Is Sanskrit Hindering You From Joining Ayurveda?

Article by – Dr Renita D’Souza
“A i Un Ru Lruk E On Ai Auch..” teacher started chanting. These were the first words that I heard in the first day, first class of my BAMS (Ayurveda) studies.  Surprisingly many of my classmates were aware of these words and started chanting along with teacher! 

I was not knowing what was happening. I joined college one week late as I joined through Common Entrance Test (now called NEET).

I had no idea about Sanskrit before joining B.A.M.S. But I was all fired up to dive deep into the ancient and rich Indian system of medicine – Ayurveda. Confusion grew to its peak in that first hour. All dreams of Ayurveda seemed shattered.

I am not worth to learn Ayurveda?
May be I should quit?

After the class fortunately my  friend smiled and asked, What you think?
Without inquiring what she was asking about I  said – May be I should quit. I don’t know Sanskrit. She replied – “Yes, even I don’t know Sanskrit but lets wait for a week to understand, if not then lets both quit together.”

Later I found out that the letters that were taught in the class are called Maheshwara Sutras – Basic letters of Sanskrit.

All thanks to friend who convinced to wait for a week, now glad to tell that we both have successfully completed 4.5 years of learning in Ayurveda.
She inspired not to quit but to give some time to learn Sanskrit like other subjects which were also new.

Let this experience of 1st day in my BAMS studies, be an inspiration to those interested in Ayurveda but have a thought to quit just because Sanskrit is a new Language to learn. When all other subjects in Ayurveda are new and we put an effort to learn, then why we get a thought to quit when its Sanskrit?
So friends lets say yes for Sanskrit to leverage treasure trove of Ayurveda.

How much Sanskrit is taught in BAMS?
You are taught basics of Sanskrit grammar and composition in first year.

Can a person without knowing anything about Sanskrit join Ayurveda?
Yes, you are given the basics of Sanskrit language concurrently with other subjects which makes it easy to understand.

Do Ayurvedic students need to write exam answers in Sanskrit?
No, you can write in English (or Hindi).

Is Hindi required before joining Ayurveda?
No, but if you know Hindi it will help to learn Sanskrit faster.

I have no interest in Ayurveda, I just want to become a doctor. Should I join BAMS?
No, if you are not interested in Ayurveda then probably BAMS is not a good choice to make.
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2 thoughts on “Is Sanskrit Hindering You From Joining Ayurveda?”

  1. Thanks for the inspirational blog.
    Could you suggest a good school for BAMS?
    Is there any age restriction for the entrance test?

    • The BAMS college choice depends on the state that you want to go to.
      NEET is compulsory to join BAMS.


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