How To Prepare Triphala Kwath From Triphala Churna [video]

Triphala churna is an herbal blend of three herbs – Amla ( Emblica officinalis), Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) and Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica). Its water decoction is called Triphala Kwath. It is also known as Triphala Kashayam, Triphala Kashay etc. It carries very special health benefits. It is used both externally and internally for various purposes.

How to make Triphala kwath?
Triphala is taken in coarse powder form. The word Triphala is derived from two words –
Tri = Three  Phala = Fruits.
The combination of three fruits

  • Amla – Emblica officinalis
  • Haritaki – Terminalia chebula
  • Vibhitaki – Terminalia bellirica

Its powder is called Triphala churna.

In the procedure of making Triphala kwath, we are extracting the herbal active principles of Triphala into the water medium.

Preparation of Triphla Kwath

To make Triphala kwath (water decoction), each of the three fruits is taken 33 grams each. (one ounce each)
Together it will make around 100 grams. It is taken in a dry clean vessel. It is added with 800 ml of water. (27 oz)
This combination is kept for an hour. After this, it is boiled over a mild fire.
It is boiled in open air, in mild fire till around 200 ml of water remains. (6.75 oz)
The liquid is filtered and collected.
Thus obtained brown, clear liquid is called as Triphala kwath.

Uses of Triphala Kwatha  

  • Triphala kwath carries all the Triphala benefits.
  • Triphala kwath is useful in pre diabetes, obesity management, mild persistent constipation.
  • It is a good source of anti oxidants.
  • Apart from that, Triphala kwath is used to wash eyes, in case of eye irritation, infection, burning sensation etc.
  • Freshly prepared Triphala kwath is also used to wash non healing wounds.
  • It is used both internally and externally (for wash) in case of piles, fistula and fissure in ano.
  • Triphala decoction is used in the purification of Guggulu – Commiphora mukul and Shilajeet (Asphaltum)

Rules to follow

Once prepared Triphala kwath needs to be used before 3 – 4 hours.

It should not be re heated.

The Triphala powder once used for boiling should not be re-used for making Triphala Kwath.

Boiling should be done in an open wide mouthed container.

Thus prepared Triphala kwath is far better than the one that you may get in the market as freshly prepared water decoction of Triphala is devoid of preservatives.

Ayurvedic medicines

List of Ayurvedic medicines with Triphala as ingredient:
Triphala Guggulu – used in treatment of piles, fistula, non healing wounds etc 
Triphala Ghrita – An herbal ghee preparation used in eye diseases

Triphala powder is used as an ingredient in preparation of Loha Bhasma

20 thoughts on “How To Prepare Triphala Kwath From Triphala Churna [video]”

  1. What is the dose of Triphala Kwath when taken orally? and how many times a day? with food? Thanks, G

    • 10 – 15 ml. once or twice a day before food.
      Initially, it is better to take it only at night.

  2. Amla is neither hot nor cold. It is good for all people.
    Haritaki (Terminalia chebula) slightly hot in nature
    Vibhitaki (Terminalia bellirica) is hot in potency.
    So, Triphala kashaya is slightly hot in nature. Having said that it will not produce hotness similar to chilli powder. It is hot only for a mild extent.
    Triphala does have slight dry quality, which helps in its cleansing action. It can be counteracted by taking a little ghee along with Kashayam. Having said that, it is best to take Triphala kashayam or any other medicine only after consultation with an Ayurvedic doctor.

  3. Sir,

    Thank you very much. Your answers are very informative and thanks for taking out time from your busy schedule in answering questions. May God bless you.

    I have a question. Is it a problem if honey is used for a long time. Does it causes arthritis. I have used honey and lemon (in equal proportion) with warm water in the morning, not for weight loss but for feeling energetic, but each time, after few days I get arthritis like symptoms (increased vata and reduced pitta). Can you explain this.

    • As per principles of Ayurveda, honey reduces Kapha. In arthritis also, there is a decrease of Kapha and increase of Vata. So, in a rare case of yours, I would say, honey is worsening already existing arthritis. But it is not a general statement. Meaning, it might not happen like that to all.

  4. hello dr.
    thank you for this useful tips.
    could you please guide about how to transforming triphla kwath to triphla ghana at home w/o commercial extractor equipments,
    thanks in advanced

    • Hi, please note that Triphala Kwatha (decoction) is better than Ghana (tablet form). Once after preparing the decoction, filter it. While it is still hot only, start boiling it in a water bed till it solidifies. Once it attains a paste form, stop heating it. You can add a small amount of Triphala powder and roll it into pills form. The amount of powder that you add will decide the hardness of the problem.

  5. I read somewhere to soak triphala at night in water & un morning make kwath out of it. Plz suggest if thats a correct way.

    • Hi Nisha, usually before making kashayam, the herbs are soaked in water on the before-night. It is a good practice. But not valid for all the herbs. Because, a few herbs like Brahmi tend to get fungus affliction after soaking.

  6. Triphala Churna (powder) is readily available in any Ayurvedic medical shop.
    Haritaki – Kadukkai
    Vibhitaki Tamil name – Akkam, Todikai, Thanakkai, Tanri, tanrikkai,
    Amalaki – ஆமலகி

  7. Very useful information. Can Triphala be taken for constipation, vata related diseases, please let me know.

  8. i want to personally visit ayurvedic doctor.i m confuse as which doctor to visit,one with BAMS degree or MD degree. my problem is chronic. pls guide……..waiting for reply……

  9. Sir I take triphala powder mixed in water along with little black salt and one lemon. Is it ok to take triphala this way? Can we use lemon with triphala?

    Warm Regards

  10. Dr. Sir namaskar. I am obese and always have gas in intestines. I rarely have complete evacuation. I want smooth n complete evacuation. I like to shade some weight.i have diabetes and BP. But both in control to normal. please advice how to take triphala.i want to control all by triphala as it is trodosh nasak. N diebetes is due to kapha.
    Best regards

  11. Excellent article, I have a few questions.

    1. As the kashayam has to be consumed within 3-4 hours of making, we cannot use 100gms and prepare 200ml of kashayam as the dosage is only 15-20 ml the rest of it would go waste. So can we use 400ml of water and 5g of triphala and reduce it to 100ml and consume the whole of 100ml at night, would it give the same results?

    2. Only keeping Triphala kashayam in mind, can we soak it for one full day, that is for tomorrow’s night kashayam, I would soak it today night. And after preparing the kashayam can we allow it to cool and take it along with 1 tsp of honey, as it works as anupana and also tastes better?

    3. Which is more effective, if at all, taking triphala churna with warm water or taking triphala kashayam, would the kashayam give all the help benefits ascribed to the churna? Which is better?

  12. Dr, my experience is that Triphala churna dries out my intestines. I drink it in the morning and the evening with warm water. How come this happens, usually it is regarded as an excellent herb composition for intestinal health and regularity.


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