Things That Make Me Atypical Ayurveda Doctor

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With the phrase –  Ayurveda doctor, fortunately or otherwise, some terms are closely associated, like vegetarianism, spiritualism, not-for-profit, Yoga loving, etc. But, though I have 10,000+ email subscribers, though I receive constant flow of good reviews to my writings and knowledge, I present myself as a confusing character to many. It is dangerous to build up a personality in public eyes, that you actually aren’t. I cannot live with that false fame. Let me make it very simple for you to understand me. Here is how my belief system and my practice works.

Non veg stand:
I do not have any problem with people eating non veg food.
Should a non vegetarian person change to veg to enjoy spirituality benefits? Yes, only if he is willing. If he feels he cannot live without non veg food, then no, he can continue with non veg.
Should a non vegetarian person change to veg to enjoy health benefits? – No, if he cannot live without it. Yes, if he is very obese, high cholesterol etc, to the level of life-threatening.

Does pure Ayurveda recommend vegetarianism? No. Read why.
Does pure Ayurveda recommend vegan? Not even in my dreams. There is cow milk all over the place!
Does that mean that one who is practicing vegetarianism against to Ayurveda? Absolutely not. Because, I myself am a pure vegetarian. Ayurveda accepts and delivers to all sorts of eaters.

Does that mean that one who is practicing vegan, against to Ayurveda? Absolutely not. Anyone with any belief system (religious or dietary), can benefit from Ayurveda. Ayurveda is for all. Those who say that Ayurveda is only for one particular religion or one particular diet believers, they are lying on day light. Stop visiting them.
Can vegetarianism assure of a spiritual life? No. I have seen many pure veg guys, who are thieves by profession. (I am not calling every veg guy as thief. If I did so, I will be calling myself as thief. Get the point in perspective.)

I sleep for 8 hours.
I just cannot beat my sleep. If I miss 8 hours of night sleep, I sleep in the day to balance it out. But I follow the rules of day-sleep. Because, I exercise 6 days a week, I am eligible for day sleep all the season. I encourage people to sleep less and be more active. But I am just saying that I sleep for 8 hours. That does not mean that I am inactive. I count and recount every minute of the rest 16 hours to get maximum out of it.
There is a theory that people who sleep 8 hours are Tamasik, 7 hours, are Rajasik and 6 hours are Satvic. Probably true.

I love gym than Yoga.
You might have noticed that in my article – Gym or Yoga, I am slightly bent on gym side, because I love gym.
Gym or Yoga – which should be followed by a person? Any one, that the person loves the most. If a person loves Yoga, he should not be pushed into a gym room. So true. But the vice versa is also very true. Right? Thanks.
But Yoga is very peaceful and spiritual. I will surely adopt it one day.

Pulse diagnosis standoff:
When you examine a patient, do you check patient’s pulse or not? Yes I do, but I only check pulse to get an idea about heart’s rhythm and rate. I do not know a technique to understand what patient had last night, how many children that the patient has, what is the kidney stone size etc info just by pulse diagnosis.
It is one of the over-rated things in Ayurveda. I already have expressed my views and got berated by a lot of people for that. But I still stand there. Read – Why Charaka and Sushruta did not mention pulse diagnosis?

Masturbation is okay to do.
Is masturbation good for health?Yes, it is good for physical and mental health, if done once in 7 – 15 days. 
Is masturbation against to Ayurveda? No. 
Is it good for spiritual health? No.
Does that mean that Ayurveda is not a spiritual science? Ayurveda is primarily a healthcare science. Spirituality is just an appendage in Ayurveda. Hence, non spiritual persons can also benefit from it.
Is over-masturbation good for health?No. Only once 7 – 15 days, is fine.
Is Brahmacharya – Celibacy good for health? – Yes, surely! Try to follow Brahmacharya to the maximum extent. If you fail occasionally, do not worry. Do not develop guilty feeling.

I do not like mixing Ayurveda with spirituality
If you read any part of Charaka Samhita, you can see that it is studded with 99.99 % of physical and mental health and only a few lines about spiritual health. See, I am not a spiritual Guru. I do not know anything about meditation. If you are seeking spiritual hints through Ayurveda, probably you will not get it here in my website or in any Ayurveda text book.
To enjoy full benefits of spirituality, good health is a Pre-requisite, for which Ayurveda is helpful. It does not mean that one needs to be spiritual to adopt Ayurveda.
Are you an atheist? No.

