Can I take up Ayurveda career? Is There scope?

Should you take up Ayurveda course? Should I do BAMS? Is there scope? Or, you have already an Ayurveda student, then what areas can you concentrate upon?

For an Ayurveda student

If you are an Ayurveda student and thinking, in which area should I go further in future, then you have to do a self analysis. 

First point is about your interest.
What area really interests you? In which area do you want to spend your lifetime? Which area will not cause boredom? 
Say, you have to work for 10 hours a day, what is that area, in which, even after 10 hours of work, you will not be bored to continue for 2 more hours? 

Second point is – in which subjects, you are naturally skilled and dominant? 
Nutrition? Yoga? Treatment? Cosmetology? Skincare? Hair care? 
If disease treatment, then which set of disorders? Respiratory? woman and child care? 
Clinical trial and research? Writing articles? Public speaking? 
Pharmaceuticals? Psychiatry and counselling?

Third point is the most difficult to answer.
Which is the less explored Area of Ayurveda?
In which area of Ayurveda, the real future exists? Where, people are going to spend lot of money?

You have to match the market opportunity with your interests and skills.
These are the things that come to my mind. 

Huge opportunity for female BAMS students

One area, where I see huge potential is in cosmetics, eye and hair care, manicure and pedicure. 

First, join a very good local beauty parlour and learn all things that they do. Do not say that you are an AYurveda doctor. Just learn what they actually do. You can even do this during internship. 
Then sit for a month at home and plan Ayurvedic beauty parlour. What Ayurvedic techniques, oils, herbs that you would incorporate? 
What techniques you would copy exactly like that beauty parlour? 
What changes you would make? 

Then open your own beauty parlor. 
Name the parlor distinctly, so that people already know that you are different from all other beauty parlors. for example, Dr Shivani’s Ayurvedic Beauty parlor. 
Then while doing the all cosmetic things, also start consulting the patients for their other health issues, as well. Then, slowly, in about a year or two, come up with your own unique products and start selling them to your clients. 
This is the best path of least resistance that I can think of. 
Side by side, learn more about marketing, finance, advertising etc. 
Read how to market your Ayurvedic clinic

If you are thinking to take up BAMS

Question: Sir, I’m a school student. I’m in 11th bio-maths. If I choose Ayurveda as my career, will it be helpful? Does this field has scope. Please consider and reply me sir, so that I shall be grateful to you.
Here are a few questions to ask yourself.
1. Are you really interested in becoming an Ayurveda doctor?
2. Are you thinking of pursuing Ayurveda because your parents want you to become a doctor somehow?
If the answer for the first question is no. and the second question is yes, Then, it is best for you to look into something else.

scope of Ayurveda

Is there any scope in Ayurveda? 
It depends on how your learn, how good a doctor you will become and how well you use opportunities.

You will have to think about – when you become an Ayurveda doctor after 5 and half years of study, can you have the caliber of opening your own clinic and serving the patients.

If you want to go to teaching career in Ayurveda, currently most of the lecturer posts in almost all the colleges are filled up, over that, you will have to post graduation in Ayurveda (another 3 years) to be qualified for a lecturer post.

Another point of view is – 
Within 5.5 – 6 years, if you pursue engineering or any other course, you can finish your post graduation.
So, when you compare salary of a post graduate degree candidate of other fields vs salary of a newbie Ayurveda doctor, the salary of the post graduate candidate of other field will obviously have more salary.

So, I would suggest you to think within yourself – whether you really love herbs, herbal medicines, natural way of living, treating patients with illnesses and so on?
If you think you can become a really good Ayurvedic doctor, then you can build up your own scope.

Please have a talk with your parents. May be, visit an Ayurveda college near you and talk to the students. You will start getting some ideas.

Hope my answers were helpful.
Wish you all the success in your life!

I have been associated with Sharada Ayurvedic Medical College, Mangalore for the last 1 year. We have trained more than 25 foreign students thus far. All have been very happy and wanting to come back. (Read video testimonials here)
I know the management and I know the professors. I would recommend anyone to join this college.
If you want to know more, write to me – [email protected]

Dr JV Hebbar

42 thoughts on “Can I take up Ayurveda career? Is There scope?”

  1. Sir,I am a bams Dr doing job in nrhm as medical officer in school health. Also I want to practice in ayurveda but I forgot treatment of ayurveda. What to do?!

    • 1. Please start reading my website more and more.
      2. Join in to our weekly one hour online class –

  2. Sorry to disturb you Mr.Hebbar, Is there any surgical activity(cutting, peeling skin, dissection) done in a BAMS course?

  3. sir i’m a plus two completed student with tamil as my 2nd language, i don’t know sankrit, is this cause any problem for learning ayurveda

    • Hi, if you have inclination and interest to learn some Sanskrit (you may not take full interest in it, but some effort will be required), then you can surely take Ayurveda.

