What Is The Right Time To Sleep? How To Plan Your Sleep?

The number of people having difficulty in maintaining a regular night sleep pattern is increasing day by  day. Unfortunately, most of them are youngsters, who fail to sleep early and wake up early. If your daily routine becomes irregular at a very young age, it surely fails to lay a good foundation for your future health and life. Try to follow these tips to sleep at a fixed time at night, preferably by 11 PM

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Why 11 PM is the right time to sleep?
There are many factors to decide the time to go to bed. For most of us, it is better to fix the sleeping time to not-later-than 11 PM.  As per Ayurveda, sleep is influenced by Kapha Dosha.
Those with Kapha body type sleep more. Those with Pitta or Vata body type, usually sleep less.


If you divide the night into three parts, the first part of night, – about 9 pm – 12 mid night is dominated by Kapha. So, irrespective of your Dosha body type, you will have some sort of Kapha dominance during this period. Hence, if you sleep within this time, the chances of you getting good night sleep is very high.

Do not wait till 12
Though Kapha time may last till 12 mid night, it is not wise to wait till 12 at night to go to bed. Between 10 – 11 is the good time to sleep. Hence, ideally, it is best to go to sleep before 11 pm. If you delay your bed time beyond 12 o clock, the middle one third of the night is dominated by Pitta, which is not conducive to sleep.

Avoid Pitta imbalance:
This means that, people who sleep late, usually suffer with Pitta imbalance disorders, such as migraine, burning sensation, gastritis, grey hairs, hair loss, worsening of skin diseases, worsening of blood toxins, etc.  This also means that, if you have these disorders already, better to sleep early, or your symptoms may worsen.

Enabling you to wake up before 6 am
Sleeping by 11 pm also enables you to wake up by 6 am. This will give you a good rest of about 7 hours of night sleep, which is quite ideal. Waking up by 6 has its own distinct advantages.
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So, now you know that it is good to hit the bed, at least by 11 pm. Let me workout a plan for you to help you do so.

Plan to sleep by 11 pm 
If you have the habit of having coffee/ tea at night, it should be before 7:30 pm. No beverages after that.
Have Food on or before 9 pm. This will give you a good gap of 2 hours, between dinner and bed time, which is idea. This helps to avoid indigestion disorders.
Unless very thirsty, avoid drinking anything after 10:00 pm.
Do not watch TV / internet half an hour before sleep. By 10:30 pm, your laptops, tablets and phones should be far away from you.
10:30-10:40  pm –After keeping all the gadgets away, exercise for 10 minutes. It can be a few easy Yoga exercises, or just walking.
By 10:40, stop talking to all your family members. More you talk, more you activate thinking process, more the brain will be kept engaged. This will delay brain relaxing. This will delay sleeping.
10:40 – 10:50 pm – Read your favorite book or magazine (not on your phone or tablet)
Okay, we are left only with 10 minutes to finish brushing etc. Let us finish that and hit the bed on time.
Make sure to keep the room dark.
If you have trouble sleeping, do not even switch on dim light while sleeping.
Keep the phone etc away from your bed.

Other tips:
Avoid spicy foods and foods that cause bloating causing foods at night, such as broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, carbonated, high acid drinks, dairy products, potato maize, pasta, chewing gum.
Avoid sweets and fried foods at night. Know why
Take cold water bath in the morning.
Drink good amounts of water throughout the day, based on your thirst. A well hydrated body will help in better energies and better sleeping habits.

A request to youngsters: 
I have seen this late sleeping disorder in youngsters. So, here is a friendly chat to them –
I get that you are busy, you have your own priorities, your relationships, your friends, your hobbies, classes  and what not.
I understand that whenever someone gives free advice, you get annoyed pretty easily. (used to happen to me as well).
I understand that you have your own world, completely different than anyone else.
You can also lead a disciplined, healthy and energetic life, which enables you to achieve whatever your future dreams are.
Or, you can lead a haphazard irresponsible life, where you can achieve a few things, pretty quickly, but you may not live long enough to enjoy those achievements.

I know that it is 24X7 world. Talk about a live-life-to-the fullest hardcore professional? Like you, I also work for 10 hours, 12 hours, 15 hours a day. But definitely not at the cost of my health.
You concentrate on all the aspects of your life. – Your friends, hobbies, classes, tuition, studies, relationships, affairs and what not. But have a little concentration on your health as well.  All the best for that.

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  1. The article on “the right time to sleep” is extremely informative and useful particularly to younger generation. Amazing how you have the time and energy to write such extremely useful articles in such a great detail. God bless you.

  2. 100% true… its my personal experience…. late night time pass… is not good for our health… lots of health issue comes due to less sleep…

  3. Nice tips. These days I regularly crossed 12 AM and it gave nice slaps in terms of cough and skin issues! Switching of laptop 30 minutes before the bed is a great practice. I also switch off my mobile to prevent EMF interference.

    How about short afternoon naps? Is it good for any Dosha dominant personality?. I seem to be Kapha and Vata predominant.

  4. Good to know. i wonder about two things, those being the idea of sleeping in a dark room. i know it is popular now, but i have read many thing from India which say how one should keep a light on in the room at night. Also, i have read that a glass of hot milk before bed is good for sleeping well and is traditional in India. Would you care to comment on these? Thank you.

    • Hi, 10 pm is still better. But because a large mass tend to sleep late, I have kept 11 pm target.

  5. Thanks for another informative article.

    I have one question though – Is there a minimum / recommended number of hours of sleep according to Ayurveda?

    • Hi, as per my experience, observation and practice, aho and ratri – both have 12 hours span.
      First 1/3rd part of night is Kapha dominant time. First part of night does not start at 6 pm. It would start around 8 or 9 pm

  6. Article on sleep is well-written, educative and lucid. Thanks so much for sharing your expertise through your writings.


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