Best Medicine For Obesity, Allergy, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc – Wake Up Before 6 am

Waking up early has a lot of mental benefits. But did you know that it is a remedy for certain diseases as well, like rheumatoid arthritis, asthma, skin allergy, allergic rhinitis, obesity etc? Let me explain.

Note that in diseases like asthma, skin allergy, allergic rhinitis (running nose), obesity etc, there is Kapha involvement. For example, chest is the natural place for Kapha, hence it is involved in asthma.
Itching is a symptom of Kapha imbalance hence allergic skin diseases (allergic dermatitis) is due to Kapha imbalance, wherein itching is a predominant symptom.
Any respiratory disease has Kapha involvement, hence rhinitis, cough cold etc are also included under the current topic.
Oiliness, heaviness etc are qualities of Kapha Dosha. Hence obesity is also a Kapha Disease.
Stiffness in rheumatoid arthritis is contributed by Kapha Dosha.

tridosha in a day

If you divide day and night, each into three parts, the first one third is dominated by Kapha, second one third is dominated by Pitta dosha and the last one third is Vata dominant.

Note that, the last one third of the night, 3 – 6 am is dominated by Vata. But after that, Kapha domination starts. So, if you wake up before 6 am, your body and mind will be active because Vata predominance. Hence, you can minimise the effect of Kapha dosha on your body. If you delay waking up beyond 6 or 7 am, the Kapha will be already dominant and excessive sleep will further increase Kapha (because sleep itself is a Kapha Dosha activity).

Hence, if you wake up before 6 am and indulge in some Yoga / morning exercise, your body will be ready to face the morning Kapha period.
The joints will be more flexible – hence reduced joint stiffness of rheumatoid arthritis
Breathing will be more easy, and hence lesser chance of wheezing (in asthma)
Improved body flexibility and activity – hence good for obesity and diabetes.
So, to enjoy good health, win the battle between mind and mattress (phrase stolen from Robin Sharma).

A reader asks – Morning 6 to  11  is Kapha period. If  we  are awake in  this  time .its good  for  many problems, I  agree  with  this, but  what about  the  evening  time  9 to 12  it  is  also  Kapha  period according  to  the  Tridosha chart?  I  am little bit  confused. You  also  said  early  to  bed  is  good  for  health?
Answer: Kapha Dosha is the cause behind obesity etc, Kapha is not a bad factor. Our body needs Kapha Dosha so as to function properly. At night, it is best to sleep during the Kapha period of  9 -12 pm. Because, Kapha is an inducing factor for sleep. If you sleep during this time, you will have a sound sleep. If you delay the sleeping time beyond 12 midnight, Pitta will be active at that point of time and sleep may not be induced smoothly.

39 thoughts on “Best Medicine For Obesity, Allergy, Rheumatoid Arthritis etc – Wake Up Before 6 am”

  1. Thank you doc. In fact I have Urticaria from past 5 years . It became an curse to me
    Please help if you have any particular medicine for it.

  2. A very informative article.Such personalities like Dr.HEBBAR,must live beyond 100s of years for the welfare of the society.

  3. Will try…but trouble is that I fall in sleep mostly after 4:30 A.M. due to peripheral neuropathy on my boths legs.

    • Taking Vitamin B 12 supplements might help in quickly resolving neuropathy. Please consult your doctor once.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Thanks for the article.

    I totally agree that waking up early has many advantages. It is good and it should be done. Linking it with diseases is also a good thing. But how we can be sure about it unless and until we measure it ? We should go for some epidemiological studies to find out if it is true. Unless proven otherwise, we cannot accept what they are saying.

    So we should use the word ‘hypothesis’ before saying these things. They are opinions. Opinions of great experienced people. But they have not got the status of truth or science unless they are tested.

    I would like to test all these hypothesis, nonetheless I feel that it is the duty of people who preach and practice Ayurved to do such kinds of research. Thanks.


    I have discussed about these issues in one of the articles. Sending herewith the link of the article. Thanks.
    The link:

    Dr. Abhijeet Safai

  5. Question by a reader – The timings that you have calculated remain same in the all seasons or they vary.
    Answer: The timing remains quite the same for most part of the year.

  6. thank u sir;
    sir, should the medicine be given in these periods according to involvement of dosha in all diseases.
    but what about samsarg and sannipata of dosha

    • Hi, this article is about a simple lifestyle change that could benefit in the said diseases.
      That does not mean that, in these periods, medicine should be administered.

  7. very much useful.We all do day to day work like a machine,If we act according to the requirement of our body our health will defenetly cooperate wit us.

    • Taking garlic fried in ghee or boiled in milk is a good way to increase HDL and to reduce HDL. There are many Ayurvedic medicines for this purpose. Please consult an Ayurveda doctor in person to get the right medicine prescribed.

  8. As usual, your article is very useful, but I am confused as I read elsewhere about the Time Dominance that 6-10 am&pm is Kapha / 10-2 am&pm is Pitta / 2-6 am&pm is Vata. Can you help me in my confusion?

    • The time schedule is based on doctor’s personal experience sir. The time limits are not very strict.

  9. Very good article indeed. I have learned so many things. Thks. Some useful tips for hypothyroidism please.

    • I might write an article on general dos and songs for hypothyroidism. But for a proper treatment it will be better to consult an Ayurveda doctor in person.

  10. Sir, It is a very good article. It is little bit confusing that 6 to 11 AM is Kapha Period & u are telling to wake before this period starts.
    But in other case 9 to 12 PM also Kapha period. In this time u r advising to sleep. Pl explain in detail.

    • Hi, Kapha is responsible for sleep. So, if you sleep in Kapha dominant period of 9 – 12 PM, you can sleep better.
      6 – 11 am is dominant with Kapha. Before to that, Vata is dominant. Vata is responsible for energy, enthusiasm. So, if you wake up before 6 am, you can be more energetic throughout the day.

  11. Gud job dr ..i really appreciate ur efforts for spreading ayurveda in society ..i read ur articles everytime ..

  12. Dear Sir,
    I thank you for above article , recently I had blood test in which it was identified that my eosinophils is measured at 9 against 0-6 normal , due to this i am having frequent itching every 2/3 days ,when I take LAVAT tablet it will subside . Is this is because of Kapha imbalance ,kindly advise. and also suggest the right treatment

    with regards


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