  4. sir,,i am now doin my 12th nd am waitin for my board exams to get over,,,i hav registerd for neet ,,,i am biomaths whch includs bio phy chem maths and english,,,i am not much familiar with sanskrit ,,is it a must for bams??will ths effect my carrier in bams?but i hav passion to become a vaidhyar,.

    • Hi, Sanskrit is there as a subject in first year. It is not that hard to learn. Even if you do not have prior knowledge of Sanskrit, still you can learn it while doing BAMS.

  5. Dear sir,I’m government ayurvedic doctor(BAMS) in the Sri Lanka,I wish to register Australian ayurvedic medical council as a lifestyle ayurvedic consultant.Please help me, I want to know about which procedure follow up?I hope your kind contribution.thank you!

    • Hi, it really depends on your intuition.
      BPT – sports therapist, gym therapist, you can have your own clinic, etc.
      BAMS – own clinic, dietician, beauty specialist, cosmetology, general medicine etc.

  6. Hi, doctor I completed class 12 th appeared for neet 2017 and waiting for results. Confused between bhms and bams….which has better scope in career opportunities? Please advice..

    • Hi, Both have scope. Better to talk with a few Ayurveda and homeopathy doctors locally.
      Hope you read the above article.

  7. Hi Doctor ,
    What are the scopes of agadatantra in treatment ?
    Which are the best colleges offer PG in Agadathantra

    • Hi, I only personally know about Agada Tantra MD education in Alva’s Ayurveda college, Moodbidri. It is pretty decent.

  8. Hello sir I have completed my 2 pu.n I am interested in doing Ayurveda.but my family members are opposing me except my parents.Soo I am confused what to choose.Can you plse guide me…?

    • Hi, it is left to you and your parent’s decision. But without a clear vision, do not join Ayurveda. The job opportunities are quite less. If you can take the challenge open the clinic on your own, then you can take up Ayurveda.

  9. After BAMS, you can join as internee or research worker in clinical research institutes or take clinical research course in ICRI

    or, do MD (Ayurveda) is any of your subject, then take up work in research institute.

  10. Hello sir,
    I passed my 12th academic level. I attended neet 2017 and secured eligibility for bams and applied sciences. And I am not much familiar with Sanskrit. Is this a pblm while choosing the course. Is there any better job scope in states like Kerala and Tamil nadu..please give me a better guide sir..

    • Hi, there is no better job scope with BAMS both in kerala and Tamil Nadu. If you can take courage to start your own clinic, then it is worth taking BAMS.
      If you do not know Sanskrit, pre-hand, no problem.

  11. Hello sir ,
    I am ambika.I finished my 12th with 95% and I got 98540 air in I am confused between MBBS and bams .which is better sir?

  12. Please help me out. I have secured a bams seat in private college in sangli. I am not able to decide whether to do bams or repeat neet and try to gain more marks and try for mbbs. What should I do?

    • Hi,
      1. if you are not passionate about Ayurveda
      2. If you think MBBS is better
      3. If you think you can get higher ranking in NEET next year, then wait for one more year.

  13. Hey doctor ! Recently I appeared for punjab entrance bams exam and secured a better rank than neet 2017 . please tell me about status and value of a bams doctor. I want to take bams but many of my knowns who are bams doctors told me not to take it and told me to give a try next year for MBBS so please help me out and tell me is there any scope of bams in punjab.

    • Hi, there is no value for a BAMS doctor, unless you work hard and create value for yourself. If you are confident of cracking neet for MBBS next year, better to wait. If you are passionate to do some good in Ayurveda field, then you can go for it.

  14. Hi sir, Iam done with my 12th and iam waiting for BAMS course details like admission process and iam from telangana state.There is no official details about the course from govt what to do sir and how long it takes………plz reply

    • It takes 4.5 years of studies + 1 year of internship (house surgeon).
      Please visit a local Ayurvedic college directly and talk with any lecturer.

  15. Hi sir ,
    I have been allotted a seat in bams in haryana bt some say it’s got lesser scope in future , if u could please tell me what’s good after completing bams n how can we earn good in this field jst lke MBBS doctors ?

    • Sorry that I do not have a definitive answer.
      But if you love Ayurveda and want to help people with it, you can also earn good money. You have to be innovative, studious and hard working. There are no short cuts.

  16. Hello sir…
    I am 12 pass out student…not getting good rank in neet. Right now I m confused with physiotherapy and bams.w hich one has the better scope in coming future…
    ..can u please help me out sir….

    • If you are left with only those two choices, then BAMS looks better. But it is just my opinion. Please consult family seniors.

  17. Hello sir ..
    I dropped my one year and i will get admission in bams , sir i am confused that should i opt for it or not is there nice healthy income.and according to u howw much any person can earn ??

    • If you become a capable Ayurveda doctor, then you can earn lakhs. It all depends on your courage and intelligence.


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