Occult Practices, Negative Thoughts of Others, Affecting Health

Will other people’s negativity affect us? What if someone has done occult practices against us? What best can we do to prevent or treat it? 

Dr JV Hebbar 
As per Ayurveda and beliefs of Sanatana Dharma (Hinduism), yes, other people’s negativity will affect our body and mind. It can show ill effects in the form of disease with symptoms like nausea, vomiting, continuous digestive disorders without any reason, headache, lack of sleep, anxiety, phobia, unexplained fever, excessive irrelevant thoughts etc. 

How to treat it? 
Panchakarma: In Ayurveda, any disease has an imbalance of Doshas. Based on the dosha aggravation, Panchakarma treatment is done first. 
Vomiting therapy (Vamana) in case of high Kapha dosha – lack of willingness to eat, heaviness, cold, cough with sputum etc. 
Purgation therapy (Virechana) in case of high Pitta dosha – excess sweating, burning sensation, heart burn, migraine, sour belching etc. 
Enema therapy (Basti) in case of high Vata – aches and pains, weakness, continuous thoughts etc. 

Upakarma: Along with these, nasal drops, shiro dhara, head massage, oil massage (Abhyanga) with sweating treatment etc. are also done. 

Ayurvedic medicines: Usually medicines like 
Vilwadi gulika
Sanjivani vati
Kai Visha Parihari pills
Maha Kalyanaka Ghrita
Maha Paishachika ghrita
Dhanwantharam Gulika etc. are advised.   

Divine Therapies: Ayurveda explains about Daivya Vyapashraya Chikitsa. Read more about it here. It mentions about using Mantra, Shloka, Pooja, Homa etc. spiritual and religious rituals to treat such conditions. 
At Easy Ayurveda Hospital,  I advice my clients with such complaints as below – 
If elders in the family had vowed to do a certain Pooja or Homa and have not done that yet, please do that. 
Consult the senior religious expert of your religion and do the religious ritual that is advised by him. 
Consult an astrologer and do the Pooja that he / she suggests based on your horoscope. 
If an annual Pooja / Homa that was done at home is stopped for some reason, it is worth re-starting it, after consultation with related religious masters. 
Go to a temple as Teertha Yatra (Pilgrimage) at least once a year with family. 
Do a Homa or Pooja at home with family at least once a year

Apart from these, Divine Park recommends that, for the 24 hours that God gives us as gift everyday, we should spend 24 minutes per day in some spiritual / religious practices. It can be in the form of chanting Mantras, Stotras, Shloka, Bhajan etc. 

By doing the above things, we create a protective aura around us, which will help to prevent ill effects of other people’s deeds on our mind and body. 

In combination with the above, at our hospital, we also incorporate Yoga and Pranayama, with the help of Dr Pooja to improve self confidence, courage and to relieve anxiety and fear. 

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