Can a non spiritual atheist person benefit from Ayurveda?
Though Charaka mentions not to treat an atheist, still, an atheist can benefit from Ayurveda. If some atheist emails me, I will be happy to help. Still better, I do not have a question like – are you an theist or not? in my email questionnaire.
Probably no Ayurvedic doctor has this question in the case sheet. But still, many try to mix Ayurveda with spirituality.

I do not have any problem with LGBT community.
They have full rights to live with their choices, as similar to any other human being on this plant. I respect them, I love them, I hug them.
Does Ayurveda oppose gay sex or lesbian sex? No, if it is done in hygienic and ethical conditions.

I am sometimes abrupt, awkward and rude.
It is only in some 5 % of cases. People around me, love me. So, I am not that much a bad person. If I have hurt you, I am sorry.

I am not a meditator.
I follow spiritual practice prescribed to me, by my spiritual Guru. But I am yet to get full concentration level to get myself immersed in meditation.

I do not preach regular Pranayama to all.
Standard pranayama as per Yoga has many side effects and not suitable for all. Read more- Pranayama side effects. Hence, for patients, standard pranayama might not suit. Hence, I preach this simple version of easy Pranayama to all. 

I do not offer personal consultation.
Simply because it does not make sense to me, financially. I might go broke. I only do email consultation, which is not the best choice, and is inferior to direct consultation. Hence, whoever writes to me, I make it clear in the first email itself, that what I am suggesting is not the best solution and is not a substitute for direct consultation with a doctor.
Does that mean that most of things that you write are from theoretical experience rather than practical knowledge? No. I was practicing till recently.

Why don’t you offer phone / video consultation?
I am not good in conversation, I get confused easily. If I do, the fee will be bit higher than the reach of a common man. So, I just avoid it.
Why don’t you consult by chat service? It takes a lot of time. I think that investing half an hour in writing an article to reach a larger mass is more beneficial than spending half an hour in chatting.

This website is not just meant for serving the public.
Because writing is my full time job, if this website, email consultation, ebook sale etc doesn’t  bring in cash, I cannot continue it further. Every month, I have to spend a minimum of 30,000 Indian Rupees to keep this website alive. The monthly costs are only increasing by the time. Do not mistake me. I am not asking for donation etc. I am only conveying you, If you want me to spend my time to reply to your health queries by email, there is a fee to pay.
If you want to read my ebook, emagazine etc, you can buy them for an offer price.
I love money. I want to become rich and famous in an ethical way. Thanks for understanding.

Someone advised me – Do not sell Ayurveda. I replied – “Do not give free advice to people. Ask them to pay you first. Then only advise.”
If money is not a problem, would you do free email consultation? No. There is no value for free advice.

Some personal stuff:
I am 33 year old, a teetotaler. I started my affair with my wife, only after we got engaged. Ours is an arranged marriage, wherein our elders make the decision/ choice. No other affairs before (or after) that. I and Karthayini are blessed with two beautiful daughters.
I care less about people who do not continue to communicate with me. Kind of, – Out of site, out of mind. Part of that is because of my busy schedule. But I just get back to normal pace, if that person re-contacts me. Once someone establishes contact, things will take off from where we left off.

I am just like your regular neighborhood guy with more text bookish Ayurvedic knowledge and less of practical Ayurvedic knowledge, with some own interpretations of Ayurveda, here and there. Thanks for spending your valuable time in understanding me and accepting me as it is.

22 thoughts on “Things That Make Me Atypical Ayurveda Doctor”

  1. Indeed. I hope people react well. Myself, I wish I could find some mahamayura ghrta or other things spoken about even less.

    As far as spirituality, if I correctly understand dosha, or interpret for example stages of life through dosha like pitta and vata, is not the goal to become free of it through samadhi? I haven’t read your commentary on sutrasthana 25. Will take a look.

  2. Dr Hebbar,

    It is unfortunately that in this materialistic world anything given free does not carry any value nor respect for the giver. I am sure this article will clear misgivings, if any, of your readers once and for all.

    It requires certain amount of clarity of thought and daring to voice one’s views in public; but you have put them in writing and on the net. Only those true to their calling can dare to bare in the way you did. I am sure it will inspire many to lead a life of truth and clarity.

