Trunakanta (Amber): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Pishti

Trunakanta is a yellow to reddish stone. It shines like gum. If it is rubbed with cloth and kept near light objects, it attracts those objects. It is a coal type of ore. It is believed that the gum of plants buried deep in the ground for many years, forms into Trunakanta. Specific gravity – 1.1 and hardness 2.25.

Synonyms of Trunakant

Karpoora, Trunakanta, Vrukshaniryasamagni, Kaharuvaa, Trunaakarsha.

Availability of Trunakanta

Myanmar, Kutch, Baltic sea shore, Travencore, Nicobar.

Qualities of Trunakant

Rooksha, Anushnasheeta, Balya & styptic. Useful in heart disorders, Raktapitta, Urakshata.

Trunakanta Shodhana

Washed in hot water and dried.
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Marana of Trunakanta

Its Marana is not done.

Trunakanta Pishti

Trinakanta powder is triturated with rose water till fine paste is formed.

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Trunakant Dose

2 – 6 Ratti (250 mg to 750 mg) in divided doses per day.

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