Madhava Nidana Chapter 67 Stanya dushti Nidanam

This article explains Madhava nidana 67th chapter “Stanya dushti Nidanam”. Causes, pathology and symptoms of Stanya dushti are explained in this chapter. Stanya dushti means vitiation of breast milk.

Similarities between discharge of sukra (semen) in men and stanya (breast milk) in women
Just as sukra (semen, reproductive element of the male) though (described as) present all over the body cannot be seen even if any part of the body is cut open but comes out of the body on its own (ejaculated) by the sight, remembrance, hearing or excitement caused due to touch of the beloved woman. Sheer pleasantness (pleasure) of the mind is the cause for sexual excitation (and consequent discharge of semen).
Similar is the case with stanya (breast milk). Since stanya is the product of (produced by) the food that we consume (ahara rasa – essence or juice of the digested food) it is also (like sukra – semen) spread out all through the body. This breast milk will also flow freely out of the breasts by the touch, sight, and remembrance and fondling of the baby, just like the semen (as explained above).
The cause of continuous lactation (flow of breast milk) is the love of the mother towards her child. (3-4)
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Stanya Dushti Hetu

Etiological factors for contamination of breast milk
The doshas which undergo vitiation due to indulgence in different kinds of heavy (to digest) foods and similar other types of foods contaminate the breast milk of the mother which eventually becomes the cause for manifestation of many diseases in the child (which would consume such contaminated milk). (5)

Dushta Stanya Lakshana

Symptoms of milk contaminated by the doshas
Vata Dusta Stanya – The breast milk vitiated by increased vata will be astringent in taste and float on the water.
Pitta Dusta Stanya – The breast milk vitiated by increased pitta will be pungent, sour or salty in taste and appears with yellowish threads (milk appears to have yellow thread like suspensions). Kapha Dusta Stanya – The breast milk vitiated by increased kapha is thick, sinks in water and is sticky.
Dwidosha and Tridosha Dusta Stanya – The breast milk vitiated by two or all three doshas which have simultaneously undergone vitiation will produce symptoms of two or three doshas together respectively. (6-7)
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Shuddha Dugdha Swarupa

Features of normal / pure (not contaminated by doshas) breast milk
Breast milk is said to be normal or pure (not contaminated with doshas) when it is found to mix evenly with water when put into water, is pale / slightly yellowish white in colour, is sweet in taste, doesn’t have abnormal colours and is clear. (8)

Thus ends the chapter called ‘Stanya Dusti Nidana’ in the book Madhava Nidana, written by Acharya Madhavakara.

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