Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Sciatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis With Haritaki

Rheumatoid arthritis and sciatica are very painful joint disorders. They both require proper Ayurveda treatment. But a few home remedies are also very helpful in keeping the symptoms under check and to treat complications. Here is an Ayurvedic home remedy, useful in both these conditions. 

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What you need?
Castor oil – 5 ml
Fine powder of Haritaki – Terminalia chebula – 5 grams
Warm water – half a cup. 

Method of preparation

How to make?
Mix fine powder of Haritaki with castor oil and make a fine paste. This is to be consumed along with warm water.



Dose? How to take?
3 grams of this paste is to be consumed once in a day, either in the morning or in the evening, after food. Since the taste is astringent-bitter, it is good to drink warm water after taking this remedy. It helps in easy swallowing.

How long to take?
This remedy can be taken for a period of 1 – 4 weeks, based on symptoms and severity of the disease.


How long can this remedy be stored?
If you store castor oil and Haritaki powder separately, both can be stored  upto 2 – 6 months, in air tight containers.
If you are mixing equal quantities of each and keep the paste ready, the paste needs to be emptied within 7 days.
Taste? Astringent, slightly bitter.


It is indicated as a remedy for Rheumatoid arthritis and Sciatica (lumbar spondylosis).

Mode of action

How does it work in Rheumatoid arthritis?
As per Ayurveda, rheumatoid arthritis is caused due to Ama – product of improper digestion strength, altered immunity, blocking the body channels. Both Haritaki and castor oil are indicated in the treatment of Rheumatoid arthritis. It helps to clear the Ama out of the body. It helps to cleanse stomach and intestine by inducing purgation.
Haritaki is very beneficial in treating ‘Áma’ and has rejuvenating property. It balances tridosha and it is one among Triphala group of fruits. Read more about Haritaki.
Castor oil is very effective in reducing the pain and stiffness of joints, which are the cardinal features of this disease. 
Constipation is one of the associated features of Rheumatoid arthritis. This remedy acts as mild laxative and hence very useful.

How does it work in sciatica?
Lumbar spondylosis (sciatica / slip disc) is a degenerative disease of the bone. In the Ayurvedic approach to treat bone degenerative disorders, oils are used. That is why you see lot of oils being used in treating arthritis.
For example,
Use of oils like Mahanarayana taila for Abhyanga (oil massage), Sneha basti (oil enema) etc.
Use of oils like Kottamchukkadi taila, Bala Ashwagandhadi taila etc in Kati Basti, etc.
Use of Ksheerabala taila 101 for oral intake in case of osteo arthritis and so on.
Hence, castor oil is used as a rejuvenating agent in sciatica, aimed at regeneration of the bone mass in the affected joints. Castor oil along with Haritaki bring about anti inflammatory effect and useful to relieve pain and inflammation.

Side effects

Since it has laxative effect, people with diarrhoea should avoid this.
Some may not tolerate the taste / odour of this remedy.
Always consult your doctor before taking up this (or any other) home remedy.


Can the Haritaki powder be replaced with capsule or tablet?
Traditionally Haritaki powder is told. Hence, better to stick to the traditional reference. If one cannot tolerate the taste, then 1 tablet / capsule along with castor oil can be used

Safe for kids?

Safe during pregnancy and lactation?
Avoid this during pregnancy. Seek medical advice during lactation period. At the best, it can be taken for a period of 5 – 10 days during lactation. Long term usage of this remedy is not recommended during lactation.

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27 thoughts on “Ayurvedic Home Remedy For Sciatica, Rheumatoid Arthritis With Haritaki”

  1. Hare Krishna Doctor. Hope your new year is wonderful. Thank you for this, i am going to try it. with love,

  2. Thanks Dr for useful information. Tired about taking allopatic medicine. Surely will try this. Is there any home remedy for eye cataract

  3. Hello Dr.Hebbar,
    Is this a good remedy for ligament and joint injuries? Also can triphala be substituted for haritaki?
    thank you for this easy remedy.

    • Hi, it is not very ideal remedy for injury related joint disorders. In this remedy, for the particular diseases, it is best to stick with Haritaki.

    • No Dr Archanashree. In this particular home remedy, It cannot be replaced with Hingwashtaka churna.
      For Hingwashtaka CHurna, ghee is the ideal anupana, as explained in its formula itself.

  4. Thanks for the Home Remedy for R.A. Since I am used to taking warm milk after dinner, can this remedy be consumed with warm milk?

  5. Dear Dr. Hebbar, Thank you for the article. Does this preparation completely cures RA. I read at another place in your website about Aamvatari Ras (tablet) for the treatment of RA. How do both compare as treatment option for RA?? Also, in the same article you mentioned that Aamvatari is used mostly in north India. Is it not the case in South India?? If not then what is used in South India.

    Thank you for choosing to answer these questions.

    • Hi, this castor oil – Haritaki remedy is useful to relieve constipation and to improve flexibility of the joints. A complete cure for RA with this remedy alone cannot be promised.
      Amavatari ras is useful in relieving pain and inflammation of joints. So, the castor oil remedy and Amavatari ras cover two different aspects of RA.
      Some Ayurvedic medicines are more famous in some regions.

  6. Dear sir , erand haritaki tablets can be given for RA. As contents are same but its in tablet form, n in above article its in paste form.

  7. erand taila sanyukta haritaki bhakshayonnaro vidhivat |
    aamniryati yuktam grudhrasi vrudhha arditam ||

  8. Sir a patient of R.A. is taking panchkol churna BD. Can this remedy (haritki nd erand) be provided to her along with panchkol.


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