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To consult Dr Hebbar through email
fee is – Rs 300/- or 7 USD for 3 email conversations. 

But here are a few conditions.
The below email consultation service – you have illness and wish to get my advice. I advice herbal products / home remedies / Ayurvedic medicines for your condition, for the best of my knowledge.

  • Please do not expect me to explain you regarding your disease condition.
  • Sorry that I do not answer the question – why the diseases has occurred in you?
  • Sorry that I am poor at planning a diet chart. Hence, I do not offer this service.
  • Sorry that I do not answer the question – explain how the suggested medicines will be useful in your disease?
  • Sorry that I do not answer the question – you have suggested xyz medicine. But I have heard abc medicine is best. Which one is good for me?
  • If you want me to prescribe only the traditional Ayurvedic medicines and not the proprietary company products (such as, from Himalaya, Organic India, Alarsin, etc), please mention that well ahead in your first email only.
  • If you wish to claim the health insurance, sorry that I cannot send the prescription letter in print or the fees receipt in print. I can only send the scanned copy by email, if required.

Please note that I offer consultation only by email. I do NOT offer consultation by phone / skype / chat. I do not have a clinic as well.
Regarding email consultation –
Please read a few notes regarding my online consultation here.If you decided to consult me, it implies that you have agreed to the terms and conditions stated.
Disclaimer regarding my email consultation:
1. My email consultation has many disadvantages and is inferior when compared to a direct doctor’s consultation.
2. I strongly suggest to verify my advice with your doctor before starting off with my advice. I am not responsible for any untoward health incident that may occur by following my advice.
3. If you have any doubts with my advice, please get them clarified with me, before starting to follow the advice. ‘
4. My health advice are just suggestions and are not a doctor’s prescription. The statements that I make are not approved by FDA. They are not substitutes for direct consultation with your doctor.
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(Note: If you find trouble paying using below mentioned methods, please find and use  my bank account details at the end of this page.) My paypal id is – [email protected]


From Within India –
Pay fee from within India:
Using ATM card, net banking (except ICICI), cash card, mobile payments, wallet, UPI click below (everything except credit card, from within India)

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Click here to make payment through  paypal or using your credit card from outside India.


If you have any difficulty in making the payment, please let me know in the comment section. If nothing of the above works, you can make the payment with below details.
But after making the payment, you will have to email me that you have done so. – my email – [email protected]


16 thoughts on “Contact Dr Hebbar”

  1. I would like to talk DR Habber about gynaecological problem. Can talk to you on mobile? I will pay your fee by PayPal., please let me know,
    Thank you

  2. Madam, Amla powder for Pitta balance – If you want to achieve Pitta balance, if you have digestion problems, or some skin related issues like acne, you can have Amla along with ghee (clarified butter). The dose can be – one teaspoon of amla churna with one teaspoon of clarified butter. Follow it up with a glass of hot water.

    • Hello madam, Would like to know your height so as to know you’re BMI. Would advise you take a expert opinion on the same he/she would lay down the diet accordingly.

  3. Hi, I have stretch all over my body after my pregnancy…want to know if there is any remedy available in Ayurveda for that? I put on quiet a lot of weight in my pregnancy

    • Madam, You can try these remedies:
      Massaging stretch marks with Olive Oil improves blood circulation in the affected areas
      Moisturizing your skin daily with natural moisturizers like cocoa butter, almond oil, Vitamin E…
      Applying Aloe Vera gel to stretch marks lightens them and finally reduces them to nothing.
      Neem leaves can be used in bathwater or grinded into a paste which can be applied directly to the affected areas or even consumed orally to eliminate stretch marks.
      Using Sandalwood to cure stretch marks is considered as one of the most effective remedies. Sandalwood cools the skin and strengthens its elasticity. The use of sandalwood even before stretch marks can occur is useful in the complete prevention of stretch marks. Sandalwood paste helps lighten and get rid of stubborn stretch marks.

  4. Hello Dr,

    There is a difference in the consultation fees i.e Rs. 250 or 7 US Dollars (Rs. 469.56). I wanted to consult you via Email, please advise me how much to pay.


    • 7 USD is for foreign clients who use paypal. The difference in fees is because, paypal deduction charges are higher and paypal counts 3 rupee lesser to current dollar value.

      So, if you have an Indian bank account, then pay using Indian payment method, or else through paypal

  5. Dear Dr. Thanks for your well defined Reply. I prefer to take traditional Kotakal Ayurvedic Medicines. Pls prescribe accordingly. I shall make the payment to yourSBI account right now and inform you once it is done.


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