Sensitive Skin: Diet Changes, Ayurvedic Remedies, Medicines

Article by Prof. MS Krishnamurthy MD (Ayu), PhD.
Quite commonly we get the patients who are complaining of one or other simple skin problem repeatedly. They complain of burning, itching, numbness, discoloration, pain, irritation etc. Many a time it does not need any medicine. Whereas in few conditions immediate medicines are to be taken or else the condition will flare up.
Interestingly, in many cases physicians as well as the patients are also confused to assess the role of the medication in these cases

As such patients are very familiar to repeated episodes usually they take some anti-histamines and feel happy that it will be relieved soon.
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Factors to avoid

Now the question is – What exactly one should do to avoid such kind of sensitive skin syndrome?
Ayurveda explains this condition as Sparsha asahatwa. But usually this word is translated as ‘pain’ ‘tenderness’ or ‘numbness’.

Being one among the features of vitiated Vata, Sparshasahatwa may be found any point of time especially because of unwholesome food (asatmya ahara) associated with the factors responsible for vitiation of vata like irregular food habit, night awakening, taking food untimely etc.

So the individual should avoid the food and habits which are unwholesome to him/her.
Also while having the food it is essential to know the exact quality of the food they take. Because one can judge- whether it is suitable or no.
Also, in case of any adverse reactions of the skin one can manage the condition by easily available substances or find and habits which counter acts.
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Read this example
I have seen few of the patients come with the complaint of rashes immediately after having Poori/Puri (a food item used as breakfast in most part of India).

If the individual knows the oil in which it is cooked, he can avoid that particular food as he may be allergic/unwholesome to mustard oil, sun flower oil, coconut oil, ground nut oil, palm oil etc.

Also if he consumes and comes to know the particular variety of oil, he can counter act the adverse reactions by suitable counteracting natural substances (herbal or food resources) like-
Mustard oil- tender coconut water or coconut milk
Sun flower oil-buttermilk added with salt or cumin seeds
Coconut oil- dry ginger and turmeric ( a pinch of each of ginger and turmeric with honey or water, 2 times a day after food)
Ground nut oil-cumin seeds and – half a teaspoon of cumin seed powder once or twice a day
Palm oil-warm water added with a pinch of salt
Cotton seed oil- tender coconut water or coconut milk
Ghee-buttermilk etc
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Ayurvedic formulations

Simple and effective Ayurvedic formulations helpful to subside the skin irritations are as follows-
(click on each medicine name to know more about it)
Kamadugha with mouktik – used for treating gastritis, headache, burning urination, fever and bleeding disorders etc.
Godanti bhasma – used in Ayurvedic treatment of headache, Chronic Fever, leucorrhea etc
Sootashekhara ras – used in the treatment of dyspepisa, gastritis, vomiting, abdominal pain etc.
Saptamrita loha – used in the treatment of eye disorders, gastritis, abdominal colic, etc.
Haridrakhanda rasayana – highly effective Ayurvedic medicine for allergy.
Usheerasav – a liquid Ayurveda medicine used in treating bleeding disorders, skin diseases etc.
Sarivadyasav – used in the treatment of many skin diseases.
Paripathadi khada
Kaishora guggulu – It acts as – aging skin health promoter, joint health, natural blood cleanser, useful as supportive dietary herbal supplement in many health conditions such as diabetes, skin diseases etc. etc
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Add one pinch of turmeric to half a cup of warm water / warm milk and drink early in the morning or at bed time.
Use warm water for drinking as much as you can.
Do not take sweets / oily food / non veg (if any) at night.
Take night food 2 hours before you sleep
No curds at night. Use buttermilk in stead.
As far as possible, take food while they are hot.
Avoid curds. Buttermilk is fine. Read related: Buttermilk benefits
No sweets, oily food, at night.
Include more of turmeric, cinnamon, nutmeg, almond, dry grapes, pomegranate, ginger, cardamom, clove, curry leaves in diet.
Avoid fish, egg plants, bhindi (Lady finger)

So be careful here after when you are opting for food of your liking. Do not have the food by believing the doctors prescriptions which may or may not subside your problem.

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