Social Activities – Best Medicine For Good Mental and Spiritual Health

There comes a moment in our lives, where a question arises –
“For what should I live in this world?”
“For what good reason, should I continue living?”
Having blessed with this beautiful gift of life, having absorbed so much of love and happiness from our beloved people, it is our right and duty to give it back.

If you are a lonely, selfish person, who cares only about YOU, YOURSELF and YOUR family & friends and YOUR home etc, when the people close to you hurt you, it hurts the most. But, if you are socially active, it is very easy to find the answer for the above questions. Those very simple answers are –
“I live for others. So for helping the needy, I need to continue living”
” I need to live on, because God has enabled me to offer help to others.”

What are social activities?

Any activity that helps people who are not known to you, or related to you can be grouped under Social activities.
The basic features of social activities are –
1. Social activity does not have any selfish motives.
2. Social activity is done to help others.
3.  Social activity  not done just to get name and fame.
4. It is done in silence.
5. It is a constructive work, yielding positive results.
6. It will not boost your ego.
7. It will make you humble and peace-loving.
8. It brings a sense of togetherness in you.
It may be done in a group or individually as well.
It may be done by going out into the public, reaching out to people, or even by sitting at home.
It may be done with or without any cost involved.

Examples of social activities

  • Joining a group and fighting for a positive cause, like water supply for a poor area.
  • Joining a group and doing constructive work – like building a compound of a school.
  • Regular act of kindness – like visiting an orphanage and offering some fruits, every Sunday.
  • Writing and publishing an article of public usage. (without any financial interest).
  • Offering free service in the area of your expertise to the needy. Example: If you are a lawyer, offering free legal counselling to the needy.
  • Taking a resolution to offer free help to at least one needy person per day. If you are doctor, donate free medicine to just one needy person per day.
  • Donating a coin to a needy beggar.
  • Answering a question online, for a query of public interest, in forums such as yahoo answers.

Benefits of social activities

  • In a research study published in Journal of American Medical Association – Pediatrics, (February 25, 2013) it was found out that, the group of students who volunteered for social activity for one hour per week was having lesser amounts of cholesterol deposition, lower levels of inflammation and lower Body Mass Index. The volunteer group was compared with a non-volunteer group.  It clearly indicates the that indulging in social activities has direct positive impact even on physical health.
  • It is the duty of every human being, just because of the fact that he has extra power and intelligence than other species.
  • It helps to analyze and understand other’s problem easily. By which, you can become a better manager at your office.
  • It makes you a better person.
  • It helps to curb anger and ego.
  • It makes the person open-minded, with a universal vision.
  • It helps to calm Pitta and leads to a calm mind and a healthy body, without stress related disorders such as hypertension, diabetes, sleeplessness etc.
  • We have learnt that definition of health comprises of mental, social and spiritual well-being. Leading a socially active life helps to promote these three aspects of health.
  • If you are suffering from depression, joining a social community is the first thing that you should do. Making other people happy, seeing that your work has helped a family brings immense joy, happiness and prosperity to your mind. It energizes your mind. It empowers your personality and helps you find answer for the query regarding your existence.

3 thoughts on “Social Activities – Best Medicine For Good Mental and Spiritual Health”

  1. Great work !
    I would like to share my experience here. It is a great opportunity for me to share with so many readers.
    Defnitely our thinking should change for involving in social activities which is possible with spiritual support.
    Every one(knowingly or unknowingly) are trying to live with peace and satisfaction. This is possible with PARAYANAM, Yoga and meditation.
    Reading life histories of divine people like Dattatreya and Shridi Sai Baba is also another great way of inculcating positive virtues.

  2. Hello Dr. JV Hebbar,
    I found your website while searching for information on chyavanprash. I must say I was very lucky indeed to have found this website. Very useful information and I read through some questions posted by users and your answers were to the point and very thoughtful. Thank you very much for your contributions to mankind. I was reading through the 8 Healthy Daily habits, and in the Social activities section you have mentioned about donating a coin to a beggar. By giving money to beggars aren’t directly/indirectly encouraging people to beg, instead earn a living. I agree there are so many beggars who are disabled. But, at the same time, there are so many disabled people who live independently. Once i saw a video of a lady who works as a pilot, though she does not have both arms. So, I think personally, that helping beggars may elevate our self mood, but we are crippling the society. Please correct me if I mentioned something wrong.

    • Dear Ms Sweta,
      I totally agree with your views.But you know, disabled people, who have got nowhere to go, who are not lucky enough to get education.. when I see them I tend to offer help. While most of us can not afford to spend time on uplifting their lifestyle by doing their service (assuming we are involved in other kind of social activities and engagements), at least we can donate a coin / food item to them, in order to say Thanks to God that we are so lucky to have what we have…?


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