8 Healthy Daily Habits For A Healthy Lifestyle

Setting up a healthy lifestyle requires you to take small steps and bring small changes  into your daily routine.  Hope these eight small steps will help you move closer towards a healthy lifestyle.

1. Drink 5 -6 glasses of water – Keeps you well-hydrated, cleanses the kidneys and urinary bladder, keeps skin well nourished, hydrated and moisturized.

2. Taking light food at night – This helps to keep the stomach light and keeps weight under control. Read further here – eating at night 

3. Waking up half an hour early  – Waking up early in the morning, that too, half an hour before your regular schedule energizes sense organs and keeps you active throughout the day. waking up early in the morning.

4. Drinking hot water at night – Half a glass of hot water at night at bed time helps in easy bowel movement the next day. Hot water benefits

5. Donating a small amount – Donating a small amount to the poor or having a social activity helps your mind relax and open for new ideas. Benefits of social activities

6. Practice silence for a few minutes – Helps the mind to clarify and understand issues, helps to learn patience and makes you think before talking. Stop complaining

7.  Prayer in the morning –  Gives you extra energy to keep the day smooth and successful.

8. Reading a page of self-help book or spiritual book at bed time – Aids in sleep, keeps the mind calm, helps to inculcate noble thoughts and helps us lead a successful life.

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  • Be Happy Tips

    22/09/2011 - 1:02 pm

    i love the tips about prayers- i totally agree. And the part about waking up early- it seems easy but i am finding it so hard.

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