6 Camphor Remedies: Head Lice, Asthma, Headache, Joint Pains

By Dr MS Krishnamurthy MD(Ayu), PhD
Camphor is originally obtained from the plant Cinnamomum camphora, also called Paccha Karpoora. But it is also produced synthetically. For oral consumption and for usage as medicine or remedies, naturally available camphor is preferred.

Natural camphor is obtained by distilling the bark and wood of the camphor tree Cinnamonum camphora.  Synthetic camphor is manufactured from turpentine oil.

Modern science has accepted its potent effect with respect to its Stimulant and diaphoretic effect, antiseptic action, disinfectant- insecticide-and germicide properties, carminative ability, anti spasmodic, aphrodisiac and anti inflammatory action, sedative and decongestant properties with respect to human body.
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Home remedies

Here are a few simple camphor home remedies:

Chest congestion

1. Camphor dissolved in oil in chest congestion:
5 grams of camphor is taken and added to 100 ml of warm sesame oil and dissolved. This is used to apply over the chest. Simultaneously this can be used for inhalation also. This relieves cough, breathlessness, nasal blockage and chest congestion caused due to asthma.


2. Camphor mixed with honey in cough and throat irritation:
500 mg -1 gram of camphor is powdered well and mixed with half spoon of honey. This is consumed by licking. This pacifies cough, cold, throat pain and irritation of the throat.


3. Camphor pill in flatulence (gas), indigestion, headache and anorexia:
Camphor, rock salt, cumin seeds and cardamom or clove are taken in equal quantity and fine paste is made. This is mixed well and rolled into the pills of 125-250 mg size. This is dried under shade and collected and stored. This is taken along with warm water or cumin herbal tea.

Joint pain

4. Oil of camphor-thymol and sunflower oil:
10 gram camphor, 5 gram thymol and 200 ml of sunflower oil are taken together and slightly warmed (do not heat more as the camphor and thymol may be lost due to heat).
This is taken out of the fire and allowed for cooling. Meanwhile this is constantly stirred to avoid precipitation.

This oil is applied over the painful joints and muscular regions. In calcaneal spur, back ache, neuralgia etc also this can be used.

Head lice

5. Camphor home remedy for head lice and burning sensation:
10 grams of camphor is dissolived in 100 ml of warm coconut oil. Allowed to cool down. This is applied on the scalp in case of burning/ headache.
In case of head lice, this is applied to the whole scalp at night. Next day morning, hair is washed.


6. Camphor powder dusting:
Camphor is a very good cleanser. Dusting of the fine powder of camphor over the wounds and cracks helps to heal the wound faster.
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