Rudhira (Carnelian): Qualities, Shodhana, Marana, Dose

Rudhira is reddish in colur, shining stone. It is found in the mines of Manikya. It has Silica, Iron and Aluminium. It is as clear as diamond, heavy. Specific gravity – 2.6. Hardness 6.7 – 7.

Synonyms of Rudhira

Rudhira, Rudhirakhya.


In Krushna, Godavari and Bheema rivers, jabalpur, raajpeepala, Sindhubi, Vindhyachal Pradesh, Himalaya, Europe, China, South Africa, Egypt, America, New Zealand &  Scotland.

Qualities of Rudhir

It is useful in the treatment of tumours, wounds, raktapitta, pitta disorders, Trishna etc. It is also helpful in endocrine disorders.  It is styptic.

Rudhira Shodhan

  1. Swedana in Dolayantra with Shirisha pushpa swarasa mixed with Ardraka Choorna for three hours.
  2. Swedana after making a bolus with Nimbu swarasa, Gomutra, Kshara .
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Rudhir Marana

It is added with equal part of Gandhaka, triturated with Nimbu swarasa and 7 Ardhagajaputa heat is given.


Fine paste is triturated with Arka gulab till fine paste is obtained.


2 – 4 Ratti (250 mg to 500 mg) in divided doses per day.

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