    May God bless you and your family.

  3. Dear Dr Hebbar,

    I completely agree with you. Everyone has got a special personality, specific preferences, likes and dislikes, abilities and inabilities (rather less-abilities). It is perfect to work according to one’s own personality and preferences and only that can fulfill one’s purpose, I believe.

    I also agree that many people don’t trust one is one is offering free services in this materialistic world. Being more academic than practical is perfect if one likes it as I think knowledge dissemination is equally important rather than only doing clinical practice and prescribing drugs/diet.

    Wish you all the best on your path.

    Dr Parin

  4. you are pure vegetarian ,it is a good indication like me but I again request you not to write anything in support of non-veg because human being is not created by the creator to eat other creatures .Thanks

  5. Dear Dr. Hebbar. Your frank expression in this article shows that you are a “down to earth” person. To day we see more people packed with information but not with insight.. I find that you are more inclined to pursue the latter course. You say that you do not meditate. This is because the concept is not clear to you. Many so called Gurus confuse the issue. It is very scientific. Read about “Mirror neurons” discussed by Dr. Vilaykumar Ramchandran. Extend the idea further that our Mirror Neurons enable us to observe what is going on in the brain in a dispassionate manner. That is really meditation. Yogsutras of Patanjali explain it best in case you want to take it up. Also read the book “My stroke of insight” by Jill Taylor. It explains the role of left and right brains to serve as foundation to grasp the concept of meditation. Then it will be clear, how the Tibetans have excelled in the art and science of meditation. Your article has stimulated me to get in touch with you again after some interval. Pursue what you like with all the vigor and do not worry about what others feel about you. – Dr. M.K.Kolhatkar, Pune Maharashtra

  6. Dear Dr Hebbar
    I love reading your articles and and this one about yourself – is really great as someone previously has said- it proves that you are down to earth and not arrogant with your knowledge. Your articles must help lots of people even though they may not write to let you know. Please keep up the great work.

  7. Dear Dr Hebbar, I really appreciate what you have done following the principle of “PHYSICIAN, KNOW THYSELF”. 🙂
    Not many physicians even would do that.
    Just to introduce myself, I am a physician in Secunderabad who has had a long-term interest in Ayurveda and would love to learn the art of Ayurveda someday. I believe that Ayurveda has a lot to offer to mankind and hope that inter-disciplinary methods will in a large way be the way of the future.

    • Dear Dr Priya Chariar, greetings! It is very nice to learn about your interest in Ayurveda 🙂
      Best regards
      Dr Hebbar

  8. Whatever is being expressed about Ayurveda here is absolutely right. Ayurveda is one of the upavedas, along with Dhanurveda, Gandharveda and Sthapatyaveda. Ayurveda is for maintaining health, Dhanurveda is for protection of the self, Gandharvaveda is for art (vocal and kinesthetic) and Sthapatyaveda is for artistic abilities. None of these are meant for spiritual upliftment.

    As far as meditation is concerned, the best definition for the same is: Dhyanam nirvishayam manaH |, as told in the Maithreyee upanishath. This simply means that, when mind is made empty, without any effort to think, then the ego ceases to exist, and thus results in samadhi. In other words, effortlessness is samadhi. In fact, this happens every night during sleep, when ego loses itself, but without any awareness of it. When done with awareness, then it is called as meditation. All other practices of meditation are either self-flattery or self-cheating. Thus, samadhi and “aham brahmasmi” are synonymous, only for that person who sheds the ego and realizes the self.

    You are doing great work. Keep doing whatever you have been doing, and remain healthy. When people cannot understand themselves, then how do you expect them to understand others? If you worry more about people’s opinions, you will become upset, and then we will become upset 🙂 As Adi Shankara says: we have to look at people as a person at the top of the mountain looks down. We should appreciate the people who come up, we should pity the others who do not put efforts to come up, and we should keep on encouraging them to come up, and should not worry much if they curse back, because, they are expressing their failures in different ways.

    When you have time, visit our website: You may find many answers for the questions on spirituality.

  9. Dr J V Hebbar
    Thank you for such informative article. It is strait forward and helps me to understand and know you better. Love all your articles, videos, books. My respect to you.

    Sincerely, Elena


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