Sir I want to take admission in BAMS but the thing is I should answer the question paper of Sanskrit in English or Sanskrit and how many years I should study Sanskrit in BAMS … It’s a very big problem to me .. about Sanskrit …

  33. Hello sir, im from telangana suggest a three best ayurvedic colleges from karnataka thereby i can easily opt one clg which is near to my state, its became biggest problem to me about good clg, fees structure, career etc thanking u so much i found u best guide for students like me.
    Plz do reply thanking u so much sir.

    • Alva’s, Moodbidri, SDM Ayurveda College, ALN Rao Koppa, JSS Mysore, KLE Belgaum are good.

  34. Hello sir, how can we by heart shlokas in all subjects perfectly, is there any easier method to by heart the sholkas?

  35. This year 2017 admissions for ayurvedic will be done only through NEET or MHT-CET as well ? Please sir do respond.

    • In North India, it is Hindi. In South, English.
      Sanskrit is a subject in first year. You may have to learn basics of Sanskrit while studying BAMS.

    • Not very necessarily.
      For example, in the subject of anatomy, you have to study bones, joints, muscles, nerves, organs etc., as per modern also.
      Even for Ayurveda aspects, writing shloka for every answer is not needed. if you know the meaning perfectly, you can write answers without Shlokas.

  36. Hi, first have a look at previous year exam question papers and be ready with those answers.
    We are covering lot of padartha vijnana articles. Please read them. If you have any doubts, ask them in the comment section of the respective articles.
    Refer – 2 -3 Padartha Vijnana books for preparing notes.
    There are no shortcuts for hard work. Invest half an hour extra, each day for Padartha Vigyan.
    All the best!

  37. I found your article very much useful sir yes there is alot one can do in these ocean of amrut (ayurveda) only by putting lot of hardwork and whatever you have mentioned in your article is very much true im proud to be an ayurveda student and will surely follow these advices


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