Vyomashma (Jade): Shodhana, Marana, Qualities, Dose

Vyomashma has a green colour. It’s Pishti is widely used. According to Bouddha religion, it is considered as Prasada of Lord Buddha. It is usually worn for a good relationship between couples. Specific gravity is 3.54 and hardness 7.

Synonyms of Vyomashm

Vyomashma, Yashabshila, Harinmani, Haritashma, Sange yashab, Houladil.

Availability of Vyomashma

Jarkhand, Ladakh, Kashmir, Tibet, New Zealand, Turkey, Siberia and China.

Types of Vyomashm

It is of two types.

  1. Jadite – Sodium aluminium silicate
  2. Nephrite- Magnesium Calcium Silicate with small quantities of Iron.

Suitable character

Having greenish white mixed color, hard, which does not break easily.

Vyomashma Shodhana

  1. Heating and dipped in Arjuna kwatha for 21 times.
  2. Heating and dipped in rose water / Arka gajba for 21 times.


Fine powder is given Bhavana with Arjuna kwatha or Arka gulab or Arka gajba, cakes are prepared and 10 – 12 Gajaputa heat is given.
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Fine powder is given Bhavana with Arka gulab to get its pishti.


Hrudya, Useful in hypertension, Ojo vardhaka, Rooksha, Sheeta, styptic, useful in Pravahika, Shoola, Mootrakricchra and Ashmari.


1-4 Ratti (125 mg to 500 mg) in divided doses per day

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