Garlic Benefits, Research, Usage, Side Effects

By – Dr JV HebbarGarlic is an anti aging spice. It is hot, cleansing, cardiac tonic, digestive, good for eyes, improves hair strength and quality, useful in cough, asthma etc. But it needs some precautions during administration. Botanical Name- Allium Sativum Linn.Family- LILIACEAE Useful in mercury poisoning Beta Mercaptans of garlic are known to bind … Read more

Aloe Vera Benefits, Research, Home Remedies, Side Effects

The beauty of Aloe Vera can be matched with the beauty of its health benefits. Aloe Vera benefits promotes prebiotics, is good for skin and also for intestines. Botanical Name- Aloe Vera Chinensis, Aloe barbadensis Mill., Aloe indica, Aloe chinensisFamily Name- LILIACEAE Aloe Vera for hemorrhoids Because of its mild laxative action and wound healing properties, … Read more

Grapes And Raisins Uses, Research, Remedies, Side Effects

Grape is the one of the must-have fruits for everyone. Ayurveda says “Drakshaa Phalottamaa” , which means – of all the fruits, grape is the best.  When we go to the fruit market, we can not get the sweet grapes always.  We may get more-sweet-little-sour variety or more-sour-little sweet variety etc. Each of those varieties … Read more

Sesame and Sesame Oil Benefits, Qualities, Remedies

Sesame is one of the most widely used Ayurvedic medicines. If sesame seeds were not there, I would say, 40 % of Ayurvedic formulas would have been non-existent. Sesame is used in multiple dosage forms – powder, paste, oil, in the form of sesame recipes. The wonder herb is used in multiple ways through different … Read more

Sugarcane Juice And Root Benefits, Side Effects, Research, Remedies

Sugar cane juice is probably the most popular and widely consumed juice here in India. An interesting fact is that it is in use since thousands of years. In Ayurveda, sugar cane juice, and its other derivatives such as jaggery is used in many formulations including lehyams (herbal jams), Asava, Arishta etc. Let us know … Read more

Hadjod: Cissus quadrangularis Uses, Dose, Research, Side Effects

There is an ancient quote relating the shape of the herb and their effect on certain organs of the body.Yatra aakrutihi tatra gunaaha vasanti | For example, Cissus quadrangularis stem resembles the shape of bones and joints in the body. And indeed it is very effective in strengthening the bones and joints. It is explained as … Read more

Honey Qualities, Usage, Remedies, Ayurvedic Benefits

There are lot many health benefits of honey described by various authors based on personal usage and experience. But here is a collection of qualities of honey as per the original Ayurvedic text-book of Sushruta Samhita. Honey in Ayurveda is widely used. Here are the qualities of honey explained in ayurveda, describing benefits of drinking … Read more

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