4 Home Remedies For Burning Sensation In Head

By Dr.M.S. Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD
Burning of the scalp is a  common feature in several systemic disorders. Even though tackling the main disorder is the easy step to relieve from the complaint, usually it takes several weeks to months time period to give complete relief from burning sensation of the head. In addition, if burning sensation is persistent for prolonged period it will take away the pleasure and concentration of the individuals. 
So people who are suffering from burning of the scalp surface are in search of safe and effective home remedies to pacify the complaint.

Here are four important, time tested and safe home remedies to relieve from burning of the head.Even while taking the internal medication of any kind or system also these home remedies can be practiced by which added benefits can be availed-

1. Aloe vera pulp is taken and squeezed with double amount of water. This is kept as it is for 10-15 minutes. Later, it is applied to the middle of the scalp. Or else a cotton cloth is dipped in this juice and placed in the middle of the head and to easier the procedure it can be tied later.

Usually within 15 minutes good relief is found. Even in sleepless condition and burning of the eyes also this is having significant effect.
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2. 10 ml buffalo’s ghee (in the absence cow’s ghee can also be used) is added with a pinch of camphor (Bheemaseni kapoor) and rubbed well. This is kept in between the bandage cloth (or smell piece of cloth/towel) and kept over the scalp.The patient is asked to lie down later.
Burning sensation is relieved soon.
Note: Those who are allergic to the smell of camphor are better to avoid or else they mey get cold or running nose immediately.
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3. Leaf of Bimbi (Courgette /Ivy Gourd) and Malabar Spinach (Basella rubra) are made into fine paste and applied to the middle of the scalp.
Burning of the scalp followed by nasal bleeding are also relieved by this.
In cases of sleeplessness also it is found effective.

Malabar Spinach

4. Freshly prepared onion juice is mixed with ghee and coconut milk and mixed together thoroughly.This becomes a viscous emulsion.This is applied over the scalp and sole.

This reduces the burning sensation and induces good sleep especially in children it is having very significant effect.
Opt for simple remedies for simple illnesses instead of going towards major medications and therapies unnecessarily.
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