Divya Churna Benefits, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects

Divya Churna is a very famous Ayurvedic medicine for constipation. Divya Churna is manufactured by Divya Pharmacy of Baba Ramdev. Divya Pharmacy has become very popular in recent times. Due to excessive media attention, public and government scrutiny, it can be believed that the Pharmacy has doing a good job to maintain superior quality medicine. 

Divya Churna is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine, meaning, the formula of this herbal powder is not mentioned in any Ayurvedic text book. The manufacturer has formulated this product based on expertise and experience.

Ingredients, Dosage

Divya churna ingredients –
Divya churna contains
Haritaki – Terminalia chebula
Shunti – Ginger,
Rose petals
Rock salt and
Kala Dana.

Divya churna dosage –  1 – 3 tea spoons at night, after food with warm water.


Divya Churna benefits –
Divya Churna is an intelligent mixture of digestion promoting, but gastric calming herbs. While ginger, rock salt and saunf increase digestive power, rose petals, saunf and haritaki calm the stomach.
Senna and Haritaki bring in the laxative effect.
The company claims it for the treatment of constipation.

Side effects

Divya Churna side effects –
High dose of Divya Churna can cause diarrhea.
This product needs to be taken only under medical supervision, especially for kids and during pregnancy.
It is quite a safe medicine during lactation.
It contains rock salt, hence people with high BP and kidney related diseases should take care.

Comparison with other Churnas

Divya churna – comparison –
Divya churna is quite a safe herbal laxative.
Like Avipattikar churna,  Divya churna is also a temporary cure for constipation.
Compared to Avipattikar Churna, Divya Churna is milder in nature. It does not cause any twitching pain in abdomen, as it may be sometimes found with Avippatikar churna.
Compared to Triphala churna,  Divya churna is stronger.

16 thoughts on “Divya Churna Benefits, Dose, Ingredients, Side Effects”

  1. Divya Churan helped me get rid of my constipation of 30 years in one night. I took 5gms the first day and the very next day I had a good motion. In fact I need to take only 3.5gms on my 6th day. I fix my dosage according to my need thus I am not having any cramps or diarrhoea. My smelly gas and bloating problem has vanished and I feel very light in my stomach and intestines.

    • Hello Sir, It is always seen that it is better to prevent diabetic neuropathy by treatments aimed at keeping blood sugar level close to normal range following a strict diabetic diet plan and exercise. It is seen that symptoms increase when glucose level is brought to control, but over a period of time it helps lesser the symptoms.

      Externally Pada abhyanga is done.

  2. Hello doctor.. i eagerly need ur help. Plz help me. I had constipation and piles problem from many days. I started taking divya 3g churna and 1 tablet of arshkalp vati one in a day since from 6 months. It is giving me a great relief. But whenever i stopped taking it i started with constipation and piles problem. So i thought to continue it.But nw i am 2 months pregnant. So i am in great tension whether to continue or not.. plz plz help me sir..

    • Dear Ms Sonal, you can take Divya churna – just once or twice a week. Your consulting doctor would also prescribe medicine to relieve constipation.

  3. Thank you!
    I will write about it soon.
    Basically, it is a safe and mild laxative, good to continue for 2 months time. Then it is best to give a gap of 3 weeks and can be continued again.

  4. Hello sir… I m also a patient of constipation since last 3 yrs… And i m 19 yrs old.. I have started taking udarkalp churna from last month… I stopped it tomorrow…again i faced the same problem…how long should i take it to get relief from constipation?plzz suggest a routine for diet also… Waiting for your reply

  5. Take pro biotics like yogurt or kefir to improve your gut health. You can buy pills too. This is how I cured my constipation. This churna will only help in bowel movement not cure constipation.


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