Long Pepper – Honey Home Remedy For Cough

This is a simple home remedy for cough with three ingredients – honey, long pepper and another one called Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum). Kantakari herb is one among Dashamoola (ten roots) group of herbs.

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Kanta means thorns. This herb is very thorny. Kanta also means throat. This herb is usually used in treating disorders related to throat and respiratory tract – such as soar throat, cough, asthma, bronchitis etc. So the name Kantakari.


Pippali – Long pepper – half a teaspoonful.
Kantakari (Solanum xanthocarpum) – half a teaspoonful.
Madhu – Honey – 1 – 2 teaspoon.

Method of preparation

How to make?
Mix fine powders of the two herbs and add honey. Mix well to make a paste. Lick this, in a dose of one teaspoonful, two times a day after food.
One can drink water after taking this remedy.


Used in the treatment of cough.
Helpful in indigestion.
Relieves cough with sputum.
Useful in sore throat.

This remedy can be used in children above 1 year age. It is quite safe during lactation period. But in pregnancy, one needs to consult a doctor before trying this remedy.

4 thoughts on “Long Pepper – Honey Home Remedy For Cough”

  1. Thank you for this remedy. I never have cough but a lot of mucus in the throat and nose in the morning. It is because of high kapha. I do not now if it comes from the lungs or from excess kapha in the head. How can you know the difference?

    • Dear Caroline,
      In Ayurvedic terms, it is Kapha generated in the body.
      In modern terms, it may be arising from the sinuses in forehead and cheeks, or from lungs.
      A thumb rule to know is, if you feel that your head and face becoming light after mucus elimination, then it is most likely from sinuses. If you feel lightness in chest, then it is most likely from lungs.

  2. Very informative and useful.Can you suggest remedies for belly fat loose as early as possible(home remedy)
    height 5.6″ weight 84.


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