How To Love Work – Eleven Simple Tips

“Love your work”, “Love what you do” is one of the most heard advice. It is easy to develop love on your crush, on your family, but how to love work?  Sometimes you may get a job that you do not like.  This may be your first job and you still do not know where your heart is at. Sometimes joining a job itself was not your choice. But whatever it is, you have got the job and you’ve got to love it to keep yourself happy and make your time more valuable. Here are a few tips.

Love your work
How To Love Work

There is a difference between – doing what you love and loving what you do.

Doing what you love is a matter of choice.

Loving your work / loving what you do is a matter of necessity.

1. Make the machine your part of the body 

During my college days, we were preparing for a musical show and were practicing together. I know a bit of guitar. While composing the music for the show, I was making a lot of mistakes. I was looking into the strings continuously, was having trouble using the appropriate fingers. The flute guy who was watching me said – ” No no, that is not the way you handle the guitar. Wanna become guitarist?  Then make guitar a part of your body”.

This is one helluva advice that I will never forget. I noticed that the flute guy was carrying his flute with him all the time. He was so used to the flute that he was easily and effortlessly knowing the length of the flute, the positioning of holes,  he was so creative and elan while playing the flute.

“His mind was considering flute as a part of his body”. We never search for mouth consciously while feeding it with icecream using our hand. Because the position, size, volume etc of mouth is already mapped in the brain.

We need to apply the same principle to machines of our work.

Students – Keep the book of your favorite subject underneath the pillow while sleeping. It increases the love for the subject and also improves comfort during sleep.

Laptop – keep it near you – I spend most of the day in front of my laptop. This laptop is the machine that gave me happiness, money and fame. I love it to the extent that I can type without seeing into the keyboard. I can type, while I am framing sentences in my mind, with almost the same speed.

2. To do list – strike the things that are done. 

Have a small book for to do list. Every evening, do a to-do list for the next day. While working, whatever the tasks come your way, just pile it up in the to do list. As and when the work gets finished, strike out the same in the list.

Have a look at the work that you have struck every evening, before you leave for home. Looking into the amount of work that you have done, the little steps that you have put forward, the little achievements – they give you lots of confidence and happiness.

3. Wear a little tight dress (except for creative artists)

Wearing a little tight dress makes your mind more disciplined and concentrated. You will not be distracted easily. You can focus better.

Read more – Tight cloth or loose cloth?  

4. Watch your stomach  –
While brain storming in a group / thinking deeply / strategical focusing, whenever there is more of brain work going on, it helps to keep the stomach light.
Say, you need to do the brainstorming in the afternoon,  make sure to have a light lunch. Or if you already had a heavy lunch, then chew a piece of ginger / drink a little buttermilk added with ginger.
If that too is not possible, at least plan the brainstorming for about 1 – 2 hours after lunch.
Keep the regular – repetitive – less brainy works for 2 – 3 pm (soon after lunch).

5. Walk around briskly – In the office, if you are to move around, then it helps to be brisk. It makes you breath faster and injects some enthusiasm into mind. Active body begets active mind.

6. Early morning jogging helps to keep you active through out the day.

7. Stop complaining and ridiculing your boss or the “system” in the office. It increases negativity. Click to read one of the most admired articles in my blog – stop complaining

8. Keep the conversation about cricket / soccer / films  / politics etc short. Such talks are needed. They relax you. But they should not replace your work.

9. Compete with yourself –
Compare your yesterday’s working hours to today, compare productive hours, jobs done, pages typed, customers that you served, plates that you washed, injections that you gave,  number of students that you punished (ouch… these teachers..!!) count and compare daily / weekly basis, and try to beat your own record.
Set yourself  a time-frame for a work and compete to finish it half an hour before.

10. Give a break to yourself-  We can not be creative all the time, we can not work hard all the time. So, sandwich easy-to-do work and tough tasks so that there is a balance. At the end of the day, you should not suffer from mental fatigue. After all, the evening family time is equally important.

11. Remember the end result – The end result of your work should motivate you.

  • You are building the best possible road that will comfort every traveller,
  • You are preparing food that every customer in the hotel will love to eat, 
  • You are making those car parts which will ensure maximum safety to your customers. 
  • You are training the students who would become innovators in different fields some day. 

We spend one thirds of the day with our work, so it needs to be as joyful as the other two third of the day. 

3 thoughts on “How To Love Work – Eleven Simple Tips”

  1. Very Nice! First one is very true. Verse from Kahlil Gibran- ” When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music.
    When you work with love you bind yourself, to yourself and to one another and to God. ” Same concept in Indian culture- “Ayudhapooja” festival!

    • Exactly. The Ayudha Pooja festival is performed to show love and respect to the tools that help us achieve and excel in our field of work.


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