Cow Milk Vs Goat Milk – According to Ayurveda

Cow milk and Goat milk – both are extensively used in Ayurveda, but for different purposes. Both have their own unique qualities and benefits. Here is a comparison – cow milk vs goat milk. 

Cow milk and goat milk – similarities

  • Both cow milk and goat milk are nutritious in nature.
  • Both these types of milk are useful to treat emaciation and lack of strength.
  • Goat milk and cow milk both improve breast milk production in lactating mothers.

Cow milk vs goat milk benefits- differences

  • Goat milk increases digestion while cow milk (or buffalo milk) does not. Hence, if you have an indigestion problem, it is better to consider goat milk over cow milk and should avoid taking buffalo milk when suffering from indigestion.
  • Goat milk is used in the Ayurvedic treatment of respiratory diseases.
  • Cow milk has a more cooling effect over the body when compared to goat milk.
  • Cow milk is slightly heavier to digest, when compared to goat milk.
  • Cow milk helps in easy bowel movements. But goat milk is useful in stopping repeated defecation.
  • Though both have their own distinct qualities, it is found in Ayurveda that the use of cow milk is seen more than goat milk